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9/11 truth club at my school.

I am jessicas boyfriend (jessicaxkristine, who posted the entry with the same title as this) I am a sophmore as well and it is realy hard to get people interested in this topic. alot of people around here realy do not care we are in a small town in NC called moyock and mabye 1 out of every 8 it seems like takes interest in this it may be more it may be less we havent talked to that many people around here we just gave people that has taken interest dvds that her uncle put together. we are trying to start a 9/11 truth club at our school but it seems like its going to be pretty difficult to do because none of our teachers seem interested enough to be our sponser and we need at least 1 in order for the school board to let us even attempt to bring the topic up at a meeting so we are having a hard time with that it seems like adults already have there minds set on what they believe so much that nothing you say can change there mind around here you can have proof right in front of there face and they would just turn the other way and say thats a load of bull. it makes me so mad because its so obviouse i didnt even have to look into it i saw it the minute her uncle introduced me to this stuff i was like wow thats crasy i never thought of it like that and i have believed that 9/11 was an inside job ever since i am good at getting kids my own age to be interested in it because i know how to talk to them but adults just dont want hear it because its coming from a 15 year old but anyways.....