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Christine Todd Whitman to testify today before Congress

From http://c-span.org/

"Christine Todd Whitman, former Environ. Protection Agency Admin. (2001–2003), testifies about her agencies response to the 9-11 attacks. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) conducts a House Judiciary subcmte. hearing on due process violations arising from the EPA's handling of air quality issues."

This will air on CSPAN3 and streaming at http://c-span.org/watch/cs_cspan3_wm.asp?Cat=TV&Code=CS3

On a related note, from John Feal of the FealGood Foundation:

I kind of feel like Johnny Appleseed

Two things about me: 1) I'm a shy person and 2) I know our beloved country has been taken over by corrupt leaders. I want to do something, but I feel so powerless ... and afraid.

Recently I bought a generous supply of Carol Brouillet's Deception Dollars Deception dollars

I now discreetly drop them wherever I go. Places such as my local grocery store, Home Depot aisles, department store fitting rooms, school hallways, parking lots, you name it. Regardless of where they're distributed, they are picked up quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I "accidentally" dropped one in a hotel elevator. My room had a window overlooking the lobby. What a thrill it was to see the young man who found it sit down with his friends, pass it around and watch them all discussing it.

Google video "What we saw - Bob and Bri"

Check out this newly released home video made on 9/11. It was taken from a 36th floor apartment window 500 yards from the WTC complex.


Two things stood out:

1) At about 7 minutes and 44 seconds into it, notice what appears to be several flashes occurring on the lower floors of the north face of the north tower.

2) At 19 minutes and 42 seconds into the video when the north tower is collapsing, it doesn't appear that WTC7 was hit by enough debris to cause the building to later collapse.

In any case, it was taken from a most interesting vantage point and experienced researchers may find a bit of useful info contained within this 26 minute clip.