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China proposes UN policy to defeat anonymity

A United Nations agency is quietly drafting technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to define methods of tracing the original source of Internet communications and potentially curbing the ability of users to remain anonymous.

The U.S. National Security Agency is also participating in the "IP Traceback" drafting group, named Q6/17, which is meeting next week in Geneva to work on the traceback proposal. Members of Q6/17 have declined to release key documents, and meetings are closed to the public.

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We Are Change UK Podcast #1 - Released 11th September 2008

We released the first edition of the We Are Change UK Podcast on the 11th this year, expect a fresh wedge of audio activism on the 11th of every month from now on. We didn't have the time to tell anyone about it as we were all so busy with our 9/11 actions in London (keep an eye out for the video which should be out next week), so thought I'd let everyone know it's up there while I had the chance.

We've been keen to get a podcast started since our radio show ended, we were given a choice to stop talking about 9/11 and 7/7, or stop broadcasting on that station. We made the only choice we felt we could, but hope you enjoy what we have put together here. The first edition includes:

A mix down of an Immortal Technique Q&A in London
Gareth rings the UK Anti-Terror Hotline
Mohsin deabtes self-styled "9/11 Truth Debunker" George Monbiot
Dean speaks with Luke Rudkowski, Cynthia McKinney, John Feal and many others

German 2007 bombing-plans carried out by the CIA?

9/11 for the USA or 7/7 for the UK are probably the most known false-flag operations at the moment. Little people know that false-flag operations are going on all over the world blaiming the muslim society. In Germany, this is probably the "Sauerland Bombers"-Event, that was "luckily" prevented by some authorities.

The official story tells that a group of islamic terrorists tried to carry out a mass-murder event in Germany just like 9/11. For this, they are said to have produced dozends of bombs for blowing up several major german cities, mainly to target US citizens. According to Johannes Schmalzl, director of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (you could also call it "homeland security" because that's exactly its purpose), the mastermind behind these terrible planings is Yehia Yousif. All of this story has been reinforced by the german mass media at the beginning of the months with a lot of headlines - and an "official" trial against the caught islamic terrorists is about to begin.

Now, the last week offered new insights in this attack. Here are just two things to think about:

This is amazing (More Detail)

This is amazing!

Board of Directors : United Technologies

Louis Chênevert
President & Chief Executive Officer,
United Technologies Corporation

George David
United Technologies Corporation

John V. Faraci
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
International Paper

Jean-Pierre Garnier, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer,
GlaxoSmithKline plc

Jamie S. Gorelick (9/11 Commission)

Charles R. Lee
Retired Chairman and Co-CEO,
Verizon Communications

Richard D. McCormick
Retired Chairman,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
US West Inc.

Harold McGraw III
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer,
The McGraw-Hill Companies

Richard Myers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retired Chairman,
Joint Chiefs of Staff

H. Patrick Swygert
Howard University

André Villeneuve

Christine Todd Whitman - EPA Liar !!!!!!!!!
The Whitman Strategy Group

Now the news story

New York Power Authority Selects UTC Power to Supply Fuel Cells for World Trade Center Site

9/11 Mysteries attracts "record-breaking audience market share" on German TV Sept. 11/08|en&u=,00.html

Excerpt from (Google-translated) article about ratings for German TV channel VOX (the most successful private television station of the so-called "second generation", according to Wikipedia) on Thursday, September 11, 2008, when it aired "9/11 Mysteries":

"With market shares of up to 20 percent in young audiences was the Thursday evening for Vox on all expectations. Particularly successful was the documentary "9 / 11 Mysteries - The destruction of the World Trade Center". From 22.50 clock almost brought the two broadcast a record-breaking audiences market share of 19.1 percent."

Original in German:,00.html

Interesting News

Jamie Gorelick (9/11 Commission member) elected to the board of directors of United Technologies Corp and "Director" according to Loose Change Final Cut.

Now....check out,11491,0278,00.html

New York Power Authority Selects UTC Power to Supply Fuel Cells for World Trade Center Site

NEW YORK, June 11, 2008 – UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) company, today announced that the New York Power Authority (NYPA) selected the company to supply 12 fuel cells totaling 4.8 megawatts of power for the Freedom Tower and three other new towers under construction at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

Delivery of the PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell systems will begin in January of 2009. The systems will together constitute one of the largest fuel cell installations in the world.

2008 Now Or Never

Today was a great day. I saw Bob, Justin, Mike, Eric, Mike, Nick, Manny, Wendy, Betsy, Daniel, Luke, Mike, Sabrina, Dylan, Charlie, Ellen, Richard, Abby, Patrick, and a whole slew of other people (you didn't expect me to put in their last names did you?). Thanks to Luke, Mike, Sabrina, and the rest of WeAreChange for putting this event together. Here is the information from History Commons on Debbie Welsh. Thank you to Patrick for coming out today.

Live Video Feed from NYC @ we are change

LIve video Feed of NY City @ We are Change .org
(below the fold)

Congressman and Physiologist: FBI Theory that Mail-Sorting Machines Crushed Anthrax to a Fine Powder "Patently Ridiculous"

The anthrax in the letters to Leahy and Daschle was ground into an extremely fine powder. As USA Today noted:

The finely prepared Daschle-letter spores ... were ground so fine that they apparently drifted across offices and contaminated other letters in the mail.

9/11 for beginners...

A quick guide to the most obvious oddities regarding September 11, 2001.
by Måns Ekman

Ask yourself if it sounds plausible that:

  • A 417 meters tall and 63,5 meters wide building - built from 500.000 tons of steel and concrete gets pulverized with tremendous explosive force - symmetric straight down - takes the path of most resistance - through its own steel and concrete structure - in 10 seconds? Without any explosives planted? (Image to the right)
  • Another building of the same size does exactly the same thing, half an hour later?
  • A third building - 226 meters high with 47 stories - collapses perfectly symmetric to the ground in 6,5 seconds? Without any pre-planted explosives in it? (WTC 7)
  • Four commercial passenger airliners manages to navigate freely in American airspace without any interference from perhaps the most sophisticated air defense system in the world? (Norad)
  • Nineteen Islamic fundamentalists manages to overtake four commercial airliners - only equipped with boxcutters?
  • All of this was directed by a man in a cave - on the other side of the world? (Osama bin Laden)
  • Obama and McCain on 9/11: “unity” in support of war and repression By Bill Van Auken 12 September 2008

    Obama and McCain on 9/11: “unity” in support of war and repression
    By Bill Van Auken
    12 September 2008

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    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his Republican rival John McCain walked side by side down the ramp into the pit where the World Trade Center once stood Tuesday in what was promoted as a demonstration of national unity on the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

    The symbolic gesture followed a week of bitter attacks by the Republican campaign against Obama, including a lying ad charging that he had promoted “comprehensive sex education” for kindergarten students, and a ludicrous controversy—amplified and endlessly repeated by the media—over whether the Democratic candidate’s use of the words “lipstick on a pig” constituted a sexist smear.

    Who was involved in 9/11? Documentary reveals shocking facts September 11, 2008, Russia Today

    Who was involved in 9/11? Documentary reveals shocking facts September 11, 2008, 19:38
    Who was involved in 9/11? Documentary reveals shocking facts
    On the anniversary of 9/11, an Italian-produced documentary called ZERO, investigating the tragedy, is opening in Russia. The authors believe that the U.S. official version of events surrounding the attacks can't be true. U.S. networks have rejected the film.

    The events of September 11 2001 sent shockwaves around the world as hijacked aircraft crashed into the World Trade Centre, bringing the landmark buildings down, the Pentagon, and into a Pennsylvania field in the wake of a failed attempt by passengers to regain control.

    The Empty space at Ground Zero in Manhattan stands as a memorial to the collapse of the towers, which killed nearly 3000 occupants and rescuers.

    The makers of the documentary claim that the report of the official U.S. commission into the tragedy of September 11, 2001 is false.

    9/11 and the "American Inquisition" by Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, September 11, 2008

    9/11 and the "American Inquisition"

    by Michel Chossudovsky

    Today's "Global War on Terrorism" is a modern form of inquisition. It has all the essential ingredients of the French and Spanish inquisitions.

    Going after " Islamic terrorists", carrying out a Worldwide preemptive war to " protect the Homeland" are used to justify a military agenda.

    "The Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT) is presented as a "Clash of Civilizations", a war between competing values and religions, when in reality it is an outright war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic objectives.

    Dr Greening's revised and extended paper refutting the final NIST WTC7 report

    See for a detailed rebuttal to the final report on WTC7 by NIST. It clearly shows that the NIST explanation is not credible.

    Jesse Ventura BODY SLAMS “911 Conspiracy Debunkers”, for 30 Minutes!

    Jesse Ventura BODY SLAMS “911 Conspiracy Debunkers”, for 30 Minutes!

    By Clay

    Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, ex Navy Seal Vietnam Veteran, Demolition Expert and an avid spokesperson for 911 Truth.

    The governor takes on a swarm of media in the footage below for about 30 minutes. This is a pretty intense interview!