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History Channel 'Expert' Claims WTC 7 Fires Began Before Either WTC Tower Collapsed

Aidan Monaghan

Structural engineer Matthys Levy, one of several so called "expert" opinions cited in the "History Channel" documentary "9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction", makes the following claim regarding WTC building 7, during the programs 2nd hour.

Matthys Levy: "The initial fires started around 9:30 in the morning."

Fires in WTC 7 are said to have been caused by debris from the collapsing WTC tower 1, which did not fall until 10:28am.

Levy, was chairman for Weidlinger Associates, one of several firms recruited after 9/11, by Silverstein Properties to assist in its $7 billion WTC insurance claim.

Is this "History Channel" expert simply wrong about basic information concerning WTC 7 or is he aware of information that is not widely known?