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Can't make it to the Understanding Deep Politics conference? Be there virtually!

Be there, or be there virtually.

Understanding Deep Politics convenes May 14-16, 2010
University Inn and Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA.

Can't make it to the Understanding Deep Politics conference? We can offer an online look into the conference with streaming video! Purchase your online access ticket here:

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Cover article published on the Understanding Deep Politics Conference

This article by Byron Belitsos is now available in the May Issue of the Connection Magazine, Santa Cruz, CA. Thank you Byron for your thoughtful article, and thanks to the Connection Magazine for covering our event in your May issue.

Face the Shadow First:
Seeking the Hidden Dimensions of American and Global Politics

Probe Beneath the Surface of the Obama Era at the “Understanding Deep Politics” Conference
in Santa Cruz, May 14-16

By Byron Belitsos

Some say it began with the invasion of Iraq. Others, with the inauguration of George W. Bush for his second term. Many point to the day of 9/11. But those in the know—including ten distinguished speakers headlining the “Understanding Deep Politics” Conference in Santa Cruz this May 14-16—trace the era of deep politics further back: some to JFK’s assassination; others, to the aftermath of World War II. And a few speakers in Santa Cruz will stretch us back to Hitler, Lenin, Weishaupt, or Machiavelli, from there to ancient secret societies, and even back to the dawn of human governance itself—in the belief that conscious political deception is an inescapable feature of human nature. But all agree on the general definition of deep politics: It refers to government in which two dimensions of action always coexist: overt and covert, or benign and utterly ruthless.

Building What?! Action Alert: Manhattan District Attorney

Fellow Advocates:

Today NYC CAN is meeting with the Chief of Staff of another New York City Council Member. This is our eighth meeting with a council member or their staff, and once again, this one is happening because of your phone calls and faxes.

Thank you!

One month ago many Council Members and majority of their staff were not aware a third building collapsed on September 11th. Today the entire City Council and several hundred staff are acutely aware, and most of them have seen footage of it. You know what that leads to.

There is no way to gauge reliably the number of phone calls made to the City Council Speaker last week, but judging from the number of responses we received far exceeding the usual number, and the fact that the action alert was sent to over 20,000 people, we think it's safe to assume the Speaker is aware A LOT of people are asking the City Council to investigate Building 7.

Where do we go from here?

The Final Day - 1,000 Phone Calls!

Fellow Advocates:
Today is a special day.  For the last three weeks, your phone calls and faxes have worked like a steam roller, paving the way for NYC CAN and courageous council members to begin to raise the discussion about opening a real investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.  Today we bring this marathon effort to a close by making a statement that will resonate through City Hall.

Rather than contacting three council members, we are contacting only one - the most powerful member of the City Council, the Speaker, Christine Quinn.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 phone calls, which will amount to one phone call every 30 seconds.  This tactic is not arbitrary - in order to get through to Christine Quinn we need a gigantic show of support, and it only takes two minutes of your time. 

Special Instructions ...

Day 16 Council Members

Fellow Advocates:

Today we head into our seventh meeting with a member of the New York City Council. Your phone calls and faxes made this meeting happen, and they are making a tremendous difference in paving the way for honest and courageous council members to raise the discussion with their colleagues on the City Council. If you want to get glimpse of the action, scroll down to the bottom of this email to read the cover letter of the packet we leave with the council members.

Please remember we need your help tomorrow to reach our goal of 1,000 phone calls the City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn.

Thank you!

Day 16 Council Members...

Understanding Deep Politics Conference

Announcing the Understanding Deep Politics Conference:
- Revealing the Driving Forces Behind World Events and Creating Alternative Solutions

University Inn & Conference Center - Santa Cruz, CA - May 14 - 16th, 2010

10 international intellectual leaders converge in one weekend in pursuit of truth and solutions.

With Speakers: Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs,
Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Peter Dale Scott and Barrie Zwicker

Tired of endless wars, bank bailouts, corrupt politicians, unrelenting corporate power, loss of
liberties, the healthcare crisis and the overall current malaise? Find out the how and whys of
many of the current societal issues facing us and be part of new emerging solutions.

David Ray Griffin to Speak at Boston University, April 11, 2009

(Correction: the BU School of Theology is hosting the event, not co-sponsoring.)

Originally published: 2009-03-12 11:27:57 +0000

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee is pleased to announce that we are co-sponsoring a public lecture and book signing by renowned 9/11 author and researcher David Ray Griffin, in conjunction with the Boston University School of Theology. The event will take place at Boston University’s Morse Auditorium, 602 Commonwealth Ave., Saturday April 11, 2009 at 7pm. Donation: $5, students and seniors admitted free.

VIDEO - Central Florida Street Action 2/21/09

More than 30 9/11 Truth Activist from across central Florida (and a few from Boston) combined their forces for a successful street action in Orlando Florida, the first of many multi-city actions to come.

Tampa 9/11 Truth Distributes Rock Creek Free Press

Members of Boston 9/11 Truth and Tampa 9/11 Truth hit the streets in the popular historic district of Ybor City in Tampa this weekend to promote the Rock Creek Free Press (2008 Project Censored Award winner). Don't miss your opportunity to become a RCFP Distributor and support their fine work.

Get the Creek!

New England Strategy Session for 9/11 Truth

November 15, 2008 - 9-5pm Keene Public Library, Keene NH

9/11 Truth activists of New England are cordially invited and encouraged to attend a one-day Strategy Session to be held in Keene, NH on Saturday November 15, 2008 from 9am to 5pm. This day-long Strategy Session of open discussion among New England 9/11 Truth activists is designed to strengthen our existing activities, evaluate our resources, and develop new plans that we can immediately implement locally and as a region. Everyone is encouraged to bring your ideas. RSVP would be helpful, but is not required.

This is going to be the most important organizing and planning discussion we've had since the first strategy session at the Democracy Center at the original Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party in 2006. Important ideas were hatched then like, Truth Squads and campaigns like the 11th of the month were inspired from it. Don't miss it!

To RSVP or for further information contact :Boston or:
Keene NH

Boston 9/11 Truth joins Anti-war Stop the Wars Rally

October 11, 2008

Boston 9/11 Truth joined over 20 other anti-war organizations at the Stop the Wars rally on Saturday 10/11/08 on the Boston Common. The rally included music and a parade, with thousnads of peace loving people. The Truth tent was very busy distributing information and answering questions for the many interested attendees.

September 11, 2008 Day of Prayer: Asking for Guidance for the Next Step

“9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the power to bring lasting change to our country.”
~ William Sloane Coffin, clergyman & international peace activist

Greetings to the 9/11 Truth Community and All Concerned Citizens

We invite activists and citizens from all countries to join us on September 11, 2008 for quiet moments of meditation and reflection.

Join us in creative acts of inspiration and prayer! Add your prayers and send us your photos from your remembrance.

Some activists are arranging local 9/11 Truth Memorials, and these words of inspiration are for all who are moved to take a moment of thoughtful remembrance of that day seven years ago and the unfolding of events since then.

Boston Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message

'DJ Waldo' Truths up the Mix
Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message to Boston City Hall Plaza

August 3, 2008

Boston 9-11 Truth is seemingly everywhere these days. Hot off their successful "Patriots Question 9-11" canvassing party on Boston's Esplanade this July 4th, the group took their message this past Saturday to Boston's City Hall Plaza where they distributed over 1,000 "Revolutionary HipHop" CDs to a highly receptive crowd.

Boston Helps NY/911 Truth Collect Signatures

On Thursday 5 intrepid members of Boston 9/11 Truth went to NYC in the early morning to help New York members collect signatures to get a referendum on the ballot in November which would re-open the seriously flawed 9/11 commission.

The trip down itself was not without incident: a flat-tire going AND returning, heavy downpours and the predictable heavily congested traffic on I-95 near NYC. Nevertheless, the group arrived by 11 am at Union Square park where the petitioning was taking place that day. They joined other NY chapter members who were stationed through the park, at subway entrances and speaking to many New Yorkers sitting on the park benches to take in the sun.

It was not difficult to collect signatures, as many New Yorkers are well-informed about 9/11 and like to engage in political discussions. At least half of those asked to sign were not NYC registered voters and so were ineligible to sign. Of those eligible perhaps one in four would agree to sign.