WeAreChange Debunks the BBC at Ground Zero 9/11/08

Brian Kenny, Gary Talis, Matt Kazee, and others confront the BBC at Ground Zero on September 11, 2008. BBC recently did a documentary about WTC7, the third tower to collapse on 9/11.
Special thanks to Matt Kazee and for giving us the footage.

Bin Laden in Soviet-Afghan War, Day of 9/11 - Additions as of October 5, 2008

Several new entries have been added this week about Osama bin Laden during the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. In 1986, his brother Salem asked the Pentagon to supply him with missiles, but received no reply, although a Pentagon official did later ask Afghan commanders if resources should be diverted to the Arab Afghans. The bin Laden brothers purchased some anti-aircraft missiles in London and, in May, Osama led a group of Arab fighters into Afghanistan, but the mission ended in failure.

The Truthers' New Friends

The Weekly Standard is the newspaper I used to refer to as the "PNAC Newspaper." The editor is William Kristol, co-founder of the Project For A New American Century. The same man who reminded us about the double standard that it was "ok" to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11, but Bush was hands off. The same man who asked, "are we really to believe that Bush just sat around after 9/11 thinking, "How can I aggrandize my powers?" The Weekly Standard has described Cynthia McKinney as a "leftist conspiracy wacko," and has attacked her on more than one occasion. Their "opinions" can not, and should not be trusted. - Jon

The Russian government warms up to 9/11 conspiracy theories.


by Cathy Young
10/13/2008, Volume 014, Issue 05

Klein: Bush admin creates crises to 'enrich themselves and their friends' (9/11 is mentioned as one of them)

Rawstory | October 3, 2008

On Thursday's edition of The Colbert Report, bestselling author Naomi Klein argued that the Bush Administration creates crises in order to "enrich themselves and their friends," drawing parallels between the torture of prisoners and the economic bailout being provided to Wall St. by US leaders.

Previously, Klein called out the sprawling economic crisis as just another example of the Bush 'shock doctrine,' a key component to the ruling regime's corporate agenda.

Omar Sheikh, A Childhood Friend Turned Pakistani Militant

No, I DO NOT support the current strikes taking place within Pakistan. - Jon


Daniel Flynn

Marriott Hotel in IslamabadThe weekend bomb which tore through the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing 53 people, was a reminder that Pakistan is entering the eye of the storm of Islamist militancy. But for me, it was also a more personal reminder of a childhood friend who went from a suburban upbringing in London to become one of Pakistan’s most notorious militants.

Omar Sheikh, a member of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (Army of the Prophet) organisation which has been linked to the bombing, is currently on death row in Pakistan for organising the kidnapping and beheading of the brilliant Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi in February, 2002.

NORTHCOM launches CBRNE response team

Middle East Times | October 02, 2008 2008

NORTHCOM announced the activation of a new initial response force that would be deployed in case of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear high-yield explosive incident. The CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force, the first of its kind, is capable of deploying in 48 hours, the Air Force reported.

"We are now building the first of three CBRNE Consequence Management Response Forces," NORTHCOM Commander Gen. Gene Renuart said in a statement.

"We have an organized force, a trained force, an equipped force, a force that has adequate command and control and is on quick response to head off to a large-scale nuclear, chemical, biological event that might require Department of Defense support."

Officials say the CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force is composed of about 4,700 personnel with specialties in rescue, decontamination and medical support, among others.

"Hijacking Humanity"

From the LC Crew:

Hi Everyone,

Your support of "Loose Change" and 9/11 Truth has helped stir debate in the public arena and awakened literally millions of people to the possibility of Government complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

It has inspired many of us, concerned people, to ask real questions and demand real answers from those who claim authority over us.

The tragedy of 9/11 has provoked anger, sadness, outrage, empowerment, awareness and activism. But what if the 9/11 attacks were just the tip of the iceberg of something deeper and more sinister?

We met this guy, Paul Verge, when he came out from Vancouver Canada to NYC for the September 11th, 2006 events organized by Louder than Words. He said he was working on a film called "Hijacking Humanity". Even though we all thought he was a little weird, he seemed nice enough, so we allowed him to interview us, unsure of what kind of movie he was making…

Since many of us seek a greater understanding about who really pulled the strings behind the 9/11 attacks, especially if the official story is false… We recommend checking out Paul's film… "Hijacking Humanity".

Article by Aidan Monaghan published in the Journal of 911 Studies; also a reminder to PREPARE

We are pleased to announce that an article by Aidan Monaghan (B.Sc., EET) article has successfully passed the peer-review process at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. The article was published Oct 3, 2008: Plausibility Of 9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems. Link here:

The editors continue to accept submitted scholarly papers, with the proviso from the Introductory page at this Journal, which states that we encourage contributors to first consider submission to mainstream established journals. And frankly, the editors themselves are busy doing research and writing on such papers (one of which is now undergoing the peer-review process with such an established journal, on the subject of anomalous red/gray chips observed in the WTC dust).

New Web site launched on rebuilding GROUND ZERO

The Associated Press October 3, 2008, 3:09PM ET


The owners of ground zero have started a Web site to publicize the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, a day after saying many projects under way would be delayed and cost more.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Friday launched The site has photographs and video of construction projects at the 16-acre site, and offers a guide for tourists who visit ground zero.

The agency also lists the milestones it says it will meet to build a $3.2 billion transit hub, a Sept. 11 memorial and a 1,776-foot skyscraper at the site. The agency on Thursday announced new schedules and budgets for several projects at ground zero and says it will post updates on its progress four times a year.

Income Taxes... An Efficient System

The constitutionality of income taxes will be argued until the end of time. Chances that we will definitively win this argument are slim to none. We could though create a system that would benefit all as well as streamline its efficiency.

Taxes would still be paid but instead of going to the government, to be redistributed to those they feel deserving, they would be paid to those who pay their taxes. Us.

Income taxes would go into an account. A savings account that would hold that money untill retirement at which point that money can be taken at a certain percentage every year.

This money would would fuel the banks and give them money to loan. It would thus take the power from the Federal Reserve. Eliminate the Fed.

This program would eliminate the need for the force of the IRS because people would be willing to pay their taxes freely since the money will be going to themselves. Eliminate the IRS.

These Accounts would acrue interest which would go to the people. Even if the interest was 1% people would be happy.

This program would eliminate Social Security for the most part. People will be able to successfully live off their income tax savings.



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Khalid Almihdhar and His Connections to the USS Cole bombing

Why are the links between alleged Pentagon hijacker Khalid Almihdhar and the USS Cole bombing important? Because, according to recent revelations, officers at Alec Station, the CIA’s bin Laden unit, protected Almihdhar and his partner Nawaf Alhazmi from the FBI in January 2000, and this protection seems to have continued after this. If the CIA had simply been allowing Almihdhar to operate to see what connections they might uncover, then the Cole bombing showed clearly that this policy had been a complete disaster—a terrorist under their protection participated in the murder of 17 US sailors. However, the CIA continued to protect Almihdhar even after the Cole bombing.

One of the main arguments used by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a key speech on 4 October 2001 that held al-Qaeda responsible for 9/11 was that one of the 19 hijackers “has also been identified as playing key roles in both the East African Embassy attacks and the USS Cole attack.”

Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!! By Adrian Salbuchi

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Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!!

By Adrian Salbuchi

03/10/08 "ICH" -- - The events of the last two weeks have clearly revealed that the global financial, monetary and banking system imposed on the world by the power structures promoting "globalization" is fundamentally flawed, unviable and immoral in its effects upon the most all of Mankind. After allowing a small cabal of shady characters to illegitimately accumulate vast amounts of wealth and power over markets, corporations, industries, media, armed forces and entire nations, like the World Trade Center towers on 9/11, this entire System is now in free-fall, collapsing into itself in one massive implosion.

9/11 Truth Holds One-Year Anniversary Meeting

Congratulations to Janice. executive director visited the 9-11 Truth of Central Iowa meeting in Adel Monday, Sept. 14 offering suggestions on how citizens can be pro-active with their government to demand the truth behind the events of 9-11.


By: Amber Williams
09/18/2008 executive director visited the 9-11 Truth of Central Iowa meeting in Adel Monday, Sept. 14 offering suggestions on how citizens can be pro-active with their government to demand the truth behind the events of 9-11.

Few things are free in this world. And, as the old motto goes, not even freedom is free.

But the 9-11 Truth of Central Iowa first annual film festival was free. Its organizers said that's because information is power, so they give it away. In fact, they gave away more than 700 free DVDs, each documentary depicting different questions and theories about the truth about the events of September 11, 2001.