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After coming back home to Canada, David Long started to question the official story.

9-11 and its conspiracies
By Kris Sims , September 9, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - Millions watched the events of 9/11 on television - David Long felt it in his bones and saw it with his own eyes.

"There was a really loud sound, it went through the ground and through the building, it felt like an earthquake," said Long, a 39-year-old IT specialist, who was working across the street from the World Trade Center at Merryl Lynch that day.

Political reporter says " Buy dinner, support our troops"

Graham Thomson of the Edmonton Journal wrote - I received a news release recently that really bothered me. It had nothing to do with Alberta politics or the two leadership races now underway for the Liberals and Conservatives. It had to do with a dinner this Saturday to honour the 157 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan during our combat mission there. The ( $100.00 a plate) dinner will be attended by Alberta Lt.-Gov. Donald Ethell and hear a keynote address by Maj.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, who commanded coalition troops in Kandahar province for nine months.According to the news release, the event was "in jeopardy of cancellation." Simply put, not enough people had bought tickets. The dinner had room for 500 and would financially break even with 350 — but only 60 people had bought tickets when the news release crossed my desk. "We’re surprised that we’ve sold less than 60 tickets to an event dedicated to honouring the brave men and women who have died while serving in our Canadian Forces," wrote the event organizer, Mike McMurray. "We need to sell at least 300 more tickets to the gala dinner or we’re going to be left with little choice but to cancel the event.

R.I.P. Jack Layton "May hope continue from your legacy"

It was announced today that Jack Layton leader of the opposition party in Canada passed away: Over my 5 years as an 9/11 activist I had the privilege at meeting many politicians from all political parties from all levels of Government with my quest for a 9/11 Investigation in Canada. They have been for the most courteous and kind even though most who did question 9/11 were mostly silent concerned about their political careers and did not dare open the controversial box of questioning the events of 9/11 in the public eye. I saw Jack Layton 3 times over two elections, once up close when I gave him a book of hope by David Ray Griffin, to read on the plane, and most recently early spring when he spoke from the podium at the Alberta Art Gallery and at Fort Edmonton. How could you not love this guy with so much love for life and Canadians. He like me wanted our troops home from Afghanistan.

2011 Fringe Festival & Legislature 9/11 Petition Report

110 more signatures were added this week in Edmonton from the 13 - 20 of August 2011 by both the Alberta Legislature grounds & just a half blook away from the gates of the Edmonton Fringe Festival Adventures. The Total of signatures collected in Edmonton stands at 827 citizens wanting a made in Canada public investigation of 9/11. Ottawa and Toronto are also participating. Visit Ottawa Truth Seekers for more information.

Get Well Soon Mr. Jack Layton

Jul 25, 2011 - Jack Layton to take leave after new cancer found 'I will beat this,' NDP leader says in vow to return to duties in September- Continued...

YouTube Message to Jack Layton -

New York Lights, Doug the Push-Up Guy says "Investigate 9/11 Canada"

August 13, 14 2011: Alberta Legislature & Fringe Festival

9/11 Truth and Collecting Petitions during Festivals, Parades and Concerts - Speakers Corner

August 6, 2011: Caribbean Carnival and Parade: 14 more signatures were collected today by a 9/11 truth activist Doug with-in 30 minutes before the Caribbean parade began along Jasper Avenue. An additional 9 was added by the carnival next to Churchill square that same afternoon. Most folks were polite and receptive listening to Doug's reasons why Canadians need to investigate the events of 9/11 in Canada . One fellow did get irate and interrupted Doug half way through his introduction. "He tried to embarrass me in front of a near-by crowd of bystanders claiming I was crazy to suggest the official story of 9/11 was in serious question" Doug said. " I paused for a moment and replied I guess I'm crazy like the hundreds of other Edmontonians who see the need for a Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation." I smiled and bid the angry guy "enjoy the rest of your day sir".

9/11 inside job “impossible to conceal,” says Vladimir Putin

Published: 02 August, 2011 - by Robert Bridge
Russia Today 

Claims that the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were orchestrated by US intelligence agencies are "complete nonsense," Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told attendees of a youth forum.

­"This is complete nonsense, it is impossible," Putin said on Monday, responding to a question posed by an attendee of the Seliger 2011 youth forum.

"To imagine that US intelligence services did it deliberately, with their own hands, is complete nonsense," the prime minister said. “Only people who do not understand the workings of security agencies can say that. It would be impossible to conceal it.”

Putin added that he could not imagine how "any of the current or former US leaders could have such an idea."

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, skepticism over the official explanation of the 9/11 attacks appears to be on the rise. 9/11 “truth movements,” made up of diverse individuals from around the world, are demanding an independent investigation into those horrific events that changed the course of history.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies, for example, is sponsoring four days of Citizen Hearings in the city of Toronto, Canada with the goal of examining “the best evidence that has been discovered in the ten years since the 9/11 events occurred.”

A group of academics – including Niels Harritt, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen; Steven Jones, Professor Emeritus from Brigham Young University and Kevin Ryan, former Underwriters Laboratories manager – will be among the participants who hope to persuade the public of the need for another 9/11 investigation.

Bush to be in NYC to mark 9/11 anniversary

(AP) The ceremony at the World Trade Center site marking the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks will be a solemn but stately event that will include President Barack Obama and a chance for victims' families to view the names of loved ones etched into the new memorial, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. President Barack Obama and Bloomberg will be joined by the leaders in charge during the 2001 attacks, including former President George W. Bush, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former New York Gov. George Pataki. Current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will also be there, he said.Speaking on his weekly radio show Friday on WOR-AM, Bloomberg said the lawmakers will read short poems or quotes. No speeches will be given. Complete AP Story-

9-11 Community Petition and Information[ing] "Negotiating Civilly with Respect"

" The Best Things in Life are Negotiable" July 16, 17 Week-end 9-11 Civil Information Actions. Almost one year ago this weekend our small most highly productive group of 9/11 activists were confronted by the Edmonton Police Service, harassed by a alleged agent provocateur enduring his threats, and seriously challenged as a group of activists up-holding their right to freedom of speech, and right to assemble in public places based on CANADA'S guarantees within her BILL OF RIGHTS.

This was not our first confrontation with the police in Edmonton , yet we have managed to stay out of jail and continue with what we do best as activists for 9/11 truth. This YouTube report is titled: Exercising our Democratic Right to Free Speech, Right to Assemble and freedom of the Press ( That's us )

Civil Information Activism- Web Site

Canada's Eastern & Western 9/11 Petition Drive and Points in Between " Winning!"

"Winning!" Best Describes Eastern, Western
and points in between - Canada's 9/11 Petition Drive!

New 9/11 curriculum released for teachers on how to educate students

JERSEY CITY — New Jersey teachers have a new set of tools for teaching about the 9/11 terror attacks.

New K-12 curriculum providing lessons on 9/11, its causes and context, were formally released this morning at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

Written by a volunteer group called 4 Action Initiative — which is made of Families of September 11, Liberty Science Center and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education — the collection of 58 lessons delves into themes such as the historical context of terrorism, human behavior, and remembrance and public memory.

The classes are not mandated for use in New Jersey schools, but Acting State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf, who was also present at the formal launch, said the state supports its use. "The program is so strong, I assume many, many schools will use it," Cerf said.

Swallowing The Camel on Jonathan Kay's Book "Among The Truthers"

Swallowing The Camel's author Sarah Elliott reviews Jonathan Kay's "Among The Truthers" with her focus on 9/11 truth & antisemitism with-in the 9/11 truth movement. Her Blog "Swallowing The Camel" examines hoaxes, scams, controversies, rumours, schemes, bizarre ideas, bogus products, disinformation, misinformation, impractical jokes, literary fraud, and anything else that smells bad.

Swallowing The Camel-

9/11 Realities - 3 book reviews on Jonathan Kay's " Among The Truthers"
by a Newspaper Columnist, Truth Activist and Skeptic on Conspiracies...

Jonathan Kay"Among The Truthers" aligning 9/11 Truthers par to anti Semitics

Waging the Battle for Reality:
Joshua Blakeney Confronts Jonathan Kay's 9/11 Relativism (part 1)

Joshua Blakeney responds to Jonathan Kay's new book " Among The Truthers" on the "Unbought and Unbossed" radio show with host Raymond Geisler of CHLY-101.7 FM Nanaimo Canada. Joshua pieces together a trail of deceptive media propaganda led by The National Post of Canada and it's managing editor Jonathan Kay. Kay and the Post for years have attempted to demonize and scare away anyone who dares question the official 9/11 events sometimes comparing 911 truthers as cranks and anti Semitics.