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Poll over at Daily Kos

As many of us are aware, the Daily Kos is one of those supposedly "progressive" websites which puts an outright ban on 9/11 truth. No doubt in my mind that many of those people are CIA or some variant.

Today, "TylerFromNE" posted a diary entry imploring Daily Kos to reconsider its position. In addition, he posted a poll:

Is it time for DKos to stop arbitrarily silencing discussion of 9/11 so-called "conspiracy theories," given that the government is now irrefutably involved in a cover-up of the financing of the attacks?

Here's the current result (it might be locked now, I don't know):

63% 259 votes
33% 139 votes
I don't care what you say, it's still too much for me to accept that conspiracies actually do exist.
2% 11 votes

| 409 votes

So it appears that even their own readership disagrees with their anti-9/11 policy.

At the end of the thread of 301 comments, a chief admin, "Meteor Blade," made this following post:

Here we go again.

"Ghost Group"... yet another truth group I've never heard of. Of course, the korporate media brings them front-and-center.

I wonder if we should have a blog entry continuously updated with a list of hit pieces from the media. - kam

Some Suspect Conspiracy in Holocaust Museum Case

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- To most, the evidence against alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn may seem overwhelming.

Surveillance camera video.

Eyewitness accounts.

Von Brunn's red Hyundai parked outside.


But to some people in Von Brunn's e-mail chain and Web circles, there's a darker truth.

They say the June 10 shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum may be a "false flag" operation. The incident could have been staged by one group, perhaps what they describe as the Jewish-controlled U.S. government, to make it appear to be the actions of another group -- in this case, von Brunn and others who believe Jews exercise too much control in the United States.

In other words, von Brunn could have been set up, they contend.

Observe 9/12ers interact with 9/11ers

This video is a supplement to Karl's "You are truly an inspiration" letter to Beck. I didn't make this event but plan to be at the next one. It is indeed surprising how open and receptive the people seem to be.

Yes, Glenn Beck is a true inspiration!

Glenn Beck's not the only one - Prepare for an onslaught

The pathology that is the 9/11 "truth" movement

Following the terrorist murder of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. this week by a white supremacist, anti-Semite and 9/11 "Truther" I was curious to hear how the most prominent of the 9/11 "Truthers," Alex Jones, would try to explain it away. It turns out I shouldn't have wasted my time. The explanation he gave to Coast-to-Coast AM host George Noory was absolutely predictable, defiant of reason and exasperating, in complete harmony with both Jones past pronouncements and the 9/11 "Truth" movement since its inception.

Facebook Group "9/11 Truth Movement" just cracked 28,000 members!

A few months ago, when I noticed this group for the first time, it had about 23,000 members. Now, I check in, and it has 28,004 members!

To participate on the discussion forums or write on the group wall, you have to be a member of the group.

While I'm sure that some people joined the group to oppose us on the forum (the JREF type), I would bet that of those 28,000 members, probably only a few dozen, maybe a hundred at most, joined for that purpose, whether amateur or paid.

Now granted, those that would try to deny the continuing growth of the movement would point out how puny 28K is with some other groups. Granted, the groups "Fans of Michael Jordan" and "American Idol" have hundreds of thousands of members, but such is the human condition as one which pours more passion into popular culture than trying to create a better world.

I think this FB group is a testament to the continued growth of the 9/11 truth movement.

I guess I could have waited til the number reached 30,000 but I've been itching to create this entry for some time. ;-)

Mos Def on 9/11: "I'm a New Yorker and it just doesn't feel right."

A frequent firecracker on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Mos Def doesn't duck soapboxes. He carps with wit and invective about pet issues from post-Katrina New Orleans ("It's unconscionable for that reality to persist") to conspiracy theories labeling 9/11 an inside job ("I'm a New Yorker and it just doesn't feel right").

Read the whole article here.

The Inner Worlds Of Conspiracy Believers

The inner worlds of conspiracy believers

Those who subscribe to 9/11 conspiracy beliefs are generally suspicious and inquisitive, a new study suggests.

By Bruce Bower
Web edition : 10:39 am

Shortly after terrorist attacks destroyed the World Trade Center and mangled the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, conspiracy theories blossomed about secret and malevolent government plots behind the tragic events. A report scheduled to appear in an upcoming Applied Cognitive Psychology offers a preliminary psychological profile of people who believe in 9/11 conspiracies.

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth on Public Access TV

Quite possibly our best show yet. We primarily discuss the movement's news of the past month: the peer-reviewed work on nano-thermate by Jones and company (and the censorship at Wikipedia) along with "Rescue Me." From those main points the hour-long discussion tangents off to touch a few other issues as well. I am the one on the far right (screen right, table left). A good, vigorous discussion. In a metro area of 2-3 million, maybe at least a few dozen or even hundred watched?

Hit Piece: "9/11 Conspiracy Theories: The Truth Is Out There - Just not on the Internet"

9/11 conspiracy theories: The truth is out there...just not on the internet

In his new book a Times commentator debunks the world's greatest conspiracy theories. Here he deconstructs those that followed 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings

The internet has created shadow armies whose size and power are unknowable. Cyberspace communities of semi- anonymous and occasionally self-invented individuals have grown up, some of them permitting contact between people who in previous times might have thought each other's interests impossibly exotic or even mad. At the same time, the democratic quality of the net has permitted the release of a mass of undifferentiated information, some of it authoritative, some speculative, some absurd. But, increasingly, material originating on the net has turned up in popular culture - a millennial version of the word-of-mouth route to popularity. The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has, at the time of writing, become a first resource for many students, despite the amusing randomness of its reliability.

Clinton: War On Terror "Not in our Vocabulary"

So then, why are we surging troops in Afghanistan? -kam

Obama administration dropping phrase used as rallying cry by Bush

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - The phrase "global war on terror" is finished, at least as far as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is concerned.

The top U.S. diplomat told reporters Tuesday that the Obama administration has quit using that line to describe the effort to fight terrorism around the world.

"The administration has stopped using the phrase and I think that speaks for itself," Clinton said.

Clinton spoke as she headed to Europe for a week of diplomatic meetings. The phrase "war on terror" is widely disliked in Europe and elsewhere overseas, where even close U.S. allies suggested it was overly militaristic and perhaps counterproductive.

It is also now associated with a range of Bush administration policies such as harsh interrogation practices that President Barack Obama has pledged to abandon.

Clinton was asked about the phrase as she headed to Europe for a week of diplomatic meetings.

North Tower Flashes and Pops

I've just been made aware of this video:

It's been on Youtube just over a year and I've seen entries for it on sites like Dem. Underground, but I don't seem to find it being discussed here.

What do you all think? It seems to me that the main issue would be: Is the vid authentic? Because if so, it's even more smoking gun proof to our case.

You know what the anti-truthers love to try and corner us with: "Where are the visible detonation flashes in the WTC collapse?"

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth on Public Access (Episode 6)

I'm a bit late posting this - this is from February. Our next show is tomorrow.

I'm the one in the white sweater who kicks off the show. ;-) I immediately bring up Richard Gage, controlled demolition, and the fact that the FBI gave the demolition hypothesis a positive wink and nod.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

An Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Movement

This just got posted today and I found it by way of a Google News search on "9/11 truth."

I’m just your average Joe from Averageville, USA. I hold no secretive position, no scholarly acumen to speak of, no covert connections to anyone nor anything that would give me an inside track on the truth about 9/11. I was at work in California when it happened. I was stunned. We were all stunned. We had no tv, only a few radios to listen to, but the impact was the same as if we were standing under the twin towers the whole time.

The greatest impact for me that day, however, came from the naturalized people. You know, the ones who weren’t born here, raised here, or educated here. They are the people who struggled very hard to get to the US. I’ve listened to a great many horror stories from them. One young lady told me how the Khmer Rouge grabbed her child from her while she was at work in a Cambodian sweatshop, took the child outside, and killed him as she watched helpless.

"Yet Another Problem With the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories"

Is this really "another" problem with the "conspiracy theories?" He's using the same tired talking points used by anti-truthers for years. He actually argues that everyone in the intelligence apparatus would know the whole picture. Also notice the whole "I have personally known people in the alphabet agencies and they're not evil" b.s. He just can't seem to accept that Disney-loving, apple pie eating, baseball watching white Americans of Euro descent could be so evil. Yet he has no trouble imagining that 19 Arabs could pull off such an attack.


I was reading Karen Fish's poll when I realized one of the problems with these theories.

Let me preface this by saying, for those of you who do not know, that I lean rather strongly to the official government explanation of 9/11. I acknowledge some real deficiencies with that explanation, and I do not regard people who believe in the conspiracy theories as dumb or the tinfoil hat set (crazy). I simply view the conspiracy theories as several orders of magnitude worse and more deficient than the official explanation.

Unlikely Place for a Hit Piece

I just found this via someone else's blog: I don't remember it being posted here. This column is from the "sex & relationships" section of a women's website. Was written a couple weeks ago but we could still potentially reach a few people with the comments section. I just added one. I don't think this was a coordinated hit piece at the movement, just a column written by someone who happened to trash 9/11 truth in what is a larger article on relationships.

On a side note, I might as well add: As a single 30-year-old guy who occasionally feels frustration over not being in a relationship right now, I'm actually happy to have come across this column, because it reminds me of one truism: "Better to be alone than in bad company!" I'll be happy to be single for a little while longer, knowing that when I do settle with someone it'll be someone of a much more open mind than the woman who wrote this piece of trash column.


Love Lessons: Desperately Seeking Approval

When my boyfriend suddenly decided that the U.S. government had planned 9/11 to justify a war in the Mideast, I was alarmed, but not enough to ditch him outright. After all, I told myself, his penchant for questioning everything in his path was one of the things I loved about him. Surely he'd regain his senses soon.