Call for Reviews and Ratings at

Call for Reviews and Ratings at

For the last couple of days there has been a flurry of negative (one-star) reviews, ratings and comments at the Amazon page for The New Pearl Harbor Revisited by David Ray Griffin, driving its overall rating down from 5 to 4 stars and piling up negative votes on favorable reviews of the book. James B of Screw Loose Change seems to be the leader of the operation to drag down the ratings. The common feature of all the negative commentary is that none of its authors seem to have actually read the book. Some have admitted as much, but Amazon has permitted their reviews to remain. Here at 911Blogger many people have in fact read the book. It would be very helpful to the future readership, and to the 9/11 truth movement, if everyone who has read it would go to Amazon and review it and rate the other reviews. To do so, go to

Homeland Security, Al-Qaeda – Additions to the 9/11 Timeline as of October 12, 2008

This week's new entries are a fairly disparate bunch, ranging from the 1997 appointment of a new CIA station chief in Germany, David Edger, to Laura Bush's decrying the Taliban's oppression of women, and her husband's perceptive insight that poor people do not always become terrorists.

Tribunal misgivings drive Gitmo prosecutor to quit By Josh Meyer |Tribune Newspapers October 12, 2008,0,2724254.story?track=rss

"Last month, Vandeveld resigned from active duty, becoming at least the fourth prosecutor to quit under protest."

Tribunal misgivings drive Gitmo prosecutor to quit

By Josh Meyer |Tribune Newspapers
2:18 AM CDT, October 12, 2008

WASHINGTON — Darrel Vandeveld was in despair. The hard-nosed lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve had lost faith in the Guantanamo Bay war crimes tribunals in which he was one of the prosecutors.

His work was top secret, making it impossible to talk to family or friends. So the devout Catholic — working away from home—contacted a priest via the Internet.

"I am beginning to have grave misgivings about what I am doing, and what we are doing as a country," Vandeveld wrote in an August e-mail. "I no longer want to participate in the system, but I lack the courage to quit. I am married, with children, and not only will they suffer, I'll lose a lot of friends."

He even reached out for advice from his opposing counsel, a military defense lawyer.

Let's sing this song loud and wake up more citizens around the world!


BTW, has anyone taped and uploaded the performance at the Now or Never event in NYC on 12th last month?

9/11 is topic of a famous german audio series

Offenbarung 23 is one of the most popular audio plays in the german territories. It tells the fictious story of a young hacker who is slowly realizing several big conspiracy aspects of the world, like the murder of JFK, Lady Diana or the german politician Uwe Barschel.

The series started with the death of the famous german hacker "Tron" and the mystery about "2Pac" - and was able to reach quite a large audience by these mainstream topics. At the moment, the volumes 26 and 27 are in the top 10 of the Amazon Audioplay Charts. Now, volume 29 will finally deal with 911. While the storys are still produced to be entertaining and enjoyable, the team takes great care to encourge every listener to do their own research. Let's hope, they encourage listeners very intensively this time, as well - or even mention some websites during the play.

The latest episode already teasered 911 to play a central issue in the whole story. My guess is, they will soon discuss about the new world order as well. I just don't know how much the fictitious claim of the story damages the credibility of the movement, at the end (or if any wrong or dangerous conclusions are drawn - like energy beams or pentagon issues). Let's hope they used good resources. Some aspects have been covered only very superficial. But it's a start. Release date is November 2008.


NORTH TEXANS FOR 9/11 TRUTH have piloted a broadsheet flyer project. For about the cost of a Kinko’s black-n-white copy on 8 ½ X 11, our group has printed a graphic COLOR flyer on a newspaper sheet sized, clean, semigloss white paper. This pilot project print run is extraordinary in that the cost of a single flyer is under 7 cents. That includes taxes, freight, set-up fees and boxes for every 1,000 flyers. We have 30,000 copies.

Under 7 cents delivered!! COLOR, high quality photos!!! Newspaper size!! Clean, semigloss paper!

The purpose of the broadsheet-flyer is to attract credible attention towards 9/11 Truth and to prompt people to further investigate 9/11. The purpose of the flyer is NOT to try to convince the public that 9/11 was an inside job, because a flyer alone can not effectively relay all the important information.


There are many of 9/11 Truth. While all can not be in the spotlight, here is a brief story of a Truther who made things go right.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh And Lt. General Mahmood Ahmed Involved In Another "Terrorist Attack?"


October 1, 2001: Kashmir Suicide Attack Involves 9/11 Funder Saeed Sheikh
A suicide truck-bomb attack on the provincial parliamentary assembly in Indian-controlled Kashmir leaves 36 dead. It appears that Saeed Sheikh and Aftab Ansari, working with the ISI, are behind the attacks. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/3/2002; Vanity Fair, 8/2002] Indian intelligence claims that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is later given a recording of a phone call between Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Maulana Masood Azhar and ISI Director Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed in which Azhar allegedly reports the bombing is a “success.” [United Press International, 10/10/2001]

An Interview with Joan Mellen - Oct. 4th, 2008

(Last weekend, I traveled to the Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, to attend the Making Sense of 60s conference. On Saturday, I had a chance to speak with author Joan Mellen about Jim Garrison, and the pioneering work he did revealing Oswald's links to the CIA. Mellen has authored two books on Jim Garrison. The first, A Farewell to Justice (2005), won the critical acclaim of such JFK researchers as Gaeton Fonzi and Gary Aguilar, and director Oliver Stone. It focused on Garrison's JFK investigation and the Trial of Clay Shaw. Mellen has now followed up with a prequel bio of Garrison, Jim Garrison: His Life and Times - The Early Years. Throughout this short interview, 9/11 researchers should be able to see parallels between what they are doing, and what has been experienced by JFK researchers.)

Joan, why did you feel that there was a need for a Garrison bio?

The reason I had the prequel published is that many people didn't understand Jim Garrison's motivation. Why would he investigate the Kennedy assassination? Why would he risk his political career? Why would he give up his entire political career just for this? What did he get out of it?

It must be that he's covering up for the mafia... it must be that he's getting paid... it must be something. So, the book is a biography of Jim Garrison's life apart from the assassinations investigation, and is meant to answer that question.

Many people were introduced to Jim Garrison by Oliver Stone's JFK. Did it seem like the real Jim Garrison to you, up on the screen?

It didn't. However, Oliver Stone created a marvelous film, I think. He did an extraordinary thing, and he too took a tremendous risk, he risked his entire career as a film director, and suffered for years as a result of it. Stone's film is about the investigation, much more than it is about Jim Garrison the man, so it didn't really matter. I asked Stone the question, is this really Jim Garrison? Because I know things about Garrison's life that are not in this film... and Stone said, 'Well, I could have added 15 minutes about his life...' but it didn't make any difference, what counts is the dynamic of the investigation in that film, and also how it all played out in the city of New Orleans.

Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
October 12, 2008 - Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

“The United States is bankrupt and is essentially
in the hands of its creditors. The Refunding Program,
which should have been kick-started in June 2006,
will address and rectify this state of affairs,
providing both immediate and long-term relief
to the American people and the whole world.”

-- Christopher Story FRSA,
Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,
World Reports Limited, London and New York

1) World Reports and Financial Plan & Criminal Exposure
- - German Finance Minister Ambushed Over Settlements
- - Judge Orders 17 Detainees at Guantánamo Freed
- - New, controversial FBI guidelines go into effect
- - Video: GOP Will Try To Steal Elections Again
- - The RIGHT Speaking Out Against Bush

Editor’s Notes:

Justice Will Be Served

You can guarantee it.

A Review of Jason Bermas’s Fabled Enemies- Jeremy R. Hammond / October 11th, 2008- Dissident Voice

A Review of Jason Bermas’s Fabled Enemies

by Jeremy R. Hammond / October 11th, 2008

Fabled Enemies a new documentary video that challenges the official version of 9/11, is the latest in the ever-expanding list of films and videos dealing with the topic, which have varied greatly in worth. Though not without flaws, the video is a refreshing change of course from a great many of the less valuable ones that focused mainly on the collapses of the World Trade Center buildings. While touching briefly on the collapse of building 7, the documentary mostly approaches the issue from a different angle by reviewing some of the great amount of other evidence that the official story of the events of that day are a mere legend and that the U.S. government has gone to great lengths to cover up the truth.

Are we being played?

Some folks in the 9/11 Truth Movement are being deceived and playing into the hands of the men behind the curtain. I have heard several people in the 9/11 Truth Movement say that they are leaving the 9/11 Truth movement in order to promote aspects surrounding our financial system. Others have also stated that they are now going to only focus on getting off the grid, only on self survival aspects.

The recent economic events, bailouts, and crashes on Wall Street have been the focus of tremendous media attention on the financial system. Do you think that all this hype is a result of “freedom of the press”? The recent sensationalism by the press is part of the planned agenda. Everybody and their dog is talking about what a mess and outrage this economic scene is. That is part of the plan. Similar to the subject of global warming, there is such a prolific amount of “true ideas” on the subject of money that the common person is overwhelmed with information, confusions, and apprehensions.

Urban Earthquakes, Nuclear Bombs And 9/11: New York Seismologist Honored For Work Local And Global

11 Oct 2008

Won-Young Kim, a senior scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, has won the Jesuit Seismological Association Award from the Seismological Society of America for his work on wide-ranging questions both local and global. Among other things, he has assessed earthquake hazards in New York City and beyond; developed methods of monitoring nuclear-bomb tests; and clarified the sequence of events during the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Doctor asks federal judge to issue restraining order stopping bailout bill- Madison Record 10/10/08

Doctor asks federal judge to issue restraining order stopping bailout bill

10/10/2008 2:11 PM
By Steve Gonzalez

EAST ST. LOUIS-A Belleville doctor is asking a federal judge to bar President George W. Bush from enforcing the congressionally-approved financial industry bailout bill.

Dr. Randy J. Jung filed the request for a restraining order Friday, arguing Congress and Bush exceeded their constitutional authority when passing H.R. 1424, otherwise known as the bailout bill.

Watch Chapter 4 of Hijacking Humanity - "911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation." FREE in High Quality.

Hi, my name is Paul, and i created the film, Hijacking Humanity, wishing to give proper contextual understanding of the 911 attacks so that people who just can't get past that mental block of WHY it would be the Government/Intelligence Agencies/Corporacratic Rulers who are truly responsible instead of a small band of Islamic Extremists...

Please check out the 911 Chapter, the 4th section of the movie, entitled "911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation."

I appreciate any and all feedback, criticism, questions, and comments... I know the whole movie isn't perfect, but since it was created pretty much by my lonesome, it really just represents my own personal viewpoint of the truth, nothing more, nothing less...