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Upcoming 9-11 Truth Related Art Show

behind the seventh veil roger morris

REMOTE CONTROL Works Recent & Previous to the Polemic
Paintings, drawings & sculpture by Roger Morris REMO
MYGALAXI GALLERY 39 Dixon St. Wellington, New Zealand
4pm. September 11, 2011 until October 11, 2011
The image shown here is Behind the Seventh Veil It's linked to a 1944 by 2592 pixel version at 2.82 MB, oils on canvas, 4'6" x 5', and painted from 1996 until this year.
www.photospace.co.nz/MYGALAXI.htm, www.rogermorris.co.nz, www.911artists.com

Power Madness and the Truth Movement 2

I think that the truth of the human experience at high quality is love, courage, ferocity, figuring stuff out, fighting with and never giving up on people, and to keep working until something that you've decided to do gets done. To me, maybe most important is the positive use of the fleeting moments of power that we have in regards to others. Keep pushing people. Your beautiful.


(Dedicated to Cheri Roberts)

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Open Letters to DRG and Pilots for 9-11 Truth


(Note: The letters are separate but the identical content is beneath.)


Let's talk, please.


American Freedom Radio ∎ 9-11 Truth New Zealand

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Cindy Sheehan is on for the first hour of this January 17, 2011 show. For the second hour co-hosts Vinny Eastwood and Will Ryan are joined by fellow Kiwi, Truth Movement artist, and activist Roger Morris. What a great show.

Respect and gratitude to all.


American Freedom RadioThe Vinny Eastwood Show with Will!Cindy Sheehan's SoapboxRoger Morris

Power Madness and the Truth Movement

I think the 9/11 Truth epiphany is quite a shock to people. It makes them feel powerless. Then as our ancestors have done since the beginning many go on a quest for power and rightfully so, I think. Then like so many before them they come to this correct equation beneath:


In our situation this is not enough though. I think we all must realize that power leads to attachment, attachment leads to fear of loss, fear leads to anger, and this causes great suffering both internally and in our relationship to others. I believe that the solution to this might be found through a direct and sincere observation of our own minds, and hearts, and experience.


(Dedicated to Jeff Hill)

for jeff hill

Interview with Sander Hicks about Truthstock

Direct download .mp3, 14 minutes at 32.3 MB

9-11 truth-roger morris

The Artwork above is by New Zealand artist/activist Roger Morris. Mr. Hicks came on to my Liberated Syndication podcast show on November 8th to talk about his event coming up this Saturday in Los Angeles called Truthstock. He has recently moved to L.A. He appears to be making a great effort to connect with others, support others, and present the 9/11 Truth Movement in a way the will reach people and have a positive impact. Thanks, Sander.


Conversation with Jeremy Rothe-Kushel 10-15-2010

Conversation with Jeremy Rothe-Kushel 10-15-2010 on Vimeo.

I went to the We are Change L.A. meeting with Mike Gravel on October 15th. I met some people in person for the first time that I've only known or seen online. It was quite a moving experience for me. I was left with the deepest sense respect and gratitude for all I saw there. Thanks Bruno Bruhwiler, Katy Kurtzman, Laurel Burik, Bob Sherman, Mr. Gravel, and all contributors. Mr. Rothe-Kushel, thanks for taking the time with me for the above video.


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ARTISTS FOR 9-11 TRUTH, Roger Morris, and Michelle Dick


9-11 truth

Roger Morris will be showing his 9-11 Truth Movement related art MYGALAXI Gallery in Wellington New Zealand starting on September 11, 2010 at 3 pm. Thanks, Roger. Also, I'm presenting a new artist on 911Artists.org (under reconstruction) by the name of Michelle Dick. Thanks Michelle. If anyone else is making art on related subject matter, I'd like to talk to you and see your work. Let's all get together and figure out how to crank up the volume here real loud.

911 art

Tony Green - Artist for 9-11 Truth

new-world order panorama green 051510 The image above is linked to a 1024 by 247 pixel version. I'm making this post here at the same time I'm doing a short pictorial article on 911Artists.org containing three more photos of Tony at work and the panorama above at larger sizes. Tony Green Presenting on May 6th, 2010 - 9/11 truth, new world order, etc. This is Tony in Lake Charles La. giving a talk on the NWO in conjunction with a presentation of his paintings and gypsy jazz. On the right side of the panorama you can see a metal plate etching done in conjunction with David Dees called Red, White, and Blue. I'm embedding a small version of this beneath linked to a 1500 by 1121 pixel version at 1.36 MB so that you can see it up close.

TRUTH MOVEMENT ART - Abby Martin, 911Artists.org, and mediaroots.org

truth movement art martin051010

Hey, all. I'm putting up the first piece by Abby Martin on 911Artists.org at the same time that I'm making this post here.

Addendum by Abby Martin

There will be a second piece by her up there soon. You can see more of Ms. Martin's work on abbymartin.org. Also, she's starting a new site called MEDIAROOTS. Thanks, Abby.