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Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern confronted about Lisbon Treaty and Samantha Power's take on Lisbon and 911
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We Are Change Boston and the Lisbon Treaty
Mark of We Are Change Boston asks some questions about the Lisbon Treaty.

For Harvard's footage of this event and others check links below.

Ireland and the EU: Promoting Peace and Prosperity at Home and Abroad

Event Date: May 1, 2008
Event Speakers: Bertie Ahern ,
@38:40 asked about the Lisbon Treaty................


The Grand Old Party: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,-Today-and-Tomorrow

FBI Records Chief Describes Unsuccessful Search For Identifying Records Of 9/11 Aircraft Wreckage & Flight Data Recorders

The following is a statement by the Section Chief of the Record/lnformation Dissemination Section ("RlDS") of the FBI regarding the unsuccessful search for records or facsimiles of records, pertaining the 4 aircraft identified by the FBI and NTSB as being used during terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 or wreckage generated by them, including 2 flight data recorders. This statement is a defense exhibit for use in an upcoming oral arguments hearing pertaining to a federal court case for records for the 4 aircraft used during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Corporate Media Reporting Mistakes on NIST WTC 7 Report

I suppose there is nothing they can really do about this. To ignore it would possibly be a bigger mistake than talking about it. I bet there are people out there trying to get them to not talk about it and not mention it, though. Or keep it to a very low roar.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer did a segment on his "The Situation Room" show. All-in-all it wasn't too bad of a report, other than it followed the party line. (anyone who expected anything else needs a personal reset)

However, it definitely was a mistake for them to mention "conspiracy theories" about it. That is going to peak people's interest, so it will help get us quite a few converts. Especially those who didn't know that WTC 7 even fell that day, which is probably somewhere between 50% and 80% of the American populace. (based on the percentage that I still get when I talk to people -- it's still amazingly high)

So, as usual, baby steps.......

9/11 Truth Takes Over MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC

Watch as Chris Matthews' MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC is taken over by Alex Jones and We Are Change Colorado, whose "9/11 Was an Inside Job" chants can be heard as loud as the program's hosts thanks to Jones' bullhorn:

Possible Plot to Assassinate Obama?

August 26, 2008
A Possible Plot Against Obama

DENVER — City and federal authorities said Monday night that at least three people were under arrest on firearms and drug charges in connection with a possible plot to kill Senator Barack Obama during his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night.

The United States attorney’s office in Denver has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to discuss its investigation. A spokeswoman for the Denver Police Department said that an “aggressive” inquiry had been under way since the first arrest in the case. That occurred during a traffic stop in Aurora, Colo., on Sunday morning, when the police seized firearms and methamphetamine, the authorities said.

It was not clear how well along the possible plot was, or whether the people under arrest had found a way to overcome the heavy security surrounding the Democratic convention. Mr. Obama is scheduled to deliver his speech at Invesco Field, near the convention center.

NIST Tries to 'Repeal' the Laws of Entropy and the First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics Len Hart "The Existentialist Cowboy", August 26, 2008
The NIST Tries to 'Repeal' the Laws of Entropy and the First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics
Len Hart "The Existentialist Cowboy August 26, 2008

The NIST's latest theory ignores satellite thermal photos of ground zero indicating abnormally high temperatures for months after 911. The NIST theory du jour ignores this data and fails to explain it!

Under-estimating the intelligence of the American people, the NIST persists in papering over the endless holes in Bush's official conspiracy theories of 911. Openly declaring that its new 'report' will finish off critics of Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911, NIST has presumed to repeal laws of physics --the laws of entropy as well as the First & the Second Laws of Thermodynamics. Are we to expect Bush will now try repeal the equations of Galileo and Newton which describe precisely the free fall of sabotaged towers in New York? Perhaps Bush and his NEOCON co-conspirators will re-design the universe itself!

High Treason: 'Pentagon Lied to the 911 Commission'; Bush's Theory Falls Apart Len Hart 08/26/08


High Treason: 'Pentagon Lied to the 911 Commission'; Bush's Theory Falls Apart
Len Hart

911 Commission co-chairs claim that they were misled, perhaps deliberately, by the Bush administration and Pentagon brass. Because 911 was an act of mass murder overtly covered up by the Bush administration, the many lies told amount to more than mere obstructions of justice or cover ups. They amount to high treason, a betrayal of the public trust, a mechanism by which this administration seized power unconstitutionally. Upon the 911 pretext, Bush deliberately subverted the legitimate institutions of our government! The lies told by Bush and brass amount to sedition and high treason.

Instead of making a big scene and dropping a bombshell so-to-speak, the commission 'compromised' and deferred to the justice department so that it could pursue criminal investigations.

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Paul Craig Roberts 8-25-08

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Paul Craig Roberts 8-25-08

Paul Craig Roberts

Thinking about the massive failure of the US media to report truthfully is sobering. The United States, bristling with nuclear weapons and pursuing a policy of world hegemony, has a population that is kept in the dark--indeed brainwashed--about the most important and most dangerous events of our time.

The power of the Israel Lobby is an important component of keeping Americans in the dark. Recently I watched a documentary that demonstrates the control that the Israel Lobby exercises over Americans' view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The documentary is available here:

As a result of the US media's one-sided coverage, few Americans are aware that for decades Israel has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homes and lands under protection of America's veto in the United Nations. Instead, the dispossessed Palestinians are portrayed as mindless terrorists who attack innocent Israel.

Questions asked at NIST's WTC 7 briefing

NIST'S WTC 7 technical briefing took place this morning. A number of good questions were asked, it seemed they came mostly from the 9/11-truth-seeking community. I asked (and these got through but were somewhat re-worded by the fellow "reading" the questions):

1. Did NIST have available to it samples of dust from the WTC catastrophe, and if so, did NIST examine the dust for red/gray chips as described by Dr. Steven Jones (physicist)? Note that over a dozen WTC-dust samples were examined by the US Geological Survey, and these were presumably available to NIST.

2. NIST discusses the fall time for WTC 7 on page 40 of their summary, where we find the significant assumption: "Assuming that the descent speed was approximately constant..." However, observations by Dr. Frank Legge and others of the descent speed shows that it is accelerating, not constant at all. Why did NIST assume "that the descent speed was approximately constant" when observation shows otherwise?


Check the expiry date for Neo's passport in the Matrix - Red pill or blue pill people?

Texas Engineer & Jason Bermas -- "Call & get on Talk-Radio"

Derek, engineer member of "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth", and Jason Bermas discuss the importance and "how to" in order to get air-time on TALK RADIO. Derek states: "Thursday, September 11th, is a call talk radio "bomb" day, but I am trying to get people in the habit of doing this once per week [or more!]."

Derek goes on to say: " The battleground is truly between the ears of the average American, I can't tell you how naive and clueless I was when I was younger [especially when I was in the service].

"Calling talk radio is a powerful weapon...we humans are dealing with a lot of lies and propoganda daily, so speaking truth to 500,000+ at a time for 30 seconds to several minutes X the number of motivated people like us will bring down the deception. I believe this.

Their Words On Paper

Jon Gold

As 9/11 Family Member, and "Jersey Girl" Patty Casazza said, "one of the reasons why we still continued to fight with... for the Commission, even as we knew it was a farce, is we wanted their words, their lies down on paper."

As most of you know, I have never been a huge advocate for the idea that a "Controlled Demolition" took place at the World Trade Center. Reason being, I'm simply not qualified to tell someone if that did, in fact, happen. Also, for years, the media has tried to paint us as a movement filled with "conspiracy theorists" that think "explosives brought down the World Trade Center", and a "missile hit the Pentagon" without mentioning the 1000's of other problems with the official account. As a result, I can't tell you how many times during activism I've had people come up to me and say, "you're one of those people that think explosives brought down the buildings" as if to say, "you're one of those crazy people that I should ignore." So, I've always tried to push other incriminating information that the media and others DON'T like to talk about.

BBC Targeted by Government Propaganda Operation.

"The disclosure that a Whitehall counter-terrorism propaganda operation is promoting material to the BBC and other media will raise fresh concerns about official news management in a highly sensitive area."

URL Here:-

Revealed: Britain's secret propaganda war against al-Qaida
BBC and website forums targeted by Home Office unit

A Whitehall counter-terrorism unit is targeting the BBC and other media organisations as part of a new global propaganda push designed to "taint the al-Qaida brand", according to a secret Home Office paper seen by the Guardian.

The document also shows that Whitehall counter-terrorism experts intend to exploit new media websites and outlets with a proposal to "channel messages through volunteers in internet forums" as part of their campaign.

The strategy is being conducted by the research, information and communication unit, [RICU] which was set up last year by the then home secretary, John Reid, to counter al-Qaida propaganda at home and overseas. It is staffed by officials from several government departments.