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Norman Finkelstein, Anthony J. Hall: Questioned on growing 9/11/01 Public Opinion

Dr. Norman Finkelstein author of " The Holocaust Industry" October 29, 2010 University of Alberta speaking event hosted by "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East".

Professor Anthony J. Hall author of " Earth Into Property" September 29 , 2010 at the Westin hotel Edmonton at a James Cameron press conference(writer & director film: Avatar).
Both men responded to my question regarding the growing doubts of the official 9/11 story in Canada, U.S. and around the world.

George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards", Grey Cup "Building What?"

YouTube Report: November 25, 2010- A day of Grey Cup "" Civil Information actions, a night with former British MP George Galloway and 9/11...

George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards" & Grey Cup "Building What?"

I tried to ask George Galloway a question regarding the crimes of 9/11 but failed to get his response.
After his speaking event I shared "" leaflets. Over 500 came to hear Galloway speak at the University of Alberta.

( 2 days before Edmonton) "9/11 truthers Are Largely Insane" Calgary: George Galloway asked about 9/11 by Professor Anthony J. Hall and his graduate student Joshua Blakeney in Calgary