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Folly: Defect of Understanding.


Despite the Propaganda, proof of demolitions of the Towers on 9/11 does not require specialized knowledge, nor proof (or attempted disproof) argued from authority, but is overwhelming.

What can expose the all-pervasive, widespread and shocking folly of the Public and Society, as can Morgan Reynolds latest writing?

I am, for the most part, ignoring Reynolds' Jones discussion, but am just happy that, in outing the problems with Jones, Reynolds has found the opportunity to detail a wonderful summary of the issue, with pictures.

Folly: Who is worse?

The public, media personalities, left writers, right writers, all of those who scoff at "those wacky conspiracy theorists" and buy the official story, even to the point of vehemently defending it.

Or the stupid perps themselves, to waste their lives contriving such evil? To what purpose?

And a normal person can only guess at their motivation. But someone who thinks about it, and studies it, can only contemplate the infinity of a fool. At least with those who are simply deliberately harmful, there is an end to it somewhere. But with foolishness, it just looks to be infinite, when you contemplate these bastards.

How shall We approach this?

Refering to the 911 Scholars Symposium. I was watching and listening to the four guys... Steve Jones, Bowman, Tarpley, and Fetzer, and each of them were good in different ways. Fetzer was impassioned from his depths, I think, and Tarpley had a lot of info at his "neuron tips," and Prof. Jones was just bemused and really kind of out of his natural environment and it showed. He acted like a kid who has discovered a new toy and doesn't realize it is a loaded gun with the safety off. Bowman was politicking - maybe he's sincere, I don't know.
Anyway, combined, they did produce a strong impression that might sway a lot of people to their view which includes arresting Bush and the whole gang for treason. Bowman even says that if he is elected to congress, he'll make it an issue "on the hill."
So, the question is, of course, why are they being allowed to have even a toe in the door?

That was my first question and as I was listening to all of them pat themselves on the back that they were NOW getting a lot of attention, that people were opening up and seeing the truth, and it was just a matter of time before the whole thing blows wide open, I could only think: You don't know what you are dealing with. Facing down psychopaths isn't going to be that easy.

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Salon is now featuring a review of Lawrence Wright's The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11, an obvious piece of shillwork. It appears some 9/11 Truth folks have already left comments. Have at it, people...

Walking a Fine Line in the 9/11 Community - A Lesson in Futility

One of my personal desires in the new changes at was to be able to find a personal voice via my own personal blog, to let me rant if you will. That is what this is, and perhaps by the end you will understand why finding a medium by which I could do so was of utmost importance to me.

When it comes to the 9/11 community today it takes walking a fine line to stay out of the line of fire, and is often a purely futile exercise. Those that wish not to be involved so much in determining the 'truth' about 9/11, but rather bringing focus to the questions surrounding 9/11, have a smaller and smaller place in which to dance.

To be accepted amongst one clique you must adhere to one belief, and to be accepted amongst another clique you must adhere to another set of beliefs. An agnostic 9/11 activist finds themselves fitting in with no one, as not deciding on an opinion is all to often interpreted as actually advocating the opposite belief of whomever is demanding your stance on a given subject. This struggle to be 'agnostic' in the 9/11 movement has become an increasingly more and more futile exercise.

It would only make sense to provide a couple of examples as to what I'm getting at. Seeing as how I am indirectly making this blog entry to highlight my own personal frustrations, it only seems right to include examples of how has been judged by others in the community. This listing is by no means complete, nor is it meant to cast anger towards others - as such no specific details will be provided.


From the makers of PentagonStrike, a damning indictment of US/Israel Foreign Policy.

9/11 Bloglines (08/29)

9/11 Bloglines (08/29)
August 29, 2006

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The 9/11 Chronicles: Destroying a Crime Scene
WTC Architectural photogragher, Tom-Scott Gordon files lawsuit
Spooked911 responds on Reynolds new 'stealth' article
Conservative Familiy group to protest CBS 9/11 documentary
Morgan Reynolds speculates about cloaking or stealth technology
Holmgren: Prof. Jones trashed the demolition evidence to replay 9/11 attacks coverage
James Richards renews call for "Grand Jury"
Kyle Hence biggest lie so far
Deborah Stevens: "The Truth about Moseley"
08/29: Prof. William Woodward on Alex Jones 1pm Central
09/14: Barry Zwicker event in DC
InsideHigherEd: "Another Scholar Under Fire Over 9/11 Views"
Vincent Sauve/sf911truth continues to promote disinfo sites 911myths, debunking911
Popular Mechanics Cancels Debate
Dave McGowan's rant about Mike Ruppert

Dr. Robert Bowman for Congress 2006!

Please help elect Dr. Robert Bowman to Florida's 15th District of Congress in 2006! You know the truth, now please do something about it- support someone who will fight for US! Bowman is running a shoe-string campaign, this video was created by one of his many web savvy supporters. There are more of us out there!. Take a look at the video and please help spread the word!

Twenty Things We Now Know, Five Years After 9/11

The imminent fifth anniversary of 9/11 provides the proper moment for a good, ol'-fashioned sum-up of the past half-decade under CheneyBush, especially because so much has happened in the past 12-months:

The Bush Administration's Katrina debacle, Iraq being sucked deeper into the civil-war vortex, Afghanistan turning once again into a major war theater, more and more military leaders speaking out about the disaster that is CheneyBush foreign policy, the defection of so many moderate conservatives from their GOP home, the plummeting of Bush's popularity to not much more than his fundamentalist base, the revelation that Bush&Co. have been spying on citizens' phone calls and emails without court warrants, the indictment of CheneyBush's chief aide Scooter Libby for obstruction of justice in the case of the White House's outing of a covert CIA agent, the "rendering" of detainees abroad for extreme torturing, etc. etc.

I'll get to the annual list in a moment. But first let's step back and take a deeper overview. Buckle your seat belts, here we go.

9/11 Truth + Environmental Awareness = Revolution

I am dismayed by what I see as a general lack of scope in the 9/11 movement, especially concerning environmental awareness. What is our movement more about, Truth or 9/11?

9/11 is not the end-all be-all issue and too many of us seem to get caught up in the intricacies of this one event. 9/11 Truth is a fascinating, revolutionary subject, but if it doesn't wake you up to examining larger truths and implications, it can become just another diversion.

I believe it is inevitable that the 9/11 Truth Movement will mature into a more general Truth Movement.

Deconstructing 9/11 and other deceptions (assassinations, etc.) are opportunities to wake up from a conditioned reality and start questioning things. The next steps are to figure out what's really going on in our world, get our priorities straight, and do something about it.

While Peak Oil may be a controversial topic within the movement, no rational person can deny that environmental degradation, global warming, and overpopulation are among the most critical challenges facing us as a species and planet.

I don't know about you, but to me the suicidal nature of the industrialized world economy (and the extent of the damage already done) is more shocking than the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. It is also a much bigger "deception" than 9/11.

Are you fed up with censorship?

At the present moment does not allow people to post fact based questions about the George W. Bush administration conspiracy theory of 9/11 - that 19 guys with box cutters led by a man in a cave conspired together and outsmarted the US Military, all of the US intelligence agencies and the US government on the morning of 9/11/2001.

In my opinion, this censorship policy is very unfortunate, especially in view of the massive and growing evidence that the George W. Bush administration story about 9/11 is a big lie and that the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash.


This page serves as an invitation and a forum to talk freely and without censorship about this most important issue.

Feel free to ask any question or to add any comments that are useful in furthering this important dialog.

The only request that I make is that everyone treat each other with politeness and respect.

Thank you.

Free Truth

Tarpley on Bin Laden/CIA links

(Original context: Peter Bergen: Bin Laden, CIA links hogwash)


Peter Bergen needs to take time out from parroting his MI-5 and MI-6 printouts and address a few facts. As I show in my book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, the al Qaeda organization was most emphatically the “Arab Legion” created by the US and the British to counter the Soviets in Afghanistan in the early 1980s. The concept of this Arab Legion is found in the memoirs of former CIA Director Robert Gates. Bin Laden personally is of course an eccentric, a dreamer, and a basket case, but there is no doubt that when he went to Peshawar, Pakistan during those years he was surrounded by CIA and MI-6 handlers who steered him in the desired direction. Bin Laden has always received comprehensive support services from US-UK intelligence. His legal services came from the US State Department: when Bin Laden was in Sudan, and the government there wanted to turn him over to the US, Madeleine Albright argued that the US could not take him, since there was no criminal indictment against him. This, in a legal system which notoriously can indict a ham sandwich. No defense attorney could have served OBL better than did Madame Secretary. When Bin Laden required medical services like kidney dialysis, these were provided under CIA auspices in an American hospital in the Gulf, as Le Figaro and Radio France have reported. When Bin Laden needed to make a move from Khartoum to Afghanistan, the US Special Forces of Fort Bragg obligingly sent him a personal assistant in the form of Sergeant Ali Mohammed, a former Egyptian Army major, who organized the move. Sergeant Ali Mohammed also cased the US east African embassies and showed Bin Laden the photos he had made. Bin Laden’s travel bureau was the US consulate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as whistleblower Michael Springman has testified: that consulate was ordered to issue US visas to all manner of criminal patsies under a standing order. As for Bin Laden’s public relations office or flaquerie: while still a serving CIA officer, Michael Scheuer, the head of the CIA’s Bin Laden station (now abolished), published the infamous book Imperial Hubris, which argues that Bin Laden was not the pathetic ignoramus, misfit and bungler many who knew him have described, but an awesome figure, the greatest political genius of the twenty-first century and the Abraham Lincoln of the Arabs! When CIA honcho Buzzy Krongard, whose name had surfaced in the 9/11 short selling caper, finally left the CIA, he recorded his gratitude that Bin Laden had never been caught – of course, as he hastened to add, lest somebody really radical might have emerged. In this sense, we may safely say that the Bin Laden Fan Club has its headquarters at the CIA in Langley, Virginia. The CIA loves Bin Laden so much that it has made sure that there are many of him: a fat one for the winter, a thin one for the summer, a calm one, an excitable one. “Osama Bin Laden” is a name properly applied, not to a biological individual, but rather to a team or stable of doubles (Doppelgänger) and patsies who represent OBL on the world stage, much as that duplicitous old sinner Winston Churchill used body doubles for deception, and voice doubles to read his speeches. Like El Cid, OBL has fought many a battle after his own demise.

My religion is freedom, and a sovereigns' genuine commitment to intend no harm.

Why has it taken so long for pilots to speak? A simple question, with an old and almost forgotten answer.

A combination of two overarching things, one natural and one phenomena, might explain; We are 100 years past the first generation to personally conquer the air with exhilaration, as common place modern flight is now mostly that, dull and common.

The euphoria of those pioneering years is not totally lost, yet distant non-the-less. It can still be found in the moments of first solo, in clearing a mountain pass to expose the valley bellow and the setting Sun upon an ocean beyond, seen through towering colorful cumulous.

For fewer pilots still, but the most blessed yet.... an ascending barrel roll into ballistic spin, punching the cloud to the discountenance of all ATC, as recovery includes a celebratory loop.

The smallish percentage of most pilots today who get to exercise the extent of their wings through euphoric aerobatics... is miniscule by comparison to those first days... when most EVERY flight was an undeniable duel with death itself.

100 years now passé, leaves many pilots and even fewer new pilots to fully embody the life and death responsibility they ask for, and fully accept no matter the degree to which they comprehend.... in a way wholly irrespective the dynamics of a modern Federal Aviation Administration.

Chronicle of Higher Education covers Prof. Woodward

Another Scholar Under Fire for 9/11 Views

The University of New Hampshire is refusing to fire a tenured professor whose views on 9/11 have led many politicians in the state to demand his dismissal.

William Woodward, a professor of psychology, is among those academics who believe that U.S. leaders have lied about what they know about 9/11, and were involved in a conspiracy that led to the massive deaths on that day, setting the stage for the war with Iraq. The Union Leader, a New Hampshire newspaper, reported on Woodward’s views on Sunday, and quoted him (accurately, he says) saying that he includes his views in some class sessions.

The newspaper then interviewed a who’s who of New Hampshire Republican politicians calling for the university to fire Woodward. U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg is quoted as saying that “there are limitations to academic freedom and freedom of speech” and that “it is inappropriate for someone at a public university which is supported with taxpayer dollars to take positions that are generally an affront to the sensibility of most all Americans.”

State legislators chimed in, demanding Woodward’s dismissal and threatening to consider the issue when they next review the university’s budget. In some respects, the political reactions mirror those in Wisconsin, where lawmakers lined up to urge the University of Wisconsin at Madison to fire Kevin Barrett, who shared Woodward’s views and is an adjunct teaching in the fall semester. The university is letting Barrett’s course go ahead, although as a non-tenured adjunct, he has no assurance of work after this semester.

The Truth about Jonathon Moseley-My Article on

Want to know who this evasive character who attacked Professor Steve Jones, Professor Emeritus Fetzer, and Scholars For 911 Truth really is? I researched for a week after he posted that hit piece on World Net Daily. Check my article on

I've learned even more about him since this article posted, but check this for starters. I'll post more info later in this blog.

Once Upon a Time in the West

"Bush & Co. Double Speak Set to Music & Video. Priceless!"