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William Rodriguez - The untold story of 9/11

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World Trade Centre janitor William Rodriguez was there when the aircraft struck the Towers and was decorated for his heroism in rescuing survivors. Ahead of an appearance in Lewes, he speaks to Angela Wintle about the experience and the disturbing questions he's been asking ever since.

The Argus is a local newspaper with a daily readership of over 80,000. This weekend it ran a suppliment that had William Rodriguez and 9/11 on the entire front page and ran the story over the centre and one more page for a full three pages.

Read the text here; http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/localnews/display.var.1219050.0.interview_the_untold_story_of_september_11.php

This is not a hit piece and to my mind is totally fair and balanced. I have already thanked them for running the piece and am looking forward to seeing William tonight!

Its Official - 9/11 Truth is bigger than Elvis Presley

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Google currently says 9/11 Truth is bigger than Elvis Presley (5,000,000 against 4,330,000 results)

Whichever way you look at it, that is a staggering statistic. Everywhere you look there is progress for the movement. No longer is it a minority theory, it is bigger than. . . well. . . Elvis!

David Shayler on Sky News in the UK - National TV for 9/11

Here is a Google clip to David Shaylor on UK Sky News on 5/12/06.


. . . thats another few million who might have been woken up.

Little by little the media are starting to give the Truth Movement some airtime.