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When Loose Change Comes Out...

When Loose Change Final Cut comes out we all need to become leaders.

Anyone who reads this blog: when this films come out and us truthers flock to the theaters we need to reach out to the average public. After every showing of this film we need to actively engage the audience and build a giant grassroots movement. I know people are doing this now but if this movie is shown in even 100 theaters across the country we could reach critical mass.

Imagine if after every showing of this film, readers of this blog, posters and lurkers, stood up and organized with their fellow countrymen before they left the theater. Turn the last show each night into a town hall dialog.

It would be a great chance to organize people against the roguish 2-party system (I guess I don't want to inject my own politics, but I'd leap at any opportunity to get an independent/upstanding non-partisan citizen into office) and the current administration. Great time to get a groundswell for a new investigation too. Debunking 9/11 Debunking by DRG Update

I'm not trying to implicate Amazon in some kind of 9/11 coverup conspiracy, but I just wanted to post an update of David Ray Griffin's new book and the delays when ordering on

I had preordered the book about 3 weeks before it came out. It was supposed to ship out on the 31st of March or thereabouts. Then I got an update telling me that it was delayed until mid-June. I was very sad as DRG is coming to Seattle on May 18th and was hoping to have it in time for that event.

When a delay like this occurs you can "okay" the delay or cancel your order. I contemplated canceling my order to see if I could pick it up earlier from a local bookstore.

A few days later I saw a post here claiming that someone else had this problem, they emailed Amazon and then received an email saying that there order was back on track and to be shipped out the next day.

I decided to follow suit and emailed customer service at I sent the email on Thursday or Friday. I just received confirmation that my order has shipped today.

Well, to play the pessimist

Reading the message board here I often feel optimistic about the Truth Movement. Back near this site's inception the flow of news was so much slower than it is now. I see optimism reflected in the comments of others on this site. I just want to make sure it's healthy I guess.

I originally intended this text as a response to a post in another blog. But it got too long so I decided to make a blog about it instead. I'll post the comment to bring context to the conversation (btw the blog was the Rosie O'Donnell one, didn't think many people would be reading it.)

nomoremrniceguy: It is the quiet before the storm so to speak. When following Arthur Schopenhauer's three steps (ridicule, violent opposition, self-evident) it seems anything less would mean we are headed in the wrong direction. Think of all the increased attention as of lately and we are only in the third month of 2007!

America Has a Posse

I’ve seen the graphics for “Twin Towers Have a Posse” which I initially thought was an awesome idea. The “Andre has a Posse” meme was prevalent everywhere; people spread that ridiculous thing like chain letters. It’s a good concept, but I feel we need to integrate with the anti-war movement. Thus I propose: America Has a Posse.

People accuse the 9/11 movement as being self-righteous conspiracy theorists. We can’t let them frame the debate. They are just trying to cow us into submission; if they accuse us of being overly patriotic or appealing to morality, why shouldn’t we engage in those behaviors more vigorously? We must speak more about taking back the country, regardless of political affiliation, getting honest Americans into governance and peacefully take the reigns of power from the corrupt legislative and executive branches of government. Thus, America Has a Posse.

I, of course, stress voting Democratic in November, but after that my allegiance to the Democratic Party is over unless I see some serious actions to admonish and investigate the Bush/Republican wrongdoings, including a new investigation into 9/11. If the Democrats actually act honorably, I promise I will chill a little bit.