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Robert Greenwald and the Brave New Foundation are asking, "Are 1,500 Reasons Enough?"

I just got an email from Robert Greenwald with the heading, "Are 1,500 Reasons Enough?" Knowing that Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth have reached this milestone I did a double take and thought he was supporting the petition. Although this significant number is now the horrific number of soldiers KIA in Afghanistan that Greenwald is referring to, I think it is fair to pose the question to him in turn and inquire as to wether his logic also applies to the collapse of Building Seven; "Mr Greenwald, are 1,500 architects and engineers enough?"

Are 1,500 reasons enough?

911 truth tipping point

It's not going to be a regular news day when the MSM begins to give in but what sort of event will precipitate better coverage? We know MSM is nearly devoid of journalists in the true investigative tradition. They obviously aren't champions of any journalistic standard but have you all noticed in the coverage of Cairo, even the most simple minded and superficial "feel good" shows such as The Today Show had a recent segment of Ann Curry with two other unknown females talking about America's failed involvement in dubious political alignments and support for known dictators? And the moon is on a collision coarse with earth, now let's go to Al with the weather! Who are these people? queue scene from The Truman Show : Truman's wife struggles with product placement during a nervous breakdown.

911 Truth High Value Target List

I'm proposing we together discuss a list of high value targets from the media and political circles on whom together we should rotate our education efforts for 911 truth. I believe that each name on the list should be considered a special obstacle for his or her own acknowledged reasons for NOT being able to consider the alternative evidence and theories.

We need high profile resistors to 911 Truth on the list. We should identify what they are already on the record as saying about the alternative theories. We should identify what evidence we already have that specifically addresses their misunderstandings and directly influences their support for the OCT. We should be prepared to send on our behalf a group of delegates with the credibility worthy of the message to speak on our behalf with the purpose of confronting the misunderstandings BUT TO DO SO IN A SETTING OTHER THAN THEIR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT (such as confronting a comedian like John Stewart in a live public gathering while he is on stage with a microphone).

We Will Assimilate You

One by one, we must assimilate high value personalities into our collective understanding of 911 truth. The public in general relies on these personalities to filter for them the issues that demand their attention. There is trust and unspoken loyalty and credibility established between these personalities and the consumers of their opinions. We fail to engage the public in these issues if we fail to convince their authorities. We must adapt to this challenge with a concerted effort to focus our attention where it is most effective and convincing.

Conflict of interest at the Open Chemistry Physics Journal prior to Jones' paper

Credibility is everything, and when the deniers of 911 truth can't accept the facts at face value specifically because they take comfort in the credentials of others who don't want to hear the facts, there is a need to expose conflict of interests.

In an ongoing discussion between myself and a good friend about credibility issues of the main players in the 911 research scene, my friend scoffs at Jones by sighting the resignation of Pileni as editor after Jones, Harrit et al. were able to publish the findings of the nano-thermite.

In the interview at this website...


.. she states that she is aware that the Jones submission may have a political viewpoint.

It should be noted that her own viewpoint is probably affected by the fact that she is a faculty member of Georgia Tech, essentially an academic arm of the defense industry which the website makes clear.

Here is her Faculty profile page...

911 Truthers and Ralph Nader: A Symbiotic Relationship

Picture this; Leaders of every major 911 Truth organization ( Architects and Engineers, Pilots for 911 Truth, Journal of 911 Studies, the crew of Loose Change, I'm talking everybody!) rallying the support of each and every voter in their following, and coming together ONLINE to make a united-voice appeal to Ralph Nader to incorporate 911 language and truth into his campaign. Our intention will be to hand to Ralph, on a silver platter, as he did for Kerry in the 2004 campaign, the issues that we the people believe will win this election for any candidate who can effectively make a show of force that his presidency would amount to a gutting of our current corrupt system.

How do we start? How do we convince Ralph that there are enough of us that would support his campaign that he would be persuaded? How do we time this effort with each of these organizations to make a convincing appeal to his campaign? We need someone like Ralph and he needs our demographic base to make the headlines and to qualify for the debates.