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Bin Laden expert goes on record on Kevin Barrett's radio show--Fatty bin Laden a fake.

I remember one night when a young kid of about 14 brought his mom by my display. Apparently he had arrived home some days before after his first encounter with me, my info, and my free DVDs only to be warned by his mom that there are a lot of weird people who say weird things in public. Here was his chance to introduce us, and show his mom that I was not in fact homeless, insane, or a werido, but a fairly well-dressed 30 year old with a very reasonable message--don't be so sure about what you think you know about 9/11.

This same righteous young brother approached a Cambridge police officer who was looking at my display and asked him what he thought (kids--gotta love em!)

Anti-semitism, Or Legitimate Questions? You be the Judge!

Since a post including a link to this article was hidden by negative ratings, I decided to read it for myself to see what the big deal was.  Was someone posting hateful canards unjustly claiming some vast "Jewish Conspiracy"?  Never fearing to dip my feet in the waters of controversy, I found this account of Christopher Bollyn's recent interview with CNN.  Seems like pretty big news to me, and included in the text are various interesting facts about Israel's connection to the events of 9/11.

State Department's Disinfo Page

Very lame attempt to refute the most popular conspiracy theories. Good way to tell what they think NEEDS "debunking".

25 October 2006

The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories

Numerous unfounded conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks continue to circulate, especially on the Internet. Some of the most prevalent myths are:

1) The World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions.

This is how the collapses may have appeared to non-experts, but demolition experts point out many differences:

Demolition professionals always blow the bottom floors of a structure first, but the WTC tower collapses began at the upper levels, where the planes hit the buildings.
Non-experts claim that debris seen blowing out of windows was evidence of explosive charges, but experts identify this as air and light office contents (paper, pulverized concrete, etc.) being forced out of windows as floors collapsed on each other.
Demolition firms had very sensitive seismographs operating at other sites in Manhattan on September 11. None recorded any explosions during the tower collapses.

Deciphering and Responding to Rifts in the Elite

The  following excerpt may well capture an important development as we look towards the new Democrat congress and 2008 elections.  In a nutshell, there are those who say that Jim Baker, as a representative of the American imperialist old guard, is (in part through his work on the Iraq Study Group) orchestrating a realignment away from the excessively pro-Israel neocon agenda.  Presumably the Israel Lobby is reacting to this by consolidating their sway over Nancy "Now and Forever" Pelosi in Congress and by strongly supporting Clinton and Obama for president in '08, whom the media have already anointed as the frontrunners somehow.

Olmert has good reason to be "calm". While the new Congress is being apprised of its duties to Israel, the Brookings Institute is convening a forum at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, entitled "America and Israel: Confronting a Middle east in Turmoil." The meeting will be attended by Israeli right-wing extremist, Avigdor Lieberman, as well as political bigwigs, Bill and Hillary Clinton. The context of the meeting suggests that right-leaning Israelis will be informing their friends in the Democratic Party about the anticipated attack on Iran, as well as discussing strategies for sabotaging Baker’s report. If we see the Dems lambasting the ISGs recommendations this week; we’ll know why. So, the battle lines have been drawn. On one side we have James Baker and his corporate classmates who want to restore order while preserving America’s imperial role in the region. And, on the other side, we have the neo-Trotskyites and Israeli-Jacobins who seek a fragmented and chaotic Middle East where Israel is the dominant power. (see "A Clean Break") The one group that has no voice in this "Battle of the Titans" is the American people. They lost whatever was left of their shrinking political-clout sometime around the 2000 Coronation of George Bush. In any event, Baker and his ilk are not going to sit back and watch the empire (and the military) they put together with their own two hands be systematically pulverized by a cabal of zealots pursuing an agenda that only serves Israeli hardliners. That ain’t gonna happen. Expect Baker to wheel out the heavy artillery and fight tooth-and-nail to reassert the primacy of the American ruling class. "The Lobby" may be powerful, but it’s going to be tough going to take the country away from the people who believe they own it. The struggle between the political heavyweights is about to break out into open warfare.  excerpted from Baker vs. "The Lobby"

Challenge the Harvard Gatekeepers!

Here is a link to the listserv for the Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice:

Search the archives for 9/11 related posts and you'll see that the issue was raised a few years ago and was shunned by the professional gatekeepers involved in the list.

The list (and the group) is most definitely classic COINTELPRO. The purpose is of course to establish a left-gatekeeping presence at one of the world's premier universities whose students go on to get involved in government and big business (following the money, naturally.) The effect is to define the boundaries of acceptable anti-establishmentarianism (must be a word, right?) for the children of the elite during their formative years. Remember that this is also the place where Prof. Ernest May, senior adviser to the 9/11 Commission, has been duping 12 freshmen for the last several months in his seminar on 9/11 and terrorism.

Anyone can join the HIPJ listserv--I encourage everyone to join every now and then (who knows you might be kicked off or moderated) and challenge them on 9/11. They seem to have deleted the main back and forth that occured around the end of last year, but I will dig it up from my own files and post it here soon I hope.

Some Thoughts on Disinfo

People seem to be extra-sensitive these days, perhaps because of recent news that (GASP!) the Pentagon is hiring people to infiltrate public discussions, to the problem of disinformation within the movement. It's an issue that is important to take seriously, and the more we understand how disinfo works the better equipped we are to identify and counter it. So....

What is disinfo?

That's a loaded question, and most people who have been doing even a little research into 9/11 or other "conspiracy" type issues have probably heard of the basic forms it takes--straw men, limited hangout, agents provocateurs, etc. Enough time engaging others in the movement and most will begin to harbor suspicions about potential disinfo elements currently in the mix. This is not a bad thing, if kept in perspective. In fact, it is the first important element in countering it, that is, identifying it.

I hear a lot of people (not in the movement) say with no small amount of exasperation and even hopelessness that "so much out there is lies, how can we possibly know who's telling the truth, now that we know we can't trust our 'trusted' media icons?" or something to that effect. While I sympathize, I've also come to feel that attitudes like that represent a kind of intellectual laziness. Kind of like "You mean I have to think for MYSELF? Thinking's is hard!" poster series continued...

Here's another poster I made--it's and 18X24 pdf and looks great blown up (no pun intended) and printed in color and mounted on foam core, as I have had done at my local subversive copy shop. This one goes with though unlike the WTC7 poster it is not editable, so if you don't want to advertise my site (which is fine by me) you'll have to cut off the bottom. Have fun truthing--as time goes on you'll find you'll be making more and more friens out there, and having an easier time dispensing with the deniers. We are most definitely very close to a major breakthrough--don't listen to anyone who is poo-poo ing our chances for whatever reason. We are winning, we have won!!

Here is the new file, I've apparently exceeded my quota on the 911blogger server!

`Why I know we're winning...

Others will have no doubt noticed that lately the shills, the anonymous debunkers sent for us to sharpen our teeth on, have been of a lower quality than we're used to. Not that they ever convinced anyone of anything, but they at least made a sporting attempt to address the issues, both circumstancial and scientific, that make 9/11 such an obvious fraud. Now they have apparently abandoned the head-on approach and seem to be going with the "weird things happen all the time, it's nothing out of the ordinary" approach. Basically admitting that yes, it's exceedingly odd that 3 buildings collapsed in a way that only explosives have ever made buildings collapse, but if you think about it, the exceedingly odd is in fact the world's own special way of being monotonous and routine. This represents the high point of Bushthink--if it makes sense to you, then congratulations--you are hereby deemed capable of steering the world's most free and powerful nation straight into the ground in a mere 5 years.

It may well take a village idiot of the kind who trades his family's cow for magic beans, but there it is. Most people are much more like the townspeople who swore the emperor was elegantly attired in his new clothes until the child, the one who didn't know any better, shamed them into dropping the act and telling the truth: the emperor was starkus and not very well-endowed. Until the innocent and therefore truthful child dared to speak out, most people were happy to just go home and snicker amongst themselves about the stupid emperor, while keeping quiet in public lest they be thrown into a nudist dungeon for exposing a sacred public myth.

New poster on building 7 - hack away!

Every time someone takes one of my posters down from a bulletin board I am inspired to make a better one. Keep motivating me, traitors!

Full PDF attached

Matt Taibbi Lampooned at Harvard

published by the Harvard Crimpson

Local News Reports from OKC bombing - Bombs found in building.

Rolling Stone Writer Matt Taibbi - Nimrod or Traitor?

Compares 9/11 to OKC bombing, and draws precisely the wrong conclusion.

A 9/11 Truth Response to Harvard Professor Steven Pinker's Treatise on Faith and Reason

Replying to this op-ed in today's Crimson:

They have not posted my comment yet, but here's hoping!

Re: Less Faith, More Reason

It is amazing that Professor Pinker could raise so many valid points on the value of scientific literacy and the dichotomy of faith versus reason while failing to address, among the other socio-historical allusions in his piece, the greatest example that illustrates all of his points.

No issue paints the interaction between science, reason, faith, and their impact on society in more stark relief than the events of September 11, 2001. One faith in particular is held responsible for the destruction of the three towers (yes, three) at the World Trade Center, and while we would expect such a significant accusation to be based on sound science and reasonable standards of evidence, such is not at all the case.

Honest scientists are hard-pressed to explain, for example, the fact that pools of molten steel were discovered in the rubble piles of WTC 1 and 2 (the twin towers) and WTC 7 (the 47 story building that collapsed at 5:20 p.m. though no plane hit it and it suffered minimal damage from the collapse of the towers.)

We Know AIPAC Spies - So Tell Me How Shit Like This Still Flies

Oct. 25, 2006 - While reportedly under investigation for her ties to an influential pro-Israel lobbying organization, California Rep. Jane Harman last month hosted a private dinner for the group that was attended by two top Bush administration officials—Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte and Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

The Sept. 13 dinner took place at the home of Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and was attended by over 120 top financial backers of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The highlight of the evening was a panel discussion in which Harman played the host, questioning Negroponte and Chertoff about Mideast developments, international terrorism and homeland-security issues, according to an AIPAC official.

OK, so let's see if we can make any sense of this. AIPAC is a den of spies for Israel, and former AIPAC officials are currently under investigation for leaking intelligence on Iran to Israel. An American congresswoman who is the ranking DemocRat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence (who is also being investigated for her ties to AIPAC) hosts a dinner for rich people who give lots of money to AIPAC, the spying group. In other words, she helps the spying group raise money by hosting dinners for donors.

Shoddy Arabia and Patsystan

Let's see if we can't figure out what Pakistan and Saudi Arabia's real roles in 9/11 were. Saudi passports/agents are used, Pakistan sends one of them some money and meets very openly with all kinds of people in Washington. Not quite the covert operation, but whatever, that's the point. They are the most obvious culprits other than bin Laden--the official fall guy, so of course they will play along with the Osama and al Qaeda did it plan to the extent they can stomach it.

But what may have actually been the reason? See below. This article from Haaretz talks about Bandar Bush and his coziness with the Mossad. Now, in 2001 before 9/11, the Saudis had apparently decided to give Bush an ultimatum on the Palestine issue--the Saudis take a lot of heat for doing nothing to help the Palestinians, and if Washington doesn't do Saudi Arabia a few favors, then Saudi citizens wonder who really runs their country. So Bush pretends to cave and issues his statement in favor of a Palestinian state. Of course he doesn't mean it, and it doesn't matter--Bush knows that the Palestinian state idea will be put in cold storage after 9/11, or at least his advisers assure him to go ahead and proclaim his position in favor of it and he obeys. Now, who are the Saudis to play hardball with US? 9/11 put Saudi Arabia AND Pakistan on the defensive, in no position to make demands from Washington (or Israel by proxy), and the Palestinian issue is relegated to the memory hole. So who's side is Bandar really on? Saudi Arabia's? Or Bandar's? And how does helping Israel and the Bush/Neocon crowd help Bandar? Welcome to the dirty world of international politics and betrayal.

random Harvard student: "A lot of people think it's suspicious"

So there I was outside of Harvard Yard, holding my sign today after work. A student (finally) stopped, clad in his Harvard hoodie, and asked what kind of response I was getting. Not much here, I admitted, but when I'm in the Square I get a lot more positive comments than negative. Most people just look and walk on--who knows what they're thinking. So do you have a position? I asked. Yeah, you don't have to convince me, I know. A lot of people are suspicious, he added, they're just like, what are you gonna do? Well here I said, have a DVD. Oh I have one--in Plane Site. Ah. This one's better, trust me, I said, handing him a copy of 9/11 Mysteries.

So. Here's a student, a nice guy, a normal fellow, not some acid head or trust fund baby. He knows. But what can he do? There is no 9/11 Truth group at Harvard. No other group that I've approached, be it the Muslim Students' Association or the Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice, or the Harvard Democrats have given me the time of day. Why, if I didn't know any better I'd say there was a kind of wet blanket keeping the good students here down. Could it have to do with the fact that the student newspaper, the Harvrd Crimson, has not printed a single sentence about the 9/11 Truth movement? Could it be that those who doubt see poor old RT doing his thing and say Well, it's just me and 9/11 Guy, and I don't think that's enough...