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Actual Reality, Interpretation, and Shared Reality - The Preservation and Perpetuation of Power in the Information Age

Freeze time, if you could, and you could describe the world in terms of what is where, and you would do a pretty good job of describing reality as it exists at that moment. Since time never freezes, though, what you would be describing is incomplete. Absent are the directions in which things are moving, changing, evolving—pick your word here. Take your freeze frame of reality and move it (again if you could) and you would notice after considerable study, some patterns. Some people tending to move towards food and ingesting it--we assume they are hungry. Others wiggle in ways that manipulate raw materials into the shape of a Mercedes Benz. Follow those movements backward and forward in time and you may begin to understand the process taking place as commerce, labor, etc.—a more complex pattern than animals feeding but no less discernable as a pattern of activity and motion comprising a part of the whole of reality. Play the tape in real time and you will find veritable weather patterns of human activity, like the weather predictable to some degree but subject to dramatic changes from even a slight unexpected and/or imperceptible shift in one variable or another. We can draw the conclusion that reality is far more complex than any one of us can grasp, which is not surprising given that our tool for grasping reality, our conscious mind interpreting the input from our senses, is extraordinarily complex yet only a tiny part of that reality we strive to understand.

Antidote to No-Plane Spammers

Like a gang of kamikaze straw men the no-planers are attacking this forum and having their desired effect, which is that other issues are not being discussed. I appeal therefore to all other truthers to brainstorm--use this opportunity to collect your thoughts and re-focus the forum onto the issues that are important to us. Here are a few ideas just meant to stimulate new discussions:

1) What is the state of the impeachment campaign?

2) Any progress on creating a comprehensive list of truth candidates or of creating a fund for them?

3) Has the Popular Mechanics kid done any more interviews? Has Charles Goyette gotten answers to the questions of what DNA was used to compare to the crash scene DNA in the case of the hijackers?

4) Does anyone doubt that the '08 elections will feature Clinton/Obama versus McCain/Giuliani? We know either way America loses, but which pair would win?

5) So far these are pretty boring topics...

6) Anyone seen the ghost of Ken Lay anywhere?

OK maybe it *is* more fun to bash no-planers and their sci-fi than it is to change the subject. Why have we reached this impasse? Have we pretty much exhausted the subject? How about brainstorming about different ways to get 9/11 truth more exposure?

Israel and 9/11

Here are a few more things to think about:

Why was this story removed from Fox News' website, and why haven't you heard about it since?


And why were some Israeli intelligence agents arrested, interrogated, and deported after they were found celebrating and filming the burning towers?

Then a month later, what were two more Israeli agents doing with bombs in Mexico's legislature? Then a year after that, why were Israeli agents recruiting young Palestinians into a fake "al Qaeda" cell?

But even that's not all! How is it possible that such huge stories are ignored by both the U.S. media and government?