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9/11 Truth Crashes Left Gatekeeping Festival

Real Truther was on his way home from Truthing in Harvard Square when he happened upon a lively festival of leftist peace activists. Real Truther worked on antiwar stuff with a lot of these folks so it was a bit of a reunion since these folks had not been receptive to Real Truther's 9/11 outreach, no doubt in part because of their tendency to idolize the likes of Chomsky and Amy Goodman. It wasn't long before a pair of college freshmen approached RT to give hime a hard time. "You're insane" they said. "Why don't you kill yourself" they asked. You know the types.

Of course when RT asked them about molten steel, the said the fires melted it. When RT pointed out the difference of 1000 degrees between the maximum temperature of hydrocarbon based fuels and the melting point of steel, they asked about my engineering credentials, and why they should believe me on those simple facts. Again, experienced Truthers know what I'm talking about. Where is your evidence, they demanded. I then opened up my posterboard full of clippings from Painful Questions and Waking up From Our Nightmare. Photos and analysis of the explosive collapse of the towers and the implosion of building 7. They were not impressed. We don't care about your pictures. Where is your evidence they repeated.

How Do You Fight the Creation of Fake Reality?

The short answer is to ignore it. The simple act of acknowledging a fake reality by contesting it immediately raises its mass from 0 to something capable of germinating and sprouting legs. Lesson number 1 in the reality wars is never acknowledge the fake reality unless you have to for some reason, i.e. because it is being acknowledged by enough other people that your ignoring it raises questions. The 9/11 perps, who would like to give the impression that their guilt in their own conspiracy is itself a fake reality tried that for a while and having failed, switched to the less ideal strategy of contesting it. Truthers, who know the OT to be a fake reality, never had the luxury of ignoring it--this is the advantage that goes to White in chess, that of making the first move. Our moves in response to the first move however can realistically involve ignoring some aspects of the OT's fake reality, especially those that are added daily in support of the teetering OT. Some of these are easy to ignore, like the distractions of pedophiles and child murderers. These are tragedies, sure, but they do not rise to the level of national importance that begs for front page coverage. Others, like a new "al Qaeda" tape du jour, are trickier since ignoring them runs the risk of allowing the public to add it, as the perps would like, to the support structure for their own realities that are by now pretty much dependent on the OT. In order to determine whether or not to dignify a piece of disinfo with a response, we should weigh the potential effectiveness of it in the construction of our adversaries' fake reality.

Harvard Square - Mecca of Truth

As a crossroads of elitism, intellect, and tourism, Harvard Square affords a truther the opportunity to inject truth "directo a la vena" or straight to the vein, of the power elite and their groupies. Often incorrectly described as ultra-liberal (the Kremlin on the Charles) the Harvard community is in fact a mish mosh of generally acquiescent would-be ladder climbers from any and all acceptable mainstream political currents. Behind the ivy laced brick veneer, a battle rages for the heart and soul of Harvard--will it focus on teaching or the more lucrative research that brings in $400 million a year in federal funds? Does raising money trump integrity, as when Harvard recently accepted a $10 million gift from the co-founder of the Carlyle Group? Can prestige co-exist with the disgrace of looters like Prof. Andrei Schleifer who retains his teaching post even after Harvard was forced to pay millions in damages to the government for Schleifer's tawdry insider dealings in Russia? Will professors of absurd and outrageous conspiracy theories continue to be allowed to teach impressionable youngsters their twisted views of the events of 9/11 and Islamofascism, as Professor of History and senior adviser to the Zelikow coverup commission Ernest May currently does in his course on 9/11? Will Harvard's student paper, a breeding ground for New York Times wannabes continue to follow the path of Judith Miller's employer into journalistic irrelevance? Will the sophomore who was praised for her precocious book contract before it was discovered that she plagiarized huge parts of her book graduate on time and with honors?

Harvard Crimson Allows 9/11 Truth Comment on Political Op-Ed

OK, so it's a baby step, but since the Harvard student paper is a stomping ground for New York Times aspirants, it's a pretty encouraging baby step. Real Truther has been following the
Harvard scene closely and in addition to the ever more positive response his Truth antics have been receiving in Harvard Square, this media breakthrough might signal things about to take an interesting turn in this bastion of elitism. As Professor of History Ernest May, senior adviser to the 9/11 commission, continues to teach his course on the 9/11 report and the Islamofascist menace, the Harvard community is showing signs of waking up. This is big, folks!

Why don't we all give this Gustavo Espada fellow a hand and add our comments to the following joint Democrat/Republican op-ed announcing to students the outbreak of political fever on campus? Maybe then when Real Truther descends on Harvard Square with free 9/11 buttons, there will be many takers who will then take the truth into Harvard's dorms and classrooms. Just a thought...

A Season for Political Involvement

Published On Friday, September 29, 2006 12:19 AM


Pakistan and the ISI - The Last Red Herring!


As we get closer to the red hot molten core of real 9/11 truth, the conspirators have pulled out their last red herring - Pakistan.

No doubt Pakistan aided the conspiracy.  We know Mahmoud Ahmad of the ISI wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, who we also know was set up in many other ways as a red herring.  The Koran with the flight manuals and list of hijackers found in his car at Logan airport, though he flew in that morning from Maine, etc.  In other words, Pakistan's role, specifically the ISI's role, that is, was to help create the illusion that in fact Islamic extremists were the perpetrators of 9/11.  The Pakistani connection is the linchpin in the (false) LIHOP scenario (they Let It Happen On Purpose) which of course serves to preserve, in the face of skepticism about the Bush administration's complicity, the notion that Islamofascism is the menace we've been told it is.  By discrediting Bush in a LIHOP scenario, the conspirators are able to prepare backstage for their new front, the Democrat opposition, led by Hillary Clinton and the "rising star" Barack Obama.  This pair, it is assumed by the conspirators, will handily win in 2008 on a wave of false progressivism and, if necessary, vote fraud--this time blue instead of red.  A perusal of the Daily Kos diaries confirms that the same phenomenon observed here on 911blogger of blaming Pakistan, setting them up for a LIHOP exposé, is at work on a site that has long been opposed to real 9/11 truth.  The coincidence should be alarming, given Kos' track record on 9/11 truth (he has banned any discussion of "al Qaeda" not being responsible.)

Hack the Orificial Comic Book!

Fair use/satire, so feck off! Enjoy, folks! More to come...

Harvard University Allowing 9/11 Commission Adviser to Teach Absurd Conspiracy Theories

Surely Harvard should be reviewing the teaching of Professor of "History" Ernest May, who will be conducting a seminar beeginning this Wednesday where he will teach absurd conspiracy theories (syllabus), i.e. the 9/11 Commission report he served as senior adviser to, to unsuspecting and impressionable freshman. So, is Harvard aware of the menace it allows to operate unchallenged within its ivy walls? It would seem so. In fact, just hours before publishing their editorial on the terror threat, they received a copy of this letter from a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth to Harvard's president, Derek Bok.

Subject:a matter of great importance to alumni
Date:Mon, 18 Sep 2006 22:17:46,, "Jones, Steven"

Dear President Bok,

I write to you as both alumnus of Harvard College ('96) and current member of Harvard's administrative staff to request a formal statement from you on the subject of the evidence that the events of September 11 have been and continue to this day to be misrepresented in a profoundly malicious and unconscionable manner. As a senior adviser to the 9/11 Commission Harvard Professor of History Ernest May has associated my alma mater with a report that is acknowledged by a growing number of people around the world to be, without exaggerating, a criminally deceptive document, as it intentionally deflects blame from the actual planners and executors of the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center complex.

Harvard Student Newspaper Calls for Boston Subway "Terror Drills"

Yes indeed, the student newspaper of the same college that brought us the Unabomber and Henry "Genocide"Kissinger has just published an editorial calling for more "security" for Boston's subway, the "T".

For those of us who ride the T, and also know that terror drills, as in the London bombing and 9/11 have a weird tendency to coincide with bombings, this is no mere example of youthful indiscretion on the part of these children of the elite. Surely Harvard should be reviewing the teaching of Professor of "History" Ernest May, who will be conducting a seminar beeginning this Wednesday where he will teach absurd conspiracy theories (syllabus), i.e. the 9/11 Commission report he served as senior adviser to, to unsuspecting and impressionable freshman. So, is Harvard aware of the menace it allows to operate unchallenged within its ivy walls? It would seem so. In fact, just hours before publishing their editorial on the terror threat, they received a copy of this letter from a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth to Harvard's president, Derek Bok.

Report from the front...

Greetings fellow truthers! Just back from my local popular town square and thought I would let everyone know how easy it was to hand out 25 or so DVDs. 2 hours, no hecklers, and a bunch of good conversations with the usual variety of concerned citizens--a group of young women and one guy from high school, the guy mentioned that one dude at their school recently did a project on 9/11 conspiracy theories. A couple who said they were friends of friends of the Loose Change guys, a couple of older Canadian women, a tatooed dude and his girl on the train, the father of a group of rambunctious toddlers--they were all out tonight, and they all agreed with RT that something is wrong with the official story. I've been truthin'in the streets for about a year now and I can't overstate how much easier it's getting to be a truther. In the early days we were looked at as curiosities, maybe slightly crazy folks with too much time on our hands. These days you get a different feeling being out there--people either stop to thank you or glance over as they walk by with their friends, only to begin a discussion about the phenomenon of 9/11 truth. We are, in other words, relevant and being acknowledged as legitimate voices.

Thinking beyond 9/11+5

As we all build up energy and moral force for the 5th anniversary date, let's not forget to think three steps ahead (as in a game of chess) to the afterglow.

Like any evil corporation that markets a new product, we must follow up our climactic display on the 5th anniversary with a slight but evident ramping up of our visibility and activity ON THE STREETS. The media will surely cover the "conspiracy theorist" angle and try to write it off as an emotional but misguided flash in the pan that will fizzle after the hoopla of the anniversary passes. We must show our fellow citizens that the MSM is WRONG AGAIN.

The weekend after this Monday we must be out in force with a supply of DVDs, visual materials, flyers, and most of all, a positive attitude that reflects our confidence in our movement and its success.

The stage is set, the public expect a show. Let's give them one they will never forget, and that will change their lives.

Onward truthers! There is nothing that can stop us from winning, except our own failure to rise to this historic occasion. Once again into the breach! See you at the victory ball on the other side... :)

Genuine account from the day of 9/11

I've been digging through my emails from 9/11 and shortly after and found this eyewitness account from a good friend:

Dear all, (sorry for the tome and no bcc)
Just so you guys know, I am alright. I saw it all happen. Since I've moved into my new place in Hell's Kitchen I take the E train to the WTC. This morning got there around 8:59am. Normally I exit going through the World Trade Center surfacing across the street from Century 21. Well, not today. There were loads of cops there telling people to use the other exits. I thought there must've been a shooting. All along the floor of the lower levels of the Trade Center I saw a woman's high-heel shoe, people's bags and backpacks, and lots of spilt coffee.
So, what to do but go through another exit. When we were on our way out all I could here was people exclaim in their various ways (Oh, shit!, Ohmigawd!, etc). There were two gaping holes in the north tower and flames coming out of the east hole of the north tower. We heard it was a plane, but we all thought it was an accident. So, we stood and rubbernecked mouths agape.

Then, something so grotesque happened. We saw people jump from the tops of the tower. I saw eight personally.

Dear Skeptical but Not Quite There Yet

Dear Skeptical but Not Quite There Yet,

There is an important distinction to be made between the sources of information supporting the official 9/11 version of events. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the Department of Commerce, did the main study for the official case (the NIST report) and it concluded that no pancaking occured. The pancake theory was first put forth by Thomas Eagar of MIT and even though the NIST report claims no pancaking occured, defenders of the official story still rely on it to explain away other evidence of explosive demolition like the jets of smoke that pop through the lower sections of the tower as they collapse (as a result of air compressed by the pancaking.) It is important to bear in mind the existence of the core structure in any interpretation of a collapse progression. We would not normally expect the type of collapse observed in the case of the three buildings on 9/11 because of the wat they were built. Before 9/11 set a precedent, it would not be expected that a jet flying into a building would make it collapse. The idea that a plane could damage the structure was understood. What would have been inconceivable would be the fact that they collapsed. We may, for instance have expected the top of the south tower to continue tipping and break off because of the direction it seemed to be falling at first. Instead the tower below seems to begin to collapse as well at which point the top has begun a tilted free fall--this would have surprised the construction manager for the towers, Frank DeMartini, who is on camera saying that he believed the towers would be able to withstand the impact of multiple jetliners, because, he said that would be like punching a pencil into steel netting-- (a screen door for example) pieces would break but the structure would redistribute the load. The damage from an incoming airplane may seem like a lot but relative to the undamaged areas of the entire building it would not have put much stress on those latticed core columns that rose like the trunk of a tree in the middle of each tower (the towers in fact resembled a biological structure (skin over flesh over bone) The planes exploded and were shredded upon impact with the perimeter columns that made up the buildings' skin The planes created a large fireball because most of the jet fuel immediately caught fire. But this was nothing the core columns couldn't handle. Basically the core columns were subjected to aluminum shrapnel, a couple of heavy engines like bullets and a flash fire that only got smaller and cooler as material burned off. It is hard to imagine that so many of the 47 columns could have been damaged as a result. The towers were observed in each case to tip ever so slightly and settle back into place exactly as designed to do (in wind, storms, etc.) They functioned perfectly and would have stood until the fires were extinguished and beyond if somehow the core columns had not failed.

the twin towers have a posse

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