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Best 9/11 Websites

With so many 9/11 websites out there, it is sometimes hard to find a good one. I think 911Blogger.com is by far the best one out there, and is my go-to site. Another good one is 911truth.org, although the way it is structured could be done better. Prisonplanet is good for all types of news.

I wanted to make this blog so that others can comment on their favorite 9/11 related sites. It is always a good idea to expand the realm of where one miight obtain 9/11 related news. Suggestions anyone?

Popular Mechanics: The ONLY source for 'Debunkers'

Why is it that the only source (other than the NIST and FEMA reports, which have already been discredited) for those who try to delegitimize alternative theories about 9/11 is the Popular Mechanics 'Debunking' article/book? Although Popular Mechanics claims they are non-partisan it has already been proven otherwise. Hell, they discredited themselves by having Republican Senator John McCain write the foreword to their book! Not to mention that the magazine is financed mostly by companies within the defense industry.

Anyways...I was in Borders Books a couple weeks ago and I came across a magazine named SKEPTIC. The cover article was titled "9/11: Was there a conspiracy?" So I bought the magazine and took it home. Just as I expected, the article was trying to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement. As I was reading the article, I was checking the authors references. Surprise, surprise! The only sources for the science they provided was Popular Mechanics, NIST, and the FEMA report. This brings me to the point I orginally made, which is the fact that Popular Mechanics is the only non-governmental source (if you wanna call it that) available for 'debunking' the truth movement.