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Obama: Synagogues targeted in possible terror plot

                                                President Barack Obama is Briefed on Suspicious Packages Found on Cargo Planes Bound for the United States


Chavez to Assad: We should speed up the birth of a new world order

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and Syria's President Bashar al-Assad hold
a joint press conference at the presidential palace, Damascus, 21 October 2010

Chavez to Assad: We should speed up the birth of a new world order


US official: A new event might surprise you the way 9/11 surprised us




excerpts from: U.S. Official on Upcoming NATO Ministerial Meetings in Brussels

America.gov, 12 October 2010

Foreign Press Center briefing with Jim Townsend JR., Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy

President Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to help nab 9/11 perpetrators


Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to help nab 9/11 perpetrators

Press TV, 3 October 2010


Ahmadinejad’s UN 9-11 speech


Ahmadinejad’s UN 9-11 speech

by Gideon Polya, Media With Conscience, 25 September 2010

Top scientists and intelligence experts dispute the “official US version” of what happened on 9-11 and variously assert that people within the US Government did 9-11 (possibly with Israeli assistance). President Ahmadinejad’s 9-11 speech at the UN merely advances 3 logical, testable, scientific  hypotheses about 9-11 but has immediately elicited hysterical, egregiously dishonest, anti-science and anti-truth responses from Western leaders and Mainstream media.

The immediate responses involved a walk-out of US representatives and its lackeys from 30 countries, including Australia, Britain, Sweden and Spain, from the speech itself – they simply didn’t want to hear anything differing from the “official US version” of 9-11. 

Al-Qaida prepares for Israel-Iran war

[propaganda alert]



excerpts from: 'Al-Qaida prepares for Israel-Iran war'

Jerusalem Post, 20 August 2010

Al-Qaida is ready to exploit a war "by the Jews against Iran," the Sunni group's second-in-command in Yemen, Saeed al-Shehri, said in an audio message this month [...] Al-Qaida would benefit from an Israel-Iran war because if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear installations, Iran would use its proxies to lash back at Americans in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

19th August 1953 - Anglo-American military coup in Iran: "Operation Ajax"











Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, accompanied by CIA Director Allen Dulles, 
returns from exile to Tehran on 22 August 1953.

Full transcript of Nasrallah's evidence on the Rafiq Hariri assassination


Sayyed Nasrallah - Hariri assassination evidence expose - Full press conference (updated with transcript)

Vineyard the Saker, 13 August 2010

Editorial note from Vineyard of the Saker:

I urge you all to take the time to sit down and watch the 2,5 hour long presentation. It is a quite fascinating expose of Israeli operations in Lebanon, it features intercepts by Hezbollah of Israeli UAV flying over Lebanon and it gives some most interesting prospects on what the murder of Rafik Hariri was supposed to achieve.

This is also, arguably, the first "psychological" phase of the upcoming war on Iran. The USA and Israel are quite possibly trying to create chaos in Lebanon via the promised indictment of Hezbollah officials by the special UN tribunal which is likely to bring down the current Lebanese government and possibly result in some serious tensions inside Lebanon making it easier for the Empire to isolate Hezbollah and "defend democracy", by force if needed.

A new film on the 2005 London bombings: "Seeds of Deconstruction"


7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction, released 3 August 2010

J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign, 10 August 2010


The second film that J7 is happy to recommend to anyone interested in the events of 7/7 is one that updates and expands greatly on the information presented in Ludicrous Diversion, and also helps place the events of 7/7 in a wider historical and political context.