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9/11 claims one more victim

DAILY NEWS SEPT 4th 2008 writer Michael Daly

WTC hero Kenny Johannemann, who pulled a burning man from WTC, poses with talk show host Jenny Jones.

WTC7 coverage on german ZDF television channel with english subtitles

This is a english subtitled version of the WTC 7 coverage of "auslandsjournal" on the german ZDF tv station. Just in case, someone want's to dig deeper into this. At the moment, i'm working full-time and a lot of hours, so please bear with me if there are hundreds of typing errors or bad grammar in this subtitles - i did it quick'n'dirty in just some minutes now!

Here we go:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

In a Fascist State, Cameras Equal Terrorism

In America and England, citizens are being urged to report people taking pictures as potential terrorists.

Do you assume that that is an innocent attempt to stop would-be terrorists from casing out high-value targets, and for planning terror attacks?

Sorry, but the arrest of well-known journalists outside the Republican convention destroys that belief. The only thing the journalists was doing were filming peaceful protesters and their brutal treatment by the police. See this and this.

In Iraq, journalists are targeted and killed when they show what the military doesn't want shown. America and England are themselves now being treated like war zones. Anyone with a camera is being treated like a "foreign enemy combatant"and a terrorist.

Rage Guitarist: Government Sponsored Terror "Embedded in the DNA" Of American Politics

Rage Guitarist: Government Sponsored Terror "Embedded in the DNA" Of American Politics
Tom Morello speaks to We Are Change on false flag terrorism

Steve Watson
Thursday, Sept 4, 2008

Tom Morello, guitarist with rock protest band Rage Against the Machine, spoke out against false flag terrorism on the same day an impromptu performance by the band was shut down by police outside the RNC.

Morello spoke briefly to members of We Are Change Tuesday just before appearing at an event being held by independent candidate Ralph Nader in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"When the media speaks of terrorism it tends to be in the context of lone bandits from middle eastern countries when most of the terrorism that occurs in the world is government sponsored." Morello told Change reporters.

"Whether it's the Bush administration or the Putin administration, terror is not something that is unfamiliar to governments."

Abramoff faces sentencing: 'One would think I am Osama bin Laden'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff was at federal court Thursday for sentencing in a public corruption case that upended Washington politics and contributed to the Republican loss of Congress in 2006.

Abramoff faces up to 11 years in prison for trading expensive meals, golf junkets, luxury sports tickets and other gifts for political favors. But because he became the key FBI witness in his own scandal, he and the government are asking for much less time.

"I have been thinking about this moment literally for years," Abramoff wrote a federal judge Wednesday.

He said even he is shocked to look back on what his career had become. But he said he was "not a bad man" and pleaded for leniency.

Reason Magazine Article Clarification

Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine published an article called Free Paulistine on September 3rd. A part of the article contains the following quote:

Here were the reporters, finally covering the Paul movement. Here’s what they were covering: Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a vision in a yellow T-shirt and blue blazer, aired 9/11 conspiracy theories while reporters rushed to get comments from attendees. (I walked past a New York Times reporter who was quizzing two Paul backers about controlled demolitions.)

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Things can get intense with 9/11 Truth. It is nice to have some comic relief on occasion.

Los Angeles: Anniversary Event with Dr. Robert M. Bowman, G. Edward Griffin and Ed Asner

Thursday, September 11, 2008, 6:00 - 10:00 PM (doors open at 5:30)
Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California
(parking at UTLA lot, 1 blk N of church)

How the Bill of Rights has been shredded after 9/11; and a President who would be King…

9/11 Truth LA presents an astonishing and educational program, with former presidential candidate, Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret), G. Edward Griffin (internationally renowned Federal Reserve critic and author of "Creature from Jekyll Island"), Ed Asner (legendary actor and activist), Peter Thottam (Attorney/MBA, founder of Los Angeles National Impeachment Center and 9/11 Truth LA steering committee member), Sofia (producer of 9/11 Mysteries), Bayard Condon (Master of Ceremonies and KPFK Radio board member), and others.

3rd Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival @ Cine El Rey - McAllen, TX


South Texas We Are Change will be accepting donations & selling treats for the FealGood Foundation this Sept. 11th. 2008, 7pm @ Cine El Rey (311 S. 17th st. in Mcallen,Tx) Accompanied by a Screening of “The 9/11 Chronicals Part 1-Truth Rising ” & “Fabled Enemies” sponsored by Weird Magazine.

The Primary mission of The FealGood Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to spread awareness and educate the public about the catastrophic health effects on 9/11 first responders, as well as to provide assistance to relieve these great heroes of the financial burdens placed on them over the last 7 Years.

All proceeds from the sale of these products (Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies) go directly to the FealGood Foundation.

Leo Krayola
Founder of We Are Change South Texas

They Wouldn't Have Been Arrested If They Were Called "Bombs Not Food"

My essay arguing that the arrest of peaceful protesters in Minneapolis - and the labelling of nonviolent protesters as "terrorists" - was for the purpose of grabbing power and stifling dissent has been confirmed.

Specifically, members of the long-time peace group, Food Not Bombs, have now been charged with drummed-up allegations of terrorism (and see this).

Another successful event in Bloomington Sept1 2008.JPG

We had another successful 9/11 Truth event in Bloomington this week. David Ray Griffin spoke to a crowd of nearly 300 people at the Buskirk-Chumley theater on Labor Day. Dr. Griffin covered a number of points related to the question “Were we attacked by Muslims on 9/11?” and then took questions from the audience for over an hour.

The event was sponsored by a group of citizens from the local area, including myself, who are concerned about the urgent need for 9/11 truth. This non-profit Bloomington 9/11 Working Group brought Richard Gage and Steven Jones to town last year, and has also worked to submit a number of FOIA requests, receiving some good but limited information in response.

The student newspaper at Indiana University covered the event in the article below.

Unfortunately, the student reporter made several major errors.

The NIST fire simulation is not consistent with the photographic evidence.

The fire on floor 12 is critical to the NIST hypothesis because the collapse of floor 13 in the north east corner of the building is supposedly the beginning of the initiating event that led to the implosion of WTC 7.

On page 383 of NIST NCSTAR 1-9 volume 1, the fire simulation graphic of floor 12 shows the fire conveniently burning around column 79 and then coming back to it at 5:00 p.m. The NIST fire simulation is not consistent with the photographs of the fire. The photographs show, and the NIST Appendix L report states, the fire on floor 12 had burned out by 4:45 p.m. In fact, it had burned out in the east end before 4:00 p.m.

Therefore, the fire did not cause floor 13 to collapse at 5:20 p.m. and the implosion of WTC 7 did not occur as NIST has proposed.

Below is a link to a composite graphic that compares the NIST graphic with a more realistic representation of the progression of the fires on floor 12.

A professional version of this graphic will be published soon.

Chris Sarns
World Trade Center Building 7 Adviser
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

WIkipedia blocks William Rodriguez's Page

In a very interesting move, Wikipedia has blocked edits to the "William Rodriguez" page, after an edit war erupted between attackers & defenders of Mr. Rodriguez. One of them has been identified as a civic employee in Canada. (More information will be provided about who this person is, and were they can be contacted in the future.)

Very interesting also is that a known editor exposed at 9/11blogger in the past, has been constantly editing his page to create a negative point of view. (See the discussion page.) Also click on the page history to see the many edits done trying to destroy his credibility. It is one of the largest discussions going on at Wikipedia.

We should all monitor this page, and once unblocked, put in our 2 cents in support of Mr. Rodriguez.

With a good amount of input, we can show Wikipedia how to be fair.

9/11 truth at RNC convention?

A friend called me up today to tell me that another Chris Matthews type event got onto the MSM today at the RNC; the MSM reporters were drowned out by inside job chants. Surely someone caught this???