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Canada's - National Post - Jonathan Kay "Among The Truthers"

CHLY 101.7 Nanamo, Host Raymond Geisler interviews Jonathan Kay of the National Post July 2009. Complete Interview.
Kay's new book " Among The Truthers" comes out May 2011.
Kay's Blog- Among The Truthers.

National Post's Jonathan Kay Attacks a "Truther" to Introduce His Own Foxified Account of the 9/11 Attack:
By Anthony J. Hall.

"9/11 Truth and The Media" Good or Bad? You Decide!"

Compiled by Edmonton 9/11 Civil Information

Joshua Blakeney, Corporate media fails to address 9/11 questions- Citizen actions in front of CBC

Joshua Blakeney joined Dr. Niels Harrit, Ms. Pernille Grmme and local Edmonton activist Doug Brinkman last minute leafleting before Dr. Harrit's scheduled lecture "Edmonton Questions 9/11" conference at the Stanley Milner Library that evening. Leaflets were shared in front of the downtown offices of the CBC. Joshua gives his account of corporate media's complicity to 9/11 criminal cover-up. YouTube includes excerpt of Jonathan Kay of the National Post on Raymond Geisler's 9/11 Unbought and Unbossed radio show on CHLY.

Dr. Niels Harrit and wife touchdown in Edmonton, Leaflet's Libyan Rally

With-in hours after coming off a 4 hour flight from Toronto and braving minus 25 C. cold temperatures Dr. Niels Harrit and his wife activist Parnille joined local activist Doug at a Libyan rally in Churchill Square. After the rally we shared leaflets and invited Edmonton's Libyan community to come hear Dr. Harrit's free lecture scheduled for Tuesday February 22 @ 7PM.
YouTube report Sunday's rally..

Niels and his wife are shown at the 7:20 minute mark...
Complete Dr. Niels Harrit Cross Canada Tour details:

Promoting Dr. Niels Harrit Speaking Event To Albertans

Promoting Dr. Niels Harrit to Edmontonians this week...

Sometimes a guys got to get out there and be the media...

2-Days Civil Information[ing]: Dr Niels Harrit to the University of Alberta, and Local Farmer's Market

Friday February 4Th - University of Alberta: Posters and Leaflets promoting Dr. Niels Harrit's February 22ND speaking event...

Saturday February 5Th. Old Strathconas Farmer's Market.

A Discussion with UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk

The UN, Israel-Palestine and 9/11 Scholarship: A Discussion with Prof. Richard Falk (3 parts)
Dr. Richard Falk is Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University. He is the author, co-author or editor of about three dozen scholarly books. In 2008 Professor Falk was appointed to a six-year term as Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967. Professor Falk has been attacked recently by UN Watch, by UN General-Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, and by the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice. In this discussion, Professor Falk gives his assessment of the political context of the criticisms he is facing for identifying Israeli crimes in the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and for referring positively to the scholarly contributions of Professor David Ray Griffin and other academics who have identified serious shortcomings in government and mainstream media interpretations concerning the contested events of 9/11.

Part-1 by Globalization1492

Canadian MP Lawrie Hawn comes un-done when asked about Afganistan and 9/11: New Years Eve

During New Years Eve celebrations Edmonton Center MP Laurie Hawn took center stage with his own political play by play on Afghanistan to 20,000 revelers "All is well with the troops and mission in Afghanistan. Problem is not all is well back in Afghanistan, and he forgot to mention his own Government breaking a promise at bringing the troops home in 2011. Canadian Troops will change from a military role to training Afghans to kill Afghans. Women and children continue to take the bulk of casualties as the United Nations warns. Canada's war of 9/11 Retribution continues in 2011.

9/11 Edmonton Speakers Corner New Years Eve 2010/11
Hawkeyicockburn- Youtube Channel

Winter Solstice Brings Renewed 9/11 Truth Commitment- Posters on Kiosks

One activist's renewed commitment for 9/11 Truth in his community.
Poster's on city provided kiosks several times a month for 3 years.

11th Day Street Action -"Stop Human Trafficking?!" ,"Investigate 9/11 Canada". December 2010

There is hope for the future with our young men and women taking a leading role for what's right!
Another successful 11TH. day of the month truth action in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Special thanks to the Edmonton Police Service, Emily and Tony for the free DVDs on
9/11 Blueprint for truth , featuring Richard Gage. ( Winnipeg Conference)
Special thanks to Santa's helpers.

[Comment] WikiLeaks and 9/11: What if?


CET EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - The organisation has drawn both high praise and searing criticism for its mission of publishing leaked documents without revealing their source, but we suspect the world hasn't yet fully seen its potential. Let us explain.

There were a lot of us in the run-up to 9/11 who had seen warning signs that something devastating might be in the planning stages. But we worked for ossified bureaucracies incapable of acting quickly and decisively. Lately, the two of us have been wondering how things might have been different if there had been a quick, confidential way to get information out.

One of us, Coleen Rowley, was a special agent/legal counsel at the FBI's Minneapolis division and worked closely with those who arrested would-be terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui on an immigration violation less than a month before the World Trade Center was destroyed.

Jonathan Kay Attacks a "Truther" to Introduce His Own Foxified Account of the 9/11 Attacks

by Anthony J. Hall Professor of Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge

Jonathan Kay has made it an issue of national news in The National Post that my graduate student, Joshua Blakeney, is the proud winner of the Queen Elizabeth II scholarship for academic excellence. This award will help Joshua in supporting his research for his MA thesis on the academic controversies surrounding the background, substance, and outgrowths of the events of September 11, 2001.

2010 CFL Grey Cup - Building What? - End Zone

YouTube Activist's Report: Grey Cup Week in Edmonton, 9/11 Civil Information Actions

Another successful 9/11 Civil Information action was completed this week prior to Sunday's championship Grey Cup game between the Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan Roughriders at Commonwealth Stadium.
100 "" posters were placed on downtown city kiosks and just under 600 "" leaflets were shared with Grey Cup football fans during downtown activities.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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