Comic Relief: "Dangerous Extremist" Architects Gone Wild!! BEWARE!!

Just to lighten things up for a moment, here's one of my all-time favorites. This clip has EVERYTHING!!! Architects, Free Masons, Collapsing Skyscrapers, and slaughter of innocent civilians via ROTATING KNIVES!! (And I think those might be debunkers at the beginning of the clip.)

Legendary Industrial Music Pioneers Skinny Puppy Site "False Flag Attacks"

Legendary industrial music pioneers Skinny Puppy gave a brief comment about false flag attacks in a recent interview here:

The relevant quote begins at 25:18. For those of you who are not fans of the group, the bulk of the interview will be irrelevant, but there is a nod to Truth in there...

Ron Paul delivers a historic speech. ...And is recieved by deafening silence.

To all the Ron Paul naysayers: I challenge you to listen to this speech in its entirety and tell me he isn't fighting to get the truth out there. If Congressman Paul comes out vocally for 9/11 Truth right now, he is finished. If he had broached the topic in the first debate, he would never have made it to the second debate. I guarantee Ron Paul is going to make far larger waves by staying in the race and blowing open issues like the ones he raises here, as opposed to prematurely blurting "conspiracy theories" and being booted from public discourse.

Sibel Edmonds blows her whistle in May/June issue of Mother Jones

I just saw this in the periodical section in Barnes and Noble. It's only a small mention of Sibel, and of course the implications of her charges are obscured or ignored, but I guess it's better than nothing.

There was also a small blurb on the NAU. Of course it's just a benign free trade agreement, and anyone who says different or does deeper research is a conspiracy nut.

What amazes me about the print media is their ability to take drastically different combinations of words and make the theme, the subtext, the same no matter what. Whether the you're reading Time magazine, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Utne, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, or Dissent, the message is: