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Mark Levine of "Radio Inside Scoop" is a hitman against 911 Truth

Is the "9/11 Truth Movement" a Front for the CIA?

As I study the 9/11 Truth Movement further, I am coming to a darker conclusion. I am coming to belive the entire "9/11 Truth" movement is ITSELF a conspiracy, possibly paid for by the Cheney/Rove ("Bush") Administration or its right-wing supporters, designed to confuse and conflate real important questions about our Government's massive screw-ups on 9/11 with irrelevant nonsense about the World Trade Center blowing up by itself or some such. Radio talk show host...

The 9/11 Fact File - new major article,1518,451741,00.html

The biggest political magazine in Germany, Der Spiegel (, has a dandy new 911 article. It is increasingly hard to argue against 911 truth with a straight face as the article’s arguments against the demolition hypothesis proves. Here is just a couple of their ‘points’ and why they couldn’t be more wrong:

“Why did the towers fall so quickly?”, they ask, then they answer:
“flammable materials inside - such as carpets, curtains, furniture and plastics - helped increase the temperature at the top of the towers to almost 1,000 C”

- So ignoring the fact that the air temp of 1000c would NOT have resulted in a steel temp of 1000c, the main problem with this argument is that it does not answer the question. The question is how to make the ‘it just fell down’ hypothesis fit the evidence of the fall time.

“Could the towers have been blown up?”, they ask, then they answer:
“demolishing two buildings the size of the Twin Towers would have been a massive undertaking.”

- Do we even need to respond to this silly argument?