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We want to help (UK)

I am part of a growing network of people UK, who have been effected by the impact of "loose change", bringing groups together to watch and educate, debate and argue about the issues and how it effects us here in the UK also. We are angry and want to do more to spread the word in the UK.

The 'war on terror' has changed our country and brought fear/doubt/suspicion back into our communities. The media spin over here further divides people and brings us into conflict with each other, when we should be acting together. Most see terrorists in ever muslim community now, and muslims are hyper sensitive and volatile.

Unfortunately the response to theorys and ideas that 911 was suspicious before "loose change" became available were mostly that of total disbelief in the eyes of the massive media smoke-screen of 911. Our own terrorist threats and incidents now begin to fall under scrutiny and analysis as a natural reflex...sadly by the minority, but we want to do more to; at the very least, show people the evidence so they can choose for themselves.

i am new to blogging so i hope i did it right :)


"people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people".