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'My Virulent Anti-Semitism'(And Theirs)

“...It can be argued that America is a nation under 'soft occupation' by a shadow government serving a foreign power...”

We must have this discussion and obliterate the 'anti-semistism' boogeyman.

'911 mysteries'

i just watched a preview of '9/11 mysteries' which will be released this coming monday. this is a dvd you can recommend to --anyone--.

'9/11 mysteries' is being done in three parts; this first segment is called 'demolitions', and includes original interview footage of william rodriguez and others. i've never seen a clearer case made for controlled demolition.
the next segment will be 'airplanes and hijackers', and should be out early next year.

lest we forget dov z.

dov zakheim was comptroller for the pentagon when over 2.3 trillion dollars was -- lost --.
ryan thurston, in 'who killed john o'neill' says the 911 trail keeps coming back to jerome hauer . . . it also keeps coming back to zakheim and the neocons in the pentagon.
two articles focus the spotlight on this key behind-the-scenes player.