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Osama bin Laden allegedly killed, 9-11 & Election Canada

May 2, 2011- Election Day in Canada. respond to investigating 9/11 and Osama bin Laden who was allegedly killed by U.S.

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Canada Election Truth Action Report and Summary

Its election day, and we have reached a satisfactory end to what was likely Canada's biggest and longest running Truth Action. On March 26, 2011 at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Harper announced an election on May 2nd, 2011. As we know, this year mark's the 10th anniversary of the 911 Terrorist Attacks. 911 Truth Activists from across Canada came together to form a national campaign and make this an election issue.

This report summarizes the results.

Phase Two- Elections Canada- Afghanistan & Investigating 9/11 - Poster Blitz Begins

City wide provided kiosks in the city Edmonton will have this poster featured advertising the web-site that includes YouTube interviews with candidates on 9/11 and investigate 9/11 petition drive and promotions.
9/11 Poster Campaign runs from- April 25- to Election Day!
Civil Information Activism-

Canada's Number One 9/11 Truth Radio Show - Fund Drive

9/11 truth radio in Canada
- CHLY 101.7 Nanaimo- The Unbought and Unbossed show with host Raymond Geisler- May 4th show there will be a fund drive to stay alive- Please help keep truth radio alive in Canada- Edmonton Street poet and Activist Ryjin Vander Hoek is Raymond's guest next Wednesday. Tune in to CHLY every Wednesday night 8-10 PST.

Canadian Federal Candidate Lewis Cardinal reponds on Afghanistan and Investigating 9-11

Canadian Federal candidate receives evidence of Nano Thermite

Cross Canada Petition- truthACTIONottawa-

Hidden from Canadians - Canada's War of 9-11 Retribution Includes Probable Torture of Afghan Detainees

Possible release of long-secret Afghan detainee documents hits snag

By Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press

The following are Excerpts from that story/ Link - Complete Story

OTTAWA — An all-party push to release documents about the alleged torture of prisoners in Afghan jails ran into a procedural wall late Friday.

The Conservatives joined other federal parties in calling for disclosure of the first batch of records from a special committee, saying they would do "whatever it takes" to make it happen.

But Alberta Tory candidate Laurie Hawn later backpedalled somewhat, saying "there is no specific process" to make the documents public during an election campaign.

The alleged abuse of detainees in Afghanistan — and what the federal government may have known about it — has dogged the Conservatives for years.

UN calls Minsk bomb 'apparent' terrorist attack

UNITED NATIONS, April 13, 2011 (AFP) - The UN Security Council on Wednesday condemned a deadly bombing in the Belarus capital, but called it an "apparent" terrorist attack in a move diplomats said cast doubt on the official version of events. The attack in the Minsk metro on Tuesday killed 12 people and injured 200. President Alexander Lukashenko said three suspects had confessed to the bombing and threatened new action against the Belarus opposition. The United States, with the backing of other western nations, insisted on adding the word "apparent" to the normally routine Security Council statement issued after attacks, diplomats said. "The word 'apparent' is included in this statement for a reason," said one diplomat from the 15-nation council, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There are credible indications in Belarus saying there is a more than even chance that the government was behind this."
Complete Story-


April 9,11- Anti War Rally & 9-11 Petition Drive (Canada)

"9-11 Is Key"
Quoted by Dr. Niels Harrit of Copenhagen University.
during the" Edmonton Questions 9-11" conference.

Open Letter with YouTube to: Edmonton/Old Strathcona MP. Linda Duncan, Edmonton Center MP. Laurie Hawn, The Mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel and Green Party Edmonton Center candidate David Parker- From Edmonton 911 Truth: Doug Brinkman, CC- Friends and Supporters of 9/11 Truth, National Post's Jonathan Kay, Canadian politicians, candidates and the media...

RE- Anti War-9-11 Petition Drive to Investigate 9-11 in Canada

Canada Federal Election: Candidate Interviews, Questioning 9/11 for Truth

April 1, 2011-
YouTube Report by Doug Brinkman- Citizen Media/

420 Activists & Local Music Artists promote 9/11 Truth

Almost one year ago May 20th- DJ Kraeden sent out a warning to 420 activists on the lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds to pay special close attention to the lies and crimes of 9/11 and to link to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

Wordplay f/ K​-​Blitz
Local Edmonton Hip Hop Artist
highlights World Trade Center 7 and the Pentagon attack- 9/11 Truth.

from Market Share EP, track released 29 March 2011
Wordplay f/ K-Blitz
(M. Wilson, B. Richards, K. Lonergan)
Produced by Fred Brenton
Vocals Mixed by DJ Nato | Beat Mixed by Fred Brenton
Host Voiceover by DJ Sonny Grimezz

Saturday March 26 - 3 rallies, 1 farmer's market interview and more signatures petitioned

Saturday March 26 9-11 Petition Blitz: Included 3 Rallies, Friends of Medicare at the Alberta Legislature, Libya Rally at Churchill Square and Jack Layton for Prime Minister of Canada rally at the Alberta Art Gallery- Farmer's Market at the City Hall included.

Election Time in Canada is 9/11 Truth Time in Canada!
This YouTube shows from the last Federal Election campaign footage with NDP leader the Honorable Jack Layton from 2009.
The Honorable Linda Duncan interviewed on 9/11 last winter March 2010 during anti war rally.

Candidates all from the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Canadian government loses no-confidence vote - "9/11 is Key! " Election Campaign Begins

"9/11 is Key" - Canada Election Campaign began in Edmonton just hours before the Harper Government was defeated in a non confidence vote. Posters went up on city provided kiosks in Old Strathcona and the downtown core of Edmonton.

9/11 is Key, The Evidence is Clear, Edmonton Participates with Cross Canada Petition

Saturday March 19, 2011-9/11 Civil Infomation actions at City Hall.
9/11 Activists Emily and Doug shared free brochures and "9/11 blueprint for truth " DVDs by Richard Gage of conference) and collected more signatures for "A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation" petition initiated by truthACTIONottawa. Saturday and Sunday's petition drive brings the total number of signatures collected in Edmonton to 87. Signatures will be collected for most of the year ending September 2011 and later read in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. Visit truthACTIONottawa and start your own petition drive in your hometown for "A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation."Dr. Niels Harrit several times during his recent visit to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada quoted saying -" 9/11 is Key!"

Afghanistan Justice - 9/11 Retribution - Civilians pay!

"It’s a long discussion on whether we should be in Afghanistan - whether anyone should be in Afghanistan. But since we are and since we’ve come this far, I don’t think it’s appropriate to leave.." Bruce Cockburn

9/11 Retribution- Everybody loves to see justice done on somebody else...