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Iraq War Veteran Calls for Suspending the Pledge of Allegiance!

Just last week I read the following article on FoxNews.com which told of NATO’s latest deadly mistake. We all know that NATO is a nice way of saying the “International” arm of the U.S. Military. As I read this article, I couldn’t help but wonder how long my fellow Americans would continue to ignore these ongoing crimes against humanity.


Excuse me, but shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself?

Earlier today, my dear friend Edward accused me of “spitting in the face of American citizens who were truly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks” since I am publicly demanding a real investigation into exactly what happened in our country on September 11, 2001. While Edward is a pretty smart guy most of the time, lately he has been getting a few things dead wrong. The point of this blog is to help Edward, and others, discover that they are actually the ones “spitting in the face of American citizens who were truly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks” through their deafening silence and blind faith in the U.S. Government and Mainstream Media. To clarify this point, let’s learn a little more about the families who lost loved ones that fateful September morning.

Daniel Bland's Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson:

Dr Dobson

Does Christ’s Church stand for TRUTH & JUSTICE?

Dr. Dobson,

I grew up reading, Break Away, your magazine for teenage boys. My mom always subscribed to your publications and always loved to listen to your radio appearances whenever possible. I think many people would agree that you have been a highly respected and revered leader in the evangelical Christian movement for many years. I am writing you directly because I can not think of a more respected leader in the entire Christian community. Lately I have been rapidly loosing faith in the integrity and leadership of the Christian Church, and I wanted to write to see if you could help me understand whether or not Christ’s Church really stands for TRUTH and JUSTICE. I do not want to continue loosing my religion, so I’m writing to you for help.

Daniel Bland's Open Letter to Charlie Sheen:

DB Head Shot Charlie_Sheen.2jpg

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude and respect for your honorable decision to turn up the heat on this evil conspiracy which has invaded our country from within our own borders. You are a very brave man, and deserve the respect of every true blooded American citizen!

Daniel Bland’s Open Letter to Eric Holder, America’s Attorney General:

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America
750 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, D.C 20530

Mr. Holder,

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have drastically changed the global landscape. We have passed new laws which have destroyed constitutional rights and freedoms granted by our forefathers. We have invaded two sovereign nations, the latter of which we now know to be based on deceptive intelligence and blatant lies by senior government officials. The global events that have transpired since that fateful morning have divided our nation and the entire world. I write to you because I have an idea regarding how we can prove to the American public the truth regarding what really happened on 9/11. We can settle the debate once and for all about who really murdered nearly three thousand of our fellow countrymen, and murdered millions more innocent global citizens around the world under the pretext of the 9/11 Attacks.