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Dave Mustaine of Megadeth questions 9/11

Plugs the documentary Zeitgeist and named his new his album Endgame after Alex Jones's film. Questions the official story at the Pentagon. Megadeth has sold around 20 million worldwide and Dave Mustaine was a founding member of Metallica writing many of their classic songs like "The Four Horseman" and "The Call of Ktulu" etc. Video interview.

Seed Magazine science blog Respecful Insolence mocks 9/11 truthers

A surgeon has a popular science blog where he is mocking 9/11 truth, he lets anyone post and doesnt censor civil debate so you can chime in if you want, they are teeing off on 9/11 truth.

The smoking guns of 9/11

Now that there is some media exposure on building 7 etc there should be some cogent points made since there is some media exposure. Focusing on some points quickly rather than jabbering about "toxic dust" " etc focus on the big picture.

1. In order for building 7 to fall straight down all 81 columns had to fail at the same time. They would have to fail all at the same time AT SEVERAL DIFFERENT LEVELS THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING. For example all the columns would have to fail at the bottom at the same time, and this same process of simulteanous failure would occur on at least 3-4 other levels of the building. This is the only way to explain the totality and symetry of the collapse. This is impossible w/o explosives. The lead NIST invesigator Dr. Sunder told New York magazine the truth, after years and millions of dollars, he didnt really know why the building collapsed.

2. Fire and damage have never caused steel tall buildings to collapse.

Juicy qoutes from nist man Dr. Sunder about building 7 in New York Magazine
From march 2006 New York Magazine

NIST did have "some preliminary hypotheses" on 7 WTC, Dr. Sunder said. "We are studying the horizontal movement east to west, internal to the structure, on the fifth to seventh floors." Then Dr. Sunder paused. "But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."

6 years later they dont even know. Look at this site its also got quotes from a swiss structural engineer that its a CD. This info belongs in Loose Change final cut.

Inward bowing of columns, whats is the explanation

The inward bowing of columns happens slowly, supposedly due to sagging floors, which is what debunkers are using to refute the truth movement. The truth community should develop a response toin order to stave of debunking nightmare. Any suggestions or hypothesis?

Danny Bonaduce, Worlds Foremost expert on Foreign Affairs meets John Conner.

Danny Bonaduce tremendous intellect on foreign policy is spoken very eloquently in brilliant prose.

9/11 politicians should run as democrats, not independents.

Running as a democrat gives a candidate much more credibility, while you can still have the same liberal issues like 9/11 truth. People are superficial they wont vote for a party that doesnt have a brand name.........thats why Bob Bowman is the only one who has a shot to win, because he ran as a democrat.

Just because the democratic party is not not that great, does not mean it cant be taken back. The issues Bowman is raising are evry appealing to traditional democratic voters.

Improbable collapse review

This movie is pretty good but the beggining is pretty bad. I mean having people dance in the streets screaming about Thomas Paine and the patriot act is not going to convince
anybody of anything. In order for these 9/11 videos to become viral you have to just grab the audience with something of substance, like in Loose Change when they talk about
Northwoods right away. It grabs your attention much more, especially if your not a truther.

In my opinion, every 9/11 movie should deal with the fake osama confession tape. So many disbeleivers always say that he admitted it and if he really did then they have a point.
For example, Mathew rothschild brings this up as his first point in his debunking article. The guy in the tape is so obviously fake, and i think voice anaylsis has been done as well.He actually denied involvement.
Every movie needs to deal with the smoking gun "confessions" or else people see a movie like 9/11 mysteries and improbale collapse and feel that osama confession will nullify the movies points.
In fact if these movies get updated exposing the fake confessions would be a great way to open up a movie.

Please answer these questions

The experts at PM have changed their story so often its ridicoulus. First they say the buildings pancaked and now they say thats not so. Now we are supposed to believe that the part above the impact zone crushed the part below with no resistence from a structure that was built to withstand multiple jet impacts according to one of the engineers who desigined it, Frank demartini, a former harvard professor. The idiots at NIST have given us no historical, experimental or graphical occurance of their newest Pile driver theory.

I would like answers to the following questions

If the fires were so hot why didnt the windows break?

Is it not suspicious that fire never has caused a high rise building to collpase, then three magically collapsed symetrically in the same day?

How come NIST can barely explanation to the bright orange reaction right before the collapse, it fits a thermite reaction like a glove, but NIst speculates its from the aluminum burning, but sorry DR jones conducted experiments and its not. Aluminum even when mixed with office materials is silvery. Please explain.

according to the new york times the steel was evaporated, you need temps far higer than a office fire to do that......5000 degrees, whats your hypothesis?

Debunking 9/11 myths

If no steel framed structure ever collapsed why did 3 buildings fall because of fire on 9/11?
This is not true. Several buildings have collapsed due to fire, but have gone undocumented in Africa and India for example. For example in africa a man named Dr. Goofy built a 3 story
hut framed in steel poles that he duct taped himself. He cooked a stew and went to the village and his stew caused a fire, hence global collapse occured due to fire.

Wasnt there a standown order that Norman Mineta revealed on 9/11?
No Dick cheney was playing battleship with Condaleeza rice because there were bored in the bunker. They were yelling at eachother like little kids playing war. The gullible young aid misread these as something other than they were.

What about the explosions people heard?
These explosions were caused by people getting nervous and the farting, not because of bombs.



Think of an elephant doing the moonwalk and then balancing on one foot on a dining room table. What happens? the table collapses symetrically in freefall speed. 99% of engineers
agree with the elephant moonwalk theory. Dont be a tinfoil hat moron!

Why are Stephen Jones and Davis Ray griffin articles ignored?

The two best papers on the collapse of the towers are the jones and griffin paper "why the towers collapsed" They are sourced and scientific. If a movie was made summing
up their main points that was a slickly produced as Loose Change it would spread. They have so many quotes and contradictions to NIST specifically and the flawed investigation.
Although movies like loose change and 9/11 mysteries are good, the jones 12 points he brings up and the contradictions articulated in a entertaining video format would be very nice
to see.

Points that are brought up in the jones paper that need to be spread in a new loose change type movie

1. evaporated steel
2. molten metal
3. nist claim that they only investigated the "pre collapse events, not the subsequent collapses"
4. Nist floor models that did not melt or sag, so they resorted to computer modeling that was rigged. (read jones paper)
5.The samples from the fire area that only showed evidence of fire reaching a max of 250c, no more
6. windows not breaking
7. bright orange reaction that fits thermite reaction like a glove.
8. block above impact area that turns into dust in midair. (how could it crush the rest of the building if it turned into dust?)