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Debunking Conspiracy Myths

We've written a large article, the result of a year of work: Debunking Conspiracy Myths, which addresses all the platitudes repeated by the media, such as 'conspiracies assume the involvement of a large number of people'. So it dispels virtually all anti 9-11 myths, but it has merit in all other areas of truth-seeking too.

We want to spread this out and make it viral!

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BBC's 9-11 TV Program and article debunked


The BBC's Conspiracy Files 9-11 article and TV program get debunked at length. Both were dishonest hit pieces.

The program aired yesterday on UK television, BBC2. (18th Feb).

Debunking the Maddox 9/11 morons page

Yes, finally. After being assaulted with the Maddox 9-11 page over and over again, and having no quick response, I am glad someone went and made an excellent article debunking his page.

It is partly satire (featuring redone cartoons) but also a serious debunking - like giving links to NIST and pop-mech debunk sites - as well as posting 3 full-length Alex Jones movies.

It answers all his accusations and statements.

Debunking Maddox

Makes a nice response link in the forums. :)