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Sticking My Head Out of the Rabbit-hole for a Breather

Just a couple of questions to you all. Why have we not called ourselves together in boycotting the media, big oil, and every corporation,(i.e.Disney) that we can think of? This seems to me to be a great way of helping to slow their machinations and getting support from other less informed citizens and fence-sitters. If we unite, we can make a sizable financial statement to all involved in this cover-up and pillage of our economy.

Second question. I asked this one of Jack Blood, the other day, on his show @ (I believe a simulcast from
In light of the known scientific discrepencies and admitted flaws and suppositions, Sibel Edmonds and Nelson Mineta's neglected testimony, (among others), ignored references to Able Danger and a host of other omissions and distotions, (well covered by Dr. Griffin), why are we not screaming for an investigation of the 9/11 Commission itself. In my opinion this is the foundation of their "tower of lies", and once removed, like those of the WTC towers, would readily collapse into their own footprint.

Food for Thought

Just a brief thought, while trying to figure out how best to help save our country and maybe our world. I haven't heard it mentioned quite this way, but I think rather than going after 9/11 directly, perhaps a better avenue might lie in going after the 9/11 Commission.

The Omissions and skewed science are well documented by Dr. Griffin, Dr. Jones, and many of our leaders in the Truth Movement, including scientists, military, and other experts world-wide.

A Letter to Nancy Pelosi

In answer to Ed Hass' call for letters, I submit mine in the hope that I might inspire others
to do the same and get involved in the process.

November 8, 2006

Dear Madam Speaker, (you may as well get used to it),

First let me congratulate you on yesterday's historic victory. It gave me great joy and a
soaring sense of hope for my children's, and my country's, future. This was only
bolstered by your recent speeches. Your use of the words: open, honest, ethical, and
transparent, in reference to what kind of government we are to expect from you and our
other Representatives, is exactly on course and what I think the country and the entire
world need, in order to properly heal from the wounds of our recent past. In another
context, you used the word accountability. Madam, I take you at your word.

I am a lifelong Democrat, although for some time, I have grown to think of my party as
the lesser of two evils, no disrespect intended.

Ms. Pelosi, I would ask you, as a fellow American, to please help open the eyes of our
country to the realities of this war, the truth regarding the events of 9/11, and the money