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I don't believe our government is above orchestrating such an event. President Bush would have done absolutely anything in his power in order to galvanize the nation toward his desire to occupy Iraq. Our government knew months, if not years prior to 9/11/01 there would be an attack on American soil. It would be the event that would unite the people to allow the catastrophe that is Iraq today. Bush didn't need to define the targets for Al Qaeda. Our inteliigence agencies learned of the targets months before the attack and those targets were sanctioned with the approval of Bush himself. This would not require the thousands of insiders a govt orchestrated attack would have. The only grunt work that wasn't done by Al Qaeda was the setting of demolitions to bring the towers and building 7 down.

I do not have the time or resources to prove this is what happened. There is a reason for everything and hopefully in time The Truth for 9/11 Organization will prove the reasons for 9/11. The event had to be sanctioned by our government in order to have been carried out so flawlessly. What we need is a data base with only the known hard facts that will prove this. I'm not up to that challenge.

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Hi all. I'm tired and want to make this short tonight. Too many 911/Truth believers are considered nuts because they believe the govt orchestrated the events of 911. Fact is I don't believe the govt did. Al Qaeda did - but the govt knew the twin towers were targets months before the event. And certain former and current members of our govt wanted those towers demolished for their own reasons. I don't believe the govt orchestrated the event, but I do believe they allowed it to proceed as a matter of convenience, while carefully observing from the sidelines so that priority structures other than the towers would not be damaged or destroyed. The Pentagon was conveniently allowed to be damaged to shift blame far from the govt in the event an organization such as this smelled a rat. And yes - I also believe the towers and surrounding buildings were demolition controlled collapses. More to be added another day. Hope one day we know and can prove the truth.