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9/11 truth at RNC convention?

A friend called me up today to tell me that another Chris Matthews type event got onto the MSM today at the RNC; the MSM reporters were drowned out by inside job chants. Surely someone caught this???

WeAreChange Ohio Labeled Security Threat and Attacked by Security at Riverfest

While all this was going on, I split off by myself and infiltrated the event with the bullhorn (I was urged to do this after we got a whiff of what was coming) and waited for them at the Cincinnatus statue.

This event does raise the issue of "private sponsors" like radio stations renting public property for major events like Cincinnati's annual Riverfest. The security guard who ended up attacking the signholder insisted that for this event, the normally public property is temporarily private, and hence the signs were not welcome.

Finally, when the police arrived, they ended up ultimately siding with the truthers! The fact that private sponsors were funding Riverfest didn't change the fact that the land was public; they gave us their blessing to peacefully hold our "9/11 was an inside job" sign inside the event where we could be seen. A classic example of the 1st Amendment triumphing over the concept of "free speech zones."

You have no rights unless you exercise them.

Jesse Ventura's latest appearance on Hannity & The Hot Blonde Subbing For Colmes

(Edit - from 7.28.2008 - missed this one.)

Not much needs to be said except Keep it Up Jesse!

As a high-profile 9/11 truther you may arguably be able to actually have MORE of an effect with this cause than you would have in the restrained PC, taboo-forbidden, controlled nature of the halls of our U.S. Senate. Don't let your wife's disgust with politics keep you from perpetually speaking the truth!

Excellent job spreading the Herman Goering quote!

Scientists and scientific explanations

In light of NIST's WTC7 report, it would be good to have a look at DRG's excellent debunking of the widely held misconception that a document by scientists makes it an ipso facto scientific document. From page 23 of "Debunking 911 Debunking:"

Having looked at two ways in which people, as illustrated by journalists, can avoid confronting the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, I now look at a third: the assumption that if an explanation is given by scientists, it is a scientific explanation.

Police raid Md. mayor's home and kill his dogs

Prior to 9/11 truth, my #1 activist issue was speaking out very loudly against the War on Drugs and cannabis legalization in particular. Now, I'm reminded of why. The War on Drugs was our boogeyman between Communism and Bin Laden. Now I guess it's just an "assistant" boogeyman since the War on Terror is front-and-center.

As a pet owner who loves his cat dearly, I'm especially incensed by this.

But I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free...

And we need this War on Drugs, it's vital to the security and safety of our homeland...

And remember, let's get the terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here...

Seriously, the real dogs who should be shot are the ones who support cannabis prohibition and other unConstitutional laws and acts of anti-freedom.

Government Agent Infiltrates Peace Group (Flashback to "Fahrenheit 9/11")

I had several times looked for a youtube video of just this one clip alone but it didn't seem to exist. Now, I just checked out for the first time in a few months and he's showcasing the clip on his front page. It just reminds us of how things are and can be a good warm-upper for those friends and family of ours who just have a psychological resistance to anything that smacks of "conspiracy garbage." ;)

Informal Inside Job Poll - make your voice heard

Hi everyone:


Do you believe that the 9/11/01 attacks were carried out by Islamist terrorists without the knowledge or assistance of anyone connected to the US government, and that these perpetrators were wholly responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC7?

Please post Yes, No or Don't Know. I am not asking for a lot of discussion.

Shouldn't be too hard to log in and post "no," no?

Another Debunk of "If 9/11 Was an Inside Job, the Hijackers Would Have Been Iraqi"

GeorgeWashington's excellent essay a couple weeks back hit the nail on the head as to how to answer the claim, asked by newbies and exploited as a main debunker talking point, that if 9/11 were an inside job, the hijackers would have been Iraqi.

This reminded me of a post I made on Amazon over a year ago, while debating a guy called Steve Farrell. Steve was an interesting guy by the way. He started out being very civil, so you believe he's a genuine newbie. But a couple hundred posts later, after his points had been continuously answered or rebutted, he became increasingly hostile and JREF-like. Anyway, in an arrogant tone, he said to me:

Mini-Hit Piece

Occasionally, in order to make sure our blogging community hasn't missed any opportunity to add comments to places and spread the truth, I do a google news search on "9/11," "9/11 truth" and "9/11 conspiracy." Here is one short but unfriendly blog at City Pages. Please comment to add strength in numbers:

From the link:

"He's just the latest person to fall prey to the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement."

How 9/11 Truth, the War on Drugs and the Pledge of Allegiance are interconnected (my review of Jesse Ventura's book)

My review of Jesse Ventura's book almost reads more like a blog entry than a book review; I personally think this is one of my better pieces of prose because I manage to intertwine 9/11 Truth, the War on Drugs, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Amazing how everything all ties together!

Anyone who reads my [Amazon] reviews in chronological order will see that Ventura's book from 2000, "Do I Stand Alone?", was my first review. Jesse was one of my first political role models when I read that book after coming across it in the Borders' store. Prior to that, all I knew was that he was a former wrestler turned governor. One of the first things that outraged me, and jolted me to be a political activist, was the criminalization of drugs and the war on marijuana smokers in particular, an outrage Ventura also shares. After going on my own political journey of various awakenings over this decade, Jesse has come back into my life during the 2008 election season with his best book yet.

How to Exercise Your Rights When Stopped by Homeland Security

I think all of us will be surprised that this gentleman didn't end up screaming "Don't taze me bro!" It just goes to show how exercising your rights, peacefully, if somewhat stubbornly, can still work even in the USA of 2008.

Immigration checkpoints reek of police state. Remember, once a person/vehicle has cleared the border, they should not have to be randomly stopped AGAIN. Jesse Ventura discussed these kinds of checkpoints in his book and on the Meria Heller interview. He said he'd refuse to even show his driver's license unless it's a state trooper, and reminds us that the Constitution forbids the random stopping of Americans within America without probable cause.

Jesse Ventura's Hypothetical Presidential Run Scenario (PLEASE LET THIS COME TRUE!!)

Hello folks.

First, a spoiler alert if anyone is still reading Jesse Ventura's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me." This is a book in which even though the entire thing is truly excellent, the real knockout fireworks are saved for the last few pages, the Epilogue. I feel obliged to reveal those contents in the hope that doing so might excite the rest of the movement as it has me.

Ventura on Fox 4.12.2008?

Hi everyone, I was in a crowded place tonight and saw a clip of Jesse Ventura on Fox News. Unless this was a snippet from his H&C appearance, this might be a new one worthy of someone posting if they captured it. A few moments later I saw Geraldo on screen so it might have been his show.

The crickets are chirping...

Jesse Ventura was one of my first political idols early in the decade. I was casually browsing Borders' in Cleveland, and the hard-back first edition of his book "Do I Stand Alone?" was on the $5 shelf. Taking it to the cafe and reading it, I could not put it down, so I purchased it. (The original edition was on sale because it was pre-election2000, and the paperback edition is updated to after the Bush inauguration.) Anyway, 9/11 was what turned me on to current events in general, and although I had put faith in the Bush administration for a little while right after the attacks, my gut skepticism in the honesty of our current government was beginning to surface, though I did not become a Truther in the MIHOP sense until 2005. But three years earlier, Ventura taught me what the Founding Fathers meant in so many instances, and raised so many other important issues in his prose, that I sorely wished that he would run for President, which he never did but doesn't rule out in the future; by the way, I'm awaiting an Amazon delivery of his latest book, "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me."

Sandra Kay Daniels, teacher in the Florida classroom

In 9/11 Contradictions, David Ray Griffin discusses internal contradictions within the official story. Some of these contradictions I was not previously aware of, including the constantly changing testimony of Sandra Kay Daniels, the Florida classroom teacher. My review of DRG's book contains a paragraph which sums up DRG's research concisely: