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To All Students Out There...

I had an idea. I know some of you are already doing this, but If in the future you are asked to write a paper, see if 9/11 Truth relates to the topic you are supposed to write about. If you get an A+, imagine how cool that would be to post online? That’s almost like a peer-reviewed paper. :)

I’m sure there are SEVERAL of us “old-timers” out there that would be more than happy to help you out.

Bob Geldof Launches THE PEACE CHANNEL

The Peace Channel might be TRUTH Friendly. There is one way to find out.
Upload a video.

Bob Geldof Launches THE PEACE CHANNEL

The Peace Channel ( was launched on September 12th 2008 in Stavanger, Norway.

The global online TV website contains videos about peace and conflict issues, as well as a picture gallery, debate forums, and an interactive zone.

The videos are in three categories: impartial videos produced by the Peace Channel editorial team; videos from organisations; and videos sent in by people from around the world.

The channel’s Mission Statement is:

The Peace Channel shall be a global arena for anyone who wants to share and access knowledge and information about ongoing conflicts and the work for peace. It will provide insight into both the reasons for conflicts and their possible solutions.

The channel launch date was announced by Bob Geldof in December 2007 at the Eighth World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome. The summit was attended by Mikhail Gorbachev and the Dalai Lama.

The channel has been developed by Point of Peace and Ten Alps:

Youtube is pulling "terrorist videos" per Lieberman's instructions

YouTube's Mass Censorship (S1959)

Just heard this on Alex Jones show.

Coincidences of Building 7 and 9/11

It's a good thing Salomon Brothers took such a huge lease on WTC seven because Silverstein was in a bit of a bind before the building was even completed. Originally a billion dollar deal was about to be completed where the entire building would be leased to Drexel Burnham Lambert. But it didn't work out when things went bad as the junk bond market tanked.

"The investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert (best known for its star dealer, the notorious "junk bond king" Michael Milken) was to become a tenant in 1986 but backed out."

"Drexel Burnham Lambert, the investment house, agreed only two months ago to take an equity interest in the project and also lease the entire building for 30 years."

And then Salomon Brothers comes to the rescue. Not leasing the entire building but well over half.

"Salomon said it would sign a 20-year lease on slightly over one million square feet, or just over half the space in the tower. A Billion in Rental Fees...

Sen. Leahy to hold hearing on FBI & anthrax, Sept. 17, 9:30am

Please check for original posting by USAPatriot with active links.

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” for Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 216 of the Senate Hart Office Building.
The Honorable Robert S. Mueller, III
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC

Salon Magazine's Glenn Greenwald interviewed FBI critic Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) on August 20.

"GG: Speaking of that, on August 7th, just a couple weeks ago, you wrote a letter to Attorney General Mukasey, and FBI Director Mueller, in which you stated:
This has been a long investigation, full of missteps and mistakes. There's been too much secrecy up to this point, and it deserves a full and thorough vetting. There are clearly a lot of unanswered questions, and it's time to start a dialog so we get answers.

Cornell Alumni Magazine, September / October 2008 - And Nothing But the Truth By Farhad Manjoo '00

September / October 2008...And Nothing But the Truth

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

In his first book, a former Daily Sun editor-in-chief and longtime scribe contemplates the slippery slope of a 'post-fact society'

By Farhad Manjoo '00
Illustrations by Marty Blake

Seven Years On

Here it is the seventh anniversary and I find myself weeping whilst I watch some of the programming--and with my tears there is anger. Anger that the truth of that awful day has yet to come to light. Anger that all those people had to die. Anger that we don't know when someone in the government will decide that "Hey, it's time for ANOTHER 9/11. Gotta get people fired up again." Angry that religion is being used to visit death and destruction on innocents who had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

KRS-One Discusses 9/11 Truth and Hip-Hop

I sit down and have a chat with hip-hop legend KRS-One on 9/12/2008 during SMT Studios' Now or Never 2008 benefit concert for dying September 11th first responders. KRS discusses the plight of the rescue workers, what happened on 9/11, and his attitude towards Hip-Hop and social consciousness.

The interview ends somewhat abruptly, as my tape ran out. When I turned around, there were about 4 or 5 other cameras behind me filming, so I'm sure you can find the rest of this somewhere online if you look.

23% of Germans think 9/11 was an inside job.

OK First of all I have a confession to make. About 3 years ago I subscribed to the Foreign Policy magazine because I wanted to see the world from "their" point of view after seeing a lot of criticism of the CFR in the Truth Movement. I like to maintain my objectivity and be able to see both sides of an issue. I stopped receiving hard copies a long time ago but am still on their email list.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the following in the latest issue.
Here is the link.
It was easy to register and post a comment.

Poll: A quarter of Germans think the U.S. did 9/11?
Wed, 09/10/2008 - 6:44pm

This is shocking:

A new poll of 17 nations finds that majorities in only nine of them believe that al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Check out this graphic:

Send a 9/11 Email

[Send the following email to everyone you know, so that even people who get all of their news from msnabcnnfox, which censors 9/11 information, get a dose of truth. There are almost 100 million people who have already woken up to at least some of the truth about 9/11, so we can spread this message virally . . .

A plain text version of this email, for those who would rather not copy and paste html into your email message, is here]

9/11 Truthers are Nuts!

Or are they?

Let's take a look:


9-11-08 Interview with Dylan Avery (Loose Change)

Wendy S. Painting, M.A.

Every year activists gather at Ground Zero in New York City on September 11th to pay respects to the dead and to show the world that the victims of the attacks and the citizens of this country deserve a real accounting concerning the events of 9/11/01, something that is yet to be had. This year hundreds gathered from all over the country and the world to show solidarity and support for this growing movement.

We Are Change Seattle with Janeane Garofalo

We Are Change Seattle was able to catch up and chat with Janeane Garofalo. We were curious where she was at since her Conan O'Brien piece where she mentions 9/11 being an inside job. Also, her thoughts on the current bubble of Obama & McCain.

Dig Jelly Rocks 9/11/2008 Truth Party at Portugalia (San Diego, CA)

Dig Jelly rocked the house at the 7th annual 9/11 Truth party at Portugalia in Ocean Beach on 9/11/2008.

For more photos from this powerful evening please log onto the Truther Photobucket

My comments on NIST's WTC 7 report

I emailed the following comments to NIST today, well before the deadline for submitting comments. I utilized Kevin Ryan's recent critique of NIST's draft report. Gregg Roberts gave useful feedback on the text and "Americanized" the language.

* * * * *

Dear Sirs,

Here are my comments on the long-awaited draft for public comment of NIST's report on WTC 7, issued by NIST on August 21st, 2008.

1. Collapse Models

Jesse Ventura helps waken the people of Phoenix to the truth

Jesse Ventura after action Report, Video of Jesse's Talk on 9-11-2008, coming soon @