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Tutor spreads truth

The economic downturn has led to the loss of my job and a return to school. I am now a mature student amidst the younger generation, the next generation. One of the things I find disturbing at school is the amount of brainwashing that is going on. In our library, for instance, you won't find a single book which contradicts the events of that day. In fact, there is very little on the subject save for the 911 commission report and a couple others.

Let us rile corporate educational intstitutions

UBC - A gigantic institution has a call out for submissions for their current ad campaign: From here. I think we should try to get the attention of the engineering faculty and students by saying stuff like:

110 stories in under 15 seconds. You do the math. From here.

Suspended laws of physics. From Here.

Etc. Etc.

The campaign is here. Lets let them have it.

Time Magazine: 9/11 Truth lumped in with "The Reptilian Elite" and "Holocaust Revisionism".

Time magazine has lumped 9/11 Truth in with other enduring "enduring conspiracy theories" such as "The Reptilian Elite" and "Holocaust Revisionism".,29569,1860871,00.html

9/11 Press for Truth - Top 100 Campaign

I strongly believe that THIS is the video which will set people on the path to seriously doubt the official story. I've heard criticism that it's too LIHOP and that's justified to an extant. But that is where I started. My point is that LIHOP naturally leads to MIHOP when one takes in all the facts and surrounding corroborating evidence. I know people who just won't watch AJ or anything of the sort because they are blocked internally by labelling it as 'conspiracy theory'. 'Conspiracy theory' has come to mean total dismissal and total disregard for such information deemed as such by large segments of the population. 9/11 Press for Truth is very good at reaching an even greater audience IMO because it tells the personal struggle of the Jersey Girls with supported time-line based facts from Paul Thompson's work. I think it is more than deserving of our support. Also, the film leaves a lot to read between the lines - i.e. protection of Bin Laden, foreknowledge etc. There's more than enough room on that Top 100 for another Truth vid. Surely a man puking live on TV, a girl in a bikini, or some other mindlessness can give way to such a great film if it gets enough votes.


I don't know if I can listen to Alex Jones anymore. I can understand his anger and frustration but his ranting is often rude (when he interupts callers who've been waiting) and it doesn't really enlighten us or further the conversation. Sometimes a caller will have some intelligence or info to offer and Alex will just go AWOL on air and start foaming at the mouth screaming 'They're scum!!!' It happened again today, the 17th. I stopped listening at that precise moment and chucked the file. In fact, I've chucked all my AJ audio files. I guess that makes me scum. Alex also has no idea as to how to debate anyone. His initial reaction is often to ridicule them with his smarmy sarcastic voice and then he machine guns out a gagillion facts to overwhelm the whole conversation. At this point the person usually tries to reply then Alex puts them on hold etc. I think Alex needs a holiday. I think Alex needs to realize that he may be getting new listeners and that these new listeners will be receptive to information instead of insane rants of a lunatic patriot. I think Alex also needs to realize that some of these listeners are calling to offer information that other listeners like myself are curious to hear about but sadly Alex, of late, just cuts them off with his dribbling and garbled ranting.

Oprah's "Truth" spells O B E D I E N C E (or fascism?)

America is in more trouble than I thought if the Oprah group-think barometer is any indication. On today's Oprah show entitled "Truth in America", Oprah had on New York Times columnist Frank Rich who penned a book called "The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina.” Sacred cows that were discussed were whether or not the nation was misled into a war in Iraq and Katrina. The ostensible outright manipulation of evidence and facts (i.e. LYING) for WMD's and going to war was all couched and presented with rather safe language by citing bad intelligence, bad sources, the dems knew too, fictionalities etc. However, the language police sirens internalized in Oprah's head went off like crazy when somehow Rich intimated that Bush was lying about the state of affairs during Katrina. During this exchange, Oprah began to behave erratically and fearfully as she devotedly defended the "Decider". No, No...I don't think he way lying - I think you have to say he was misinformed etc..etc.. This caught my ear because Oprah appeared frantic in getting the point in when all she had to do was let Mr. Rich get his point in and then say something like, I think we can all agree that Mr.