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Sycamore: The 9/11 Tragedy New Documentary

September 11, 2001 the nation was shook by the most horrible attack on American soil in this nations history. Shortly after the leaders of this nation quoted from an obscure passage of scripture, Isaiah 9, offering hope to a devastated nation. unknown to them this scripture was also given to the nation of Israel, through its prophets, as a warning of God's judgment to come if they did not repent. What was meant for hope, was a prophecy of a nations destruction. Follow Brother Elliott and Raymond as they travel to New York City, to the gates of the nation to deliver God's warning to America and offer hope in her only salvation...the Lord Jesus Christ.

New Film Sycamore:The 9/11 Tragedy

Sycamore: The 9/11 Tragedy is a stunning new film which demonstrates how 8 biblical signs of God's judgment appeared on 9/11 beginning with the leaders of this nation quoting from an obscure passage in Isaiah. This scripture, given as a scripture of hope reflected God's judgment upon the people of Israel, does it mean the same for America?

View trailer here:

Voice In The Wilderness Episode Three

THIS WEEK ON VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS: Episode Three “The Law Brings Knowledge of Sin”.

Brother Elliott and Brother Raymond continue through Kansas on the Denver to D.C. Walk for Truth to protest the evangelical churches support of the wars in the Middle East, to demand 9/11 truth, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They continue to chronicle the police state takeover of America as officers abuse the Constitution of the United States and invade privacy by taking their picture. Beit Shalom Ministries interviews young men deceived about the war in Iraq and 9/11. Also, Beit Shalom chases tornadoes for the weather update. Brother Elliott teaches about the power of prayer and God’s provision.

This week’s update can be viewed at:

Also Watch "9/11: The Birth Of Treason" and "Iraq: The Death Of Reason" for free on our website.

Walk For Truth Episode 2 Exposing the Police State

This week: "THE MYTH OF AMERICA." Raymond and Elliott document the police state takeover of America and the myth of freedom. Watch as they and an independent documentary crew are harassed and asked for their papers 6 times in 10 days by police officers while committing no crime. Also, witness the thuggish tactics of Kit Carson County Sheriff Deputies, which forced the duo to file a criminal complaint. Plus, an interview and refutation of the prosperity gospel leaders false teachings. Welcome to the new America! Repent and believe the Gospel. Real Christians don't choose war! Stop the 9/11 cover-up! Jesus is Lord!

Denver To DC Walk For Truth Video Update

Also from Beit Shalom Ministries and Voice In The Wilderness Productions
9/11 The Birth of Treason and Iraq The Death of Reason (Watch on website for free).

Just released from VIW Productions; the first installment of the Denver to D.C. update. Brother Raymond and Brother Elliott of Beit Shalom Ministries walk from Denver, CO to Washington D.C. preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, protesting the evangelical support of the war in Iraq, and demanding an independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. God is love, Jesus is His Son.


Now Available From Voice in the Wilderness Productions:
A Beit Shalom Ministries Presentation

9/11: The Birth of Treason

This stunning new documentary provides the most comprehensive view of the evidence which proves 9/11 was an inside job. Also contained are the most recent and most in depth interviews with Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. Dr. Jones covers his recent exchanges with NIST, freefall speed of the towers, and his research into Thermite/Thermate explosives. Kevin Ryan goes in depth about being fired by Underwriters Laboratories for blowing the whistle on data falsification. Also Interviewed:

Ellen Mariani : 9/11 widow currently under gag order for her lawsuit against United Airlines
Kevin Barrett: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance/ Truth Jihad radio program on GCN

Banned from Christian Forum For 9/11 truth

Beit Shalom Ministries

Once again the institutionalized Church has shown an ugly face. I have been posting facts about the war in Iraq for some time now on this forum:

Out of every post the post I had about the failure of the church to be a voice of life and truth had more hits than any other. Recently I posted a section on how 9/11 was an inside job, posted some links to good sites, and encouraged anyone to discuss the facts and issues. when I went to check the responses today I was granted this message:

"Sorry BrotherRaymond, you are banned from using this forum!
Promoting wild and untrue conspiracy theories and bad attitude."

This is the whole purpose of our walk across the country. The Christian Church is shameful and afraid of truth and reason. But we will not be silent and will will cry out until the heavens fall or the truth reigns supreme in this land. Lord have mercy on this weak brothers and sisters

I encourage people to log in and share some more 9/11 truth with these blind, sad people.

Bush Administration Exposed In New Documentary


Iraq: Death of Reason has now been released to the public by Vice in the wilderness productions. This stunning new film attacks the Evangelical Church’s error in supporting the war in Iraq. Produced and directed by Raymond Schwab and Elliott Nesch of Beit Shalom Ministries, Iraq: The Death of reason addresses just war theory, Abu Ghraib torture, depleted uranium, the deceptions sold to the American public by the Bush administration, false flag operations, war profiteers and calls the Christian church to reconsider their position, since prior to invasion 79% of evangelicals supported military action.
In Feb 2007 Raymond Schwab and Elliott Nesch will walk from Denver to DC to protest publicly the Christian support. This film is being offered for any size donation to their ministry to help raise funds for the upcoming walk.

For more info go to

To view the film for free online go to:

Part 1:
Part 2:

New Film Exposes Bush Administrations Crimes

Intro here:

Beit Shalom Ministries has released their new Documentary called Iraq: The Death of Reason. Here is the first ten minutes of the film. We are offering this DVD for any size donation to raise support for our walk from Denver to DC. In a week or so I will offer it for free on Google video as well. This documentary is HUGE, stocked with much info (2:26 worth) and a great tool for waking up Christians. We use eyewitness accounts of the devastation of Iraq and torture; explore the history of US relationships with Saddam; expose the ignorance of the evangelical leaders; address biblical pacifism and the Christian response to nationalism and the war; speak about depleted uranium and the horror caused by US sanctions; we have congressional testimony and address the common arguments against biblical pacifism. We touch on some 9/11 stuff in a few segments but next month another film 9/11 Birth of Treason with Kevin Barrett, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Michael Wolsey and others will be released as well. This film will help open Christians up to the fact the Bush Administration are liars. This is why we chose to release it first.

Clarification On CCU Protest

My name is Brother Raymond and I have been a 9/11 and anti-war activist for many years. In late November my University, Colorado Christian University, escorted me out of the classroom claiming I had broken an online policy. In reality, moments before Elliott Nesch and I had been standing outside on a public sidewalk protesting the Schools refusal to allow me access to the student body to hand out information surrounding our activism. I have been attending this school for many years and was eight classes from graduation. For the past two semesters the administration had attempted to silence my voice.
I had been working with my dean to allow a forum which we were calling “9/11 to Iraq a Christian response”. The level of interest toward what we were doing was growing and I feel being a supporter of the military industrial complex the administration could not allow us to counter the propaganda they had been indoctrinating these kids with. They had already threatened to expel or arrest me if I came on Campus with signs or handing out information. They refused to post any posters to raise support for our upcoming action, where we will be walking from Denver to Washington to raise 9/11 awareness and protest the Christian support of the war in Iraq, saying they were too political, yet they had posters recruiting for the military. I was reprimanded for stapling a pamphlet over a recruiting poster (Without asking permission, God forbid) which expressed the hypocrisy of the school.

Protest At Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University has created an art of religious manipulation. Here I am, a senior with very little left to go on my degree and I am expelled. I attempted to follow their policies even though many of them were un-American and un-Christian. They have attempted to create a safety bubble where idiots can stand in the middle of Campus with signs and scream about finals being almost over but if you dissent toward their fornicating relationship with the world you will be immediately silenced.

Both Richard Crombie and Mr. McCormick have lied. Last week I went back on Campus to sell my books and stopped in the financial aid office. Inside, right on the table sat recruiting pamphlets for the military. Outside two men were obstructing traffic on the sidewalk (Something I was told they would arrest me for) holding signs and shouting. At first Elliott and I thought they were preaching and so he went over to film them as evidence I had been discriminated against. They were making a spectacle about the last days of final exams. So apparently you can only hold signs, scream, and obstruct traffic if you are acting like a high school kid but woe unto you if you are seriously trying to address an issue as important as the obvious 9/11 cover-up.

Beit Shalom Ministries Forum

Join us on our forum to discuss the Christian response to 9/11. Those who believe the bible understand that 9/11 was more than an inside job. It was a warning. It was also the manifestation of a deeper spiritual battle which will result in the kingdom of Anti-Christ. What is the Christian response to 9/11 truth? How do we get this message in the churches? Join us on our forum to discuss the theological implications to what is occurring as a result of the 9/11 cover-up. Support our march for truth leaving Feb 2007

Walk for Truth Featured On Dynamic Duo With Kevin Barrett

Beit Shalom Ministries

Listen to Brother Raymond talk about the Denver to DC walk for truth and Peace on Dr Stan Monteith's "Radio Liberty"

And With Kevin Barrett:

Support our walk for truth leaving Denver Colorado Feb 2007 to protest the Christian support of the War in Iraq, and seek a new investigation into the events surrounding 9/11.

New Series Portrays 9/11 activist as terrorist

Brother Raymond
Support our walk for truth:

A new series on Showtime portrays 9/11 activist as terrorist. Watch the series for free on this link:

About halfway through two terrorist (A fugitive and a non-Muslim 9/11 activist which is sheltering him) are sharing 9/11 truth like it is propaganda. They laugh that the American people believe that Rudi was in a command center, they mock Osama defeating all the intelligence communities, they giggle as they proclaim the pentagon was hit by a drone. Its scary the conditioning happening in this series.

Scary stuff.

ACTION ALERT: Walk For Truth Needs Volunteer Activist

Beit Shalom Ministries

Contact: Brother Raymond
970-988-4929 or

Beit Shalom Ministries walk for truth needs volunteers in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the DC area to coordinate activities. We need people to help organize rallies, contact media, and arrange for speaking engagements. The time of our departure is drawing near. This walk will be as successful in raising 9/11 awareness as the people make it by walking with us, challenging your pastors to allow us to speak, and organizing events on Campuses of the Major universities in each of those states.
We also need assistance in drafting a resolution/bill to submit to congress which would fund a new investigation into 9/11. If you are diligent, serious, and dedicated to getting things done please contact me to arrange how we can make an impact in your state. Support our march for truth.

Brother Raymond