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9/11, Our Freedoms, and You

Disclaimer: In no way does this post reflect the opinion of or any of its other users. The expressed is a compliation of my opinions and nothing more.

I have been following the 911truth movement for well over a year now. However, as far as noticing any effective impacts on the direction this country is taking I has come up short. New, incriminating tidbits are developed upon weekly but the unwavering evidence, which has long since been established, has done little in the way of assaulting the most corrupted underpinnings of our society. These issues take precedence over any convictions or indictments the 911truth movement wishes to lay upon guilty parties of the murderous attrocities of 9/11.

Before continuing reading it is important one accepts the presumption that cheap oil does not last forever. I am not going to try to convince anyone of this presupposition's validity, but simply explain to those who already accept it about what they should be in concerning themselves with right now.

The most pressing issues facing this country are as follows:

1. An illegitimate voting system that clearly does not matter what voters think.

2. A media advertently ignoring any consequential voter disputes. It becomes futile to complain about just about anything. It will not be aired fairly.

Apathy and Duress

It is my impression that the large percentage of people that still clearly cannot see the truth do so under their own will and not because the information is too indepth or lengthy for them to study. And even if these people could be convinced, a large percentage of them will say "Yeah so what am I supposed to do about it?" Such is the condition of the sheep mentality and nothing but taking their televisions, cell phones, and football away from them will alter their true perceptions.

And a step further is to ask ourselves how much can really be accomplished in exposing the truth? It is evident that all branches of the government have been compromised. Legislators are monitored by PTech and funded by America Inc., judges and law enforcerment are promoted based upon subserviance, and voting has become nearly meaningless in certain states without audit trails. additionally, a civil rights-style crowd hosing could also prove worthlesss, as the media is most definitely working for someone other than the masses.

Then there is peak oil, which is the bread and butter of the entire 911 event. But going into what should really be being discussed is not within the realm of this website and would be going even further off of the scope than I already have.