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Beit Shalom Ministries Activity on 9/11

Beit Shalom Ministries
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On 9/11 Elliott and I went to a main downtown area and handed out flyer's about 9/11. Go to this link for the pictures of some of our public actions. We have to take it to the streets!

Martial Law is here. We are in trouble people

Bush Further Strengthens American Dictatorship

Beit Shalom Ministries

Here are a few bills that have slipped by in recent months. People we better understand real fast we are in big trouble if a large majority of the populace does not wake up. These bills allow troops to work with federal agencies like homeland security, allows the military to set up relocation centers for populations on their bases, and allows the president to mobilize ALL ARMED FORCES to be used against the American people with the provision he notifies congress within fourteen days. Everyday the tyranny is growing. Our constitution is gone. And as you see in the last part we no longer have a right to access the info when these agencies are working together. Please pay attention. Please act! With Jesus Christ there is hope! He said these things must be so but we must be alert and pray!

Title: To amend title 10, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions, to assist the Department of Homeland Security in the performance of border protection functions.

Tom Daschle's Biblical References After 911-Wake Up Church

Beit Shalom Ministries

Writing By Elliot Nesch

The Bible is supernatural. It contains prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that were fulfilled to the letter in the New Testament verifying that He is the Son of God. No other book on the planet can claim that uniqueness. Spiritual Leader and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was on the show Sid Roth’s radio program Messianic Vision and mentioned this incredible allegorical link to 9/11 in the Bible. This passage from Isaiah 9 is fulfilled word for word on 9/11, Jonathan Cahn explains:

God gives a very clear pattern for judgment and warning on a nation, when it enters this critical period - before the point of no return but just right at the door . . .9/11 was the beginning of judgment on one hand and the signs, and warnings, and wake-up calls of ultimate judgment on the other . . .The key scripture here is in Isaiah 9 where the people of the northern kingdom [of ancient Israel] had gone so much into sin, God let the enemy come in and make his initial attack. And then instead of repenting, what Isaiah records in 9:8, he says, “The people said in arrogance the bricks have fallen but we will rebuild with quarried stones: the sycamores have been cut down but we will replace them with cedars.” Now, in that alone there are about eight signs . . .America, instead of repenting said, “We’re going to build stronger and higher,” just like they did in Israel, and they began the rebuilding with the sign of the quarried stone.

The American Concentration Camp: The Fruit of Church Sponsored Terror
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Recently I have been reading Tolstoy and Solzhenitsyn in order to study the progression of events which lead to the Soviet death camps which claimed upward of 21 million or more lives. It is interesting to note that in the beginning, the camps were used for those who were a threat to the state. Solzhenitsyn explained of the camps:
"For doubtful compatriots extrajudicial precautionary concetration was now proposed. For an energetic mind which could visualize barbed wire SURROUNDING PRISONERS WHO HAD NOT BEEN TRIED, the necessary term was right at hand-concentration camp" (Gulag Archipelago Two "Destructive Labor Camps" pg 17 emphasis mine). Gitmo is an American Concentration camp.
If anyone desires to see the result of a country that is duped into believing it is ok to allow a goverment to strip individuals right to due proccess just examine the Soviet gulag. Initially the prisoners were called "Persons deprived of liberty" and "Deprivees" (pg 20) which ring of America's detainee designation. The camps were eventually:
"Maintained for particularly hostile elements and for hostages. True, in the future, prisoners would be sent to concentration camps BY TRIBUNALS as well, but people never tried kept pouring in automatically, sent there based only on the basis of hostility" (Pg 18 Emphasis mine).

Famous Words To Justify Invasion, Who Said it...wake up church
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These words were spoken by a world leader to get his people behind a war. The last quotes are words of his faith. Sounds like stuff straight outa fox news.

1. A regime with no legal mandate was attempting by means of the most brutal terror and physical mistreatment as well as punitive and destructive economic measures, to maintain an existence which was rejected by the vast majority of the … people.

2.I also tried to convince those in power that in the long run it is impossible, because it is unworthy, for a great nation to be forced constantly to watch as a people of the same nationality are persecuted and incarcerated merely because of their origin, or their allegiance to a people, or their dedication to an idea

3.He began a regime of terror! At the time the … already tried to protest against this arbitrary violation of their rights. They were gunned down and since then there has been a war of extermination.

4.He has plunged countless individuals into profound misery. He has managed to make millions of people fearful and anxious. Through the constant reign of terror he has succeeded in silencing millions, and at the same time the "international" goals of this state became clear.

9/11 IS a Christian Issue

As a believer in Jesus Christ I am commanded to be a person of truth. It is also my responsibility to expose the works of darkness. I know there are many in this movement who have a heart to get involved, but do not see Christ in the center of all this and are probably discouraged by leaders int he Christian community. To you who do not believe in our faith I still say press for the truth. For you who do understand the biblical call it is our duty to expose this evil.
The Bush administratin is filled with people who claim to be born again Christians and yet there is not fruit of life to back up the claim. Jesus said those who hate light live in darkness lest their deeds be exposed. Throughout the 9/11 saga members of this administration have refused to answer honest questions, testify under oath, etc. They run from the light surrounding themselves with thugs and yesmen. This should be alarming to the Christian community.
I pray that those of you who know the spiritual realities behind 9/11 to speakout boldly. Many are shattered by the un-reality of their worldview when the light of the evidence shines through and are hopeless and afraid. We as Christans need to be at the forefront of this fight and I encourage us to band together to build a faith based organization like 9/11 in order to bring these realities into the church.

9/11 Walk From Denver to Washington DC

Denver to D.C. - Walk for the Truth We Need Your Help

On Feb. 1, 2007 Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab are walking from Denver Colorado to Washington D.C. This March for Truth is based on:

The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for all people to repent and turn to the Lord that healing may come to our nation. We must be a country which embraces justice, righteousness, and truth, and be vigilant in the responsibility of preserving the American Republic from apathy, tyranny, and immorality.

The truth of the poor testimony of the Evangelical church in America who when surveyed was listed as the number one supporter of the war in Iraq and illegal practices and policies of the Bush administration without debate, reservation or caution. Not only has the church failed to be the voice of truth and reason but has sent its sons and daughters to be soldiers of this secular battle rather than supporting the widow and orphan, building the church in Iraq, preaching the gospel of peace, holding our government to righteous standards, and holding the President accountable for his behavior since he claims to be a born again Christian. This blind loyalty is not only dangerous, but it is also a blot on the name of Christ and his testimony to the nations affected by our countries poor domestic and foreign polices post- 911.