911 Documents/Mukasey Subpoenaed

Found this posted on opednews, thought it might be interesting. It appears Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hard to say what will actually come of it, seeing the effectiveness of previous subpoenas such as to Karl Rove etc.. Of course, there's also executive privilege to get around. I see that in the first statement, it is requested that all documents be unredacted. The hearing is to take place November 18, 2008 at 10:00 am. Hopefully there will be some CSPAN coverage that can be posted. We'll see if there is any MSM coverage but I'm not holding my breath for any. Here is the list of documents being requested according to the subpoena:

1. To provide the Committee with all documents constituting the legal analysis and advice the
Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel ("OLC") provided to any agency, office, entity,
or officer of the Executive Branch from September 11,2001 to the present, concerning the
Administration's national security practices and policies related to terrorism, and any related
document: including complete and unredacted versions of the following:

I Pledge Allegiance To The Truth

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
Here's a short poem I wrote with the help of the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Title: I Pledge Allegiance To The Truth

I Pledge Allegiance To The Truth
That The United States of America’s
Covert Intelligence Agencies (CIA) Will Be Stopped
From Creating Another FALSE FLAG.

And To The Republic For Which It Stands
One Nation Under God, Indivisible
With Liberty and Justice For All
Human Beings From Any Nation
That Has Suffered Due To
The United States of America’s
Covert Intelligence Agencies (CIA) Use Of A

Take Care Matt

Joint Chiefs of Staff hold meetings at Lake Placid then Finland

The October 18 Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports "Powerful generals and admirals from some of the most powerful nations on Earth are reportedly meeting somewhere in the local area this weekend after flying into the Adirondack Regional Airport in Lake Clear on Friday."

A subsequent October 20 article in the Lake Placid News adds that the officials met in Whiteface Lodge under tight security (and secrecy)

On October 21, another local paper, The Press Republican quotes Capt. John Kirby, a special assistant to Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirming that the top military leaders from five countries - the fifth being Italy - met in Lake Placid to discuss "mutual security issues, including Afghanistan", the meeting apparently scheduled a month in advance

The Joint Chiefs are in Finland by Tuesday, meeting with the Russians!

The Power of the DVD to break through emotional barriers

For the last four years I have been trying to convince my brother, who lives 12 000 miles away in England, that 9/11 was an inside job. Even 'The New Pearl Harbor' was insufficient to convince him, because, apparently, 'somebody would have gone public by now'. A couple of days after my brother arrived for a short holiday, I showed him the DVD 'Orwell Rolls in his Grave', which shows how the corporate media are not the least bit interested in doing anything that would threaten the power structure of the U.S.
He was shocked, and I then followed this up with '9/11 Mysteries' and the latest edition of 'Blueprint for Truth'. The scales having fallen from his eyes, he has returned to the U.K. armed with a 9/11 Truth t-shirt and a collection of DVDs and a determination to spread the message.
I share this with you in the belief that it is not just a matter of distributing 9/11 DVDs - it is equally important to attack the emotional barriers that lead people to refuse even to look at the evidence. 'Orwell Rolls in his Grave' does just that, and 'Outfoxed' is an excellent follow-up.

The End of America - A new documentary from Naomi Wolf

The End of America - 75 minutes.

“My sense of alarm comes from the clear lessons from history that, once certain checks and balances are destroyed, and once certain institutions have been intimidated, the pressures that can turn an open society into a closed one turn into direct assaults; at that point events tend to occur very rapidly, and a point comes at which there is no easy turning back to the way it used to be.”

Naomi Wolf, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

Cynthia McKinney: 5000 Prisoners executed by gunshot during Katrina!

*The Unaccounted Deaths of Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath*

While serving in her sixth term in the House of Representatives, Cynthia McKinney was one of only a handful of the Democrats who participated in the proceedings of the U.S. House Select Bipartisan Committee to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina, chaired by Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia. Democratic Party leadership claimed that the investigation would be partisan and biased, and therefore instructed Members not to join the Committee. Rep. McKinney chose to defy Speaker Pelosi's decision because she felt that the issues that would arise out of any investigation were too serious to ignore.

Biden: "Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."


October 21, 2008
Posted: 4:08 am
October 21, 2008

Joe Biden wonders whether Barack Obama is qualified to be commander-in-chief.

"Mark my words," Biden warned Sunday at a Democratic fund-raiser. "It will not be six months [after the inauguration] before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy."

Then he added, "Watch. We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Now, here's where it gets scary.

Obama's "gonna need your help to use your influence within the community to stand with him. Because it's not gonna be apparent initially, it's not gonna be apparent that we're right."

He's going to need help?


What's particularly disturbing is Biden's Kennedy analogy.

For those who don't recall, it was a scant five months after JFK became president that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev took his measure.

9/11: Total Proof Bombs Were Planted-Do You Agree?

There is a Poll over at For what its worth, Go vote.

9/11: Total Proof Bombs Were Planted-Do You Agree?

CAREFUL CONSIDERATION indicates bombs were planted, then detonated and brought down all 3 WTC buildings on 9/11 in mere seconds.

Some of the steel structural columns of the World Trade Center towers, weighing 40 tons, were blasted sideways with such velocity that they stuck in the facades of other buildings hundreds of feet away. It's impossible for a collapse caused only by fire and gravity to have done that. In fact it was done by explosives, which had to have been planted in the towers beforehand.

911 Truthers Are Everywhere - People Rapidly Waking Up To 911 Truth!

On 10/11 We Are Change Los Angeles and other chapters and 911 truth groups did a march for 911 truth and a peace demonstration in protest at the offices of Google, Verizon and Rand corporations and of solidarity at the police and fire department headquarters in Santa Monica. There were 150 or so people from Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Long Beach.
But even before we got started we had a number of people walk up to us and express support and these were people who had done their homework. An entirely new flow than we have seen at previous demonstrations and very exciting to experience.
We even had one fellow from Trinidad who was taking a leisurely bus ride in Santa Monica with his son who saw us demonstrating and they got off the bus and asked what it was all about. He joined us and participated with us for an entire afternoon. At dinner afterwards he said it was the best day of his life!

Here is a chat with one of these individuals who had already woken up to the truth before we got to him...

Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing

Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing -- while mainstream media buries its head in the sand: Naomi Wolf


The following is the spin of military spokespeople in response to questions about the deployment of the First Brigade on US soil for the first time in over 200 years.

The Army Times initially reported that the First Brigade would handle domestic crowd control and subduing 'unruly individuals' and that they had 'lethal and nonlethal technologies' to do so. Then it issued a correction declaring that the 'nonlethal' package was not for domestic crowd control. Then after a hue and cry was raised by many citizens, Northern Command (NorthCom) offered a wholesale revision of their mission – and the mainstream media is eating it up. Here is an excerpt from the articled linked to in the previous sentence:

Despite conspiracy theories that this could be a first step toward martial law in the U.S., there won't be tanks on Main Street or active-duty troops putting down demonstrations. That is barred by federal law banning the military from being used on U.S. soil for domestic law enforcement.

2008 Now or Never - 9/11 Part 3 - at Police Plaza - NYC

In support of all First Responders, the march on 9/11/08 made a stop at Police Plaza in NYC.

Luke Rudkowski reminds everyone, including the police officers present, that First Responders have the respect and the support of the Patriotic 9-11 Truth Movement.

Both Luke and Matt Lepacek point out the significance of the large presence this year in NYC.

NYC is the one place we should all come together once a year, on 9-11 to make our presence known. We have strength in numbers.

Join WeAreChange today at

WeAreChangeLongBeach & Orange County 9-11 Truth Tyranny Response Team - Street Action Bannering in Huntington Beach, CA

WeAreChangeLongBeach Teams Up With Orange County 9-11 Truth Tyranny Response Team for a Street Action Bannering in Huntington Beach, CA to wake others up to the 9-11 Truth!

Task Force Points to $257,000 ASCE/FEMA Conflict of Interest with WTC collapse Investigation

Report: Engineering society needs ethics policy

By CAIN BURDEAU – 18 hours ago

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A task force is calling on the American Society of Civil Engineers to come up with an ethics policy after critics raised questions about the group's probes of the World Trade Center collapse and the failure of New Orleans levees during Hurricane Katrina.

Critics say the probes, commissioned and funded by federal agencies, were more about covering up human and agency misdeeds than determining what went wrong with the failed structures.

Last month, the society's Task Force on Engineering Reviews said Reston, Va.-based ASCE should draw up an ethics policy to eliminate questions of possible conflicts of interest.

The panel started work after Raymond Seed, a levee expert with the University of California-Berkeley, sent a 42-page letter to ASCE in October 2007 accusing it of colluding with the Army Corps of Engineers to cover up engineering flaws found after Katrina struck in August 2005. Seed was on an independent levee investigation team funded by the National Science Foundation.

Kitchener 9/11 truth street action 10/11/08.

Kitchener 9/11 truth street action in downtown Kitchener at City Hall on October 11, 2008. It was a solo mission in which I handed out 120 dvds in an hour and a half and spoke the truth to many citizens who wanted to know more about 9/11 and why we(Canadians) are at war abroad in Afghanistan.

Part 1

Part 2

**The webpage at the end of the video should read:

Bush Coerced Bosnian Government In To Staging False Terror Threat In 2002

New Court Filing Suggests Manufactured Terror Threat in Bush's 2002 State of the Union

"A new court filing by the lawyers for Lakhdar Boumediene and five other Guantanamo detainees suggests that the Bush administration ordered the Bosnian government to arrest and hold the men after an exhaustive Bosnian investigation had found them innocent of any terrorism related activity and had ordered their release, in order to use them as props in Bush's January 2002 State of the Union speech.

The filing--"Lakhdar Boumediene, et al., Petitioners, v. George W. Bush, President of the United States, et al., Respondents, Petitioners' Public Traverse to the Government's Return to the Petition for Habeas Corpus"--lays out the case that the Bush administration threatened at the highest levels to withdraw diplomatic and military aid to the Balkan nation if Bosnia released the men, which its own three-month investigation had found innocent of any terrorism charges in the days leading up to Bush's January 2002 State of the Union.