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Boston Activists Blast 4th of July Celebration with the Truth

Boston - July 4, 2008

It wasn’t the flashiest Truth action ever, nor did it make the evening news, but 20 or more dedicated Boston911Truth activists hit the pavement at Boston’s 4th of July Pops concert and fireworks display and accomplished something just short of miraculous, for us anyway. Armed with only a smile, new Patriots Question 911 postcards and WeAreChange informational flyers, our hearty “Info Warriors” were able to distribute 7,000 pieces of literature at a rate of 1,000 per hour for seven hours among the crowds lining the Charles River waiting for the festivities to begin.

Globe Columnist Alex Beam Attacks

Replies to Mr Beams article by Boston 9/11 Truth activist Christopher Gruener follows.
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Boston 9/11 truth responses are below the article.

The return of the black helicopters
By Alex Beam

Globe Columnist / June 30, 2008

My friend, the critic Katherine Powers, has spotted an interesting theme in books flowing across her desk for review - paranoia. Coming this fall: John Demos's "The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-hunting in the Western World." Demos is a Bancroft award-winning historian emeritus at the World's Second Greatest University (Yale), who once wrote a Wall Street Journal commentary suggesting that it might be time to pardon America's 17th-century witches. So soon?



Friday July 4, 2008
Charles River Esplanade, Boston
9 am to 5 pm

Truth activists will be gathering at Boston’s 4th of July Celebration on the Esplanade this year to distribute new Patriots Question 9/11 postcards along with We Are Change info handouts and maybe some DVDs. A core group of organizers will be setting up Camp on the lawn adjacent to the Stone Man Playground near the Harvard (Mass Ave) Bridge. (see map link below). From there, we’ll break off into groups and canvas the entire area, from and including the Longfellow Bridge to the Harvard Bridge. Even if you can come only for a couple of hours, there will be someone at the Camp at all times beginning at 9 am, who will be able to connect you with groups already out working the crowd.

The best access to the home Camp is via the pedestrian entrance to the esplanade at the Mass. Ave Bridge. From there it’s just a short 100 ft. walk to a fork in the sidewalk that surrounds a strip of lawn where we’re setting up camp. Look for the flag of New England we’ll be flying – a red flag with a green Pine tree.

911 Questions at Congressman Markey Forum

Congratulations to local 9/11 Boston activists on a great job at the Ed Markey forum yesterday in Framingham. We got into at least two newspapers in his district (linked below). Notice the slick response Markey gave regarding the question of controlled demolition: It's incontrovertibly true (that) the terrorist-piloted planes caused the attacks.

Markey cleverly swapped the word "collapses" with "attacks." Markey must have gone to the Slick Willie school of politics. But few of his constituents were fooled. Everyone heard the question. Everyone knew his answer intentionally skirted it.

This was a huge success for the truth movement. It's now been documented that Markey was introduced to the science of 9-11 on 2/3/08, and that he also pledged to look further into it.

Congressman Ed Markey can no longer credibly play dumb on the issue of 9-11.

Waltham paper:

WBZ Radio Interview with Gage, Bowman and O'Connor

Listen to this archived in-studio interview, with host Dan Rae who spoke with Bob Bowman, Richard Gage and Donna Marsh O'Connor, regarding their skepticism of the official 9/11 theory on December 14, 2007.

Download the (32mb) file directly here:

Photos from the Boston Tea Party

Photos from the Boston Tea Party 12/15-16/2007
Conference at Faneuil Hall and Tea Party on the Common, tossing at the Moakley Bridge

Slide Show:

Bob Bowman: Duty, Honor, Country, 2007, at the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

Bob Bowman delivers his speech: Duty, Honor, Country, 2007, an open letter to the new generation of military officers serving and protecting our nation, from the Boston Common on 12/16/2007.

The 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party: 9-11 Truth Comes to the “Hub”

The 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party: 9/11 Truth Comes to the “Hub”

In 1858, Oliver Wendell Holmes coined the phrase, "The Hub of the Solar System,” when referring to the Massachusetts State House in an Atlantic Monthly article, “The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table,” in which he boastfully implied that Boston at that time was the center of everything intellectual. One hundred and forty nine years after Holmes penned the affectionate metaphor and two hundred and thirty four years after the infamous Boston Tea Party, Bostonians are again attempting to appeal to the “Hub’s” intellectual prowess, this time with regard to the academic and scientific challenges taking place around the world concerning the government’s official explanations of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Dan Rea's NightSide on WBZ News Radio 1030, to provide 9/11 Truth a fair hearing

Dan Rea's NightSide to provide 9-11 Truth a fair hearing -
Friday December 14th, 8:00pm on WBZ News Radio 1030, Boston MA
Call In @ 617-254-1030

In the tradition of his courageous journalism career, WBZ AM 1030 talk host Dan Rea ( will be interviewing three prominent speakers from this weekend's Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9-11 Truth. The interview will be broadcast live this Friday at 8:00 p.m..

Join us at the Boston 9/11 TRUTH TEA PARTY 12/15-16 Boston MA


Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern, Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan, Stephan Jones, Joel Hirshhorn. Donna Marsh O’Conner, Barbara Honegger, Robert Bowman, Kevin Barrett, and many more at the…

Boston 9/11 TRUTH
Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
Saturday & Sunday
December 15-16, 2007

On December 16, 2007, the 233 Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, in keeping with the defiance and patriotic symbolism of the 1773, activists from across the country who are part of the 9/11 Truth Movement will be converging in Boston for the Second Annual Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth.

The two-day event will begin with the Tea Party Conference, “Scientists and Citizens Speak Out” on Saturday 12/15 at 10am, with scientists Stephan Jones, Joel Hirshhorn, UL Engineer Kevin Ryan and architect Richard Gage, at Faneuil Hall on Saturday, December 15, an evening program “9/11 Sent Them to War” follows with Ray McGovern, Nancy Murray of the Boston ACLU, Barbara Honegger and other speakers followed by public rallies at Boston Common and Boston Harbor on Sunday December 16, beginning at noon.


28 November 2007

Dear Mr. Weitzman,

Thank you for your prompt response to our request for clarification of your remarks to the House Committee on Homeland Security on 6 November 2007. As per your recommendation, we have shared your response with interested parties and in so doing we have discovered that it is identical to your response to other groups and individuals with similar requests and concerns. While we fully appreciate the difficulty of individually responding to the many inquiries you have received, your “canned” response falls far short in addressing the misconstrued associations in your remarks to the House Committee and sadly, adds to the confusion about your motives regarding the selection of websites contained in your PowerPoint presentation.


From: Boston 9/11 Truth
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 01:48:04 -0500


25 November 2007
Mark Weitzman
Simon Wiesenthal Center
59 East 42nd Street, Suite 1600
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Weitzman,

It is with deep concern that we are requesting both a clarification and a retraction regarding several remarks you made at the Homeland Security sub-committee hearing on Terrorism Risk Assessment held on 6 November 2007.

In reference to the content of your PowerPoint presentation, you stated, “The presentation begins with a look at how 9/11 is viewed in some eyes online, including those who applauded it as well as some conspiracies sites. The presence of the conspiracy site is significant, since so much of what passes as fact online is actually based on some form of conspiracy.” You later went on to say, “These people are constructing their own version of reality, full of conspiracy theories, full of doctored videos, that will recruit or inflame the emotions.”

The Second Annual Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth!

The Second Annual Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth!

Scientists & Citizens Speak Out!
December 15 &16, 2007

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, Boston 9/11 Truth is proud to present two days of 911 truth activism at this year’s Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth, to be held Saturday and Sunday, December 15 and 16, 2007. This year’s theme, “Scientists and Citizens Speak Out,” reinforces our commitment to the broadest exposure possible of the scientific, criminal and political issues being covered-up and/or ignored by our government and the media concerning the events of September 11, 2001.


Boston 9/11 Truth Action Day - August 11 2007

Boston 9/11 activist take to the Boston Common, and engage the public about 9/11.

Many people were receptive, over 300 DVDs given out, at least 100 to demonstrators from the Service Employee's International Union, check out the still photos at the end. Also a man who lost his brother on 9/11 in the towers, stopped by thank us for our work. He said our being out there made his day and he looked forward to joining with us in our work.

We plan to keep it up. This is just the beginning of our street action campaign.