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Wisconsin Shooter has Ties to Colorado? Is the Network Becoming Exposed?

Latest news for those watching all of this unfold is that Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page also has ties to Colorado. In fact, he has ties to the Littleton Colorado area where he attended high school.

The Columbine shooting occurred in 1999 at Colombine High School which is in the Littleton Colorado area where Wade Michael Page went to high school also, a few years prior to the Columbine shooting.

The latest news reveals that Wade Michael Page had been at Fort Bragg in Psychological Operations and had apparently just recently moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina(Is he part of a cell that asked him to move?). He had also been in Texas at Fort Bliss.

Is a network of disinformationists muddying the waters on the Aurora Shooting and other terror events?

It seems some are noticing that there seems to be a heavy campaign underway to distort the events surrounding the Aurora Colorado Dark Knight Rises theater shooting. It is mainly coming from a group of websites associated with stringing the most outlandish conspiracy theories up with 9/11 and other terrorist events occurring around the world. Most of these types of websites deal with completely outlandish subjects such as Alien Abductions and stir those into the pot with honest discussions. A few are more subtle. has been following the story but as is usual, the proprietor is injecting tiny amounts of disinformation into the story as he goes.

He loves to tell his readership how he is horrified by all of the ignorance on the internet, yet he regularly links to rightwing propaganda videos but makes disclaimers to his supposed leftwing readership to just ignore the propaganda parts but pay attention to the parts that he feels important. No credible researcher would take such a tactic unless their motive was to muddy the waters.