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Does The Le Figaro Bin Laden/CIA/Hospital Article Still Exist?

I went to the Le Figaro site to check the archives for the article on the CIA visiting Bin Laden in the American Hospital in Dubai (that has been continually referenced). I wanted to see the original source.... but no luck. Try for yourself here.

The closest to the original article I could find was this article, published 10/31/01.

Does anyone know how to find the original Le Figaro article?

I DESPISE The Term "Homeland."

I know I have a lot of company here as far as detesting the word "homeland". This nazi-like, fascist sounding, anti-American term has been forced on American citizens post 911. Only the liars-in-charge, the MSM and the clueless among the citizenry will spew this filth. True patriots will not utter this vile propogandist profanity, as it sickens them with it's true connotations.

I look forward to the day when America regains it's sanity, and throws this despicable term into the dustbin of history. The sooner 911 truth is revealed, the sooner this day will come.

Expanded "Patriot Act" Steamrolls Over Our Freedoms

If you need more motivation to get 911 truth out, perhaps reading this article will do the trick:

"A bill radically redefining and expanding the government's ability to eavesdrop and search the houses of U.S. citizens without court approval passed a key Senate committee Wednesday, and may be voted on by the full Senate as early as next week."

Continued here:,71778-0.html?tw=wn_index_1

99% of 9/11 Truthers Believe Planes Hit The Buildings

I wanted to put this up so any curious, uncommited truth seekers visiting this blog could see it. I believe there needs to be a very stringent and public seperation established by the majority of the 911 Truth Movement from those who have, shall we say, less than stable viewpoints, ie, no-planers. Whether np's are sincere or diabolical, they are harmful to the movement at large. Their ridiculous hooey is easy prey for the mass media to magnify and put before the uninformed sheeple. Their aggressive, insulting blog infiltrations disrupt and distract decent truthers from their quest.

By all means, no-planers, post away. You will only prove my point :)

A Challenge To Nico and All "No-Planers"

Dear Nico and all proponents of the "no-planes" theory:

I challenge you, once and for all, to show clear, concise proof of your claims. NOT diverse, disjointed links, NOT obscure, unproven claims about particular videos, but an easy to read and understand presentation. EVERYTHING I've seen posted on this subject has been vague, disjointed, headache producing... in a word, DISTRACTING.

I propose that, if none of you can meet this challenge to the satisfaction of the majority of the members of 911Blogger, that you be prevented from continuing to make what I believe are divisive and ultimately, destructive claims at 911Blogger. I further propose that the above challenge be met within the next 7 days.

Perhaps a poll could be created for this purpose. If members agree with the above proposal, please reply (additional suggestions are welcome).

New WTC 7 Photos?

Perhaps this was posted before, but here are some previously unseen photos of WTC 7 and surrounding area during the fires.
They don't show anything new about WTC 7 itself, but it does reveal more about how extensive the fires and damage were to some surrounding buildings, which did NOT collpase. There are also a couple of "no-planer" debunking photos:
There is a link on the bottom of the page from which
you can download additional photos.

Is There A Publisher in the House? 911 Truth Comic

I'm considering publishing a 911 Truth comic. It would be in the form of a graphic novel, tentatively titled
"911: Facts and Mysteries - A Non-Fiction Graphic Account"

Are any of you connected, whether directly or otherwise, with a publisher that does graphic novels/comic books? I am attempting to find a way to accomplish this project in a high quality fashion, without a huge budget. Any help in this direction would be most appreciated.

Please note: I am aware of and