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The Physical Evidence That Has Escaped Attention

" Popular Mechanics, while mentioning that an engine from the South Tower airliner landed in the street, neglected to show an engine photo, engine street location, and engine positive identification. Just by identifying undamaged parts from the damaged engine positive identification of the engine was made in the article: However, the engine identified, a CFM56, is the primary engine of the Boeing 737 not the Boeing 767 alleged to have struck the South Tower.

Shortly after the article was posted, a Boeing 767 airliner mechanic emailed that he concurred with the engine identification and that it was not from a Boeing 767.

Excerpts from his email:

I am an A&P mechanic for a major airline. I overhaul 767's. The engines are NOT from a 767. No 767 in existence uses CFM56's. Not enough power to lift a '67.


Take a look at the photo. This is physical evidence that must be addressed.

Hydrogen Mini Nukes Brought Down the Towers?

I lost my nephew 911 at Cantor Fitzgerald. He wasn't married so there was no millions of dollars going to anyone. His crime was showing up to work on time.

I have spent countless hours over the years trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The "official" story was crap from day one. The main stream media has not been much help either when it comes to solving the mysteries. As with the JFK assassination the silence of the main stream media is collusion.

I will highlight some of the mysteries, for there are too many for this blog at this moment in time to list them all.

The "official" story suspends the laws of science, and we are not talking about one branch, but most, if not all of the sciences are screaming foul.

The "Official" pancake theory does not explain why the central cores came down. And it doesn't explain the free fall of the towers either.

"Fire" from kerosene does not melt or even weaken reinforced steel. And one of the biggest mysteries is the molten steel ponds found under the central cores that boiled for 3 months.

The "thermate" theory is plausible but does not explain the molten ponds burning for 3 months or the ejection of massive steel girders hundreds of meters. Gravitational forces don't account for it either.