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Hey guys!! Very very very long time no see haha!!

Hey guys!! This is my first post back here in literally years, have never forgot how much I love this site though and all you amazing people! Haven't made a political video for just as long lol, but getting back into the saddle a bit now. Made this entry for the CNNmemeWar, had about 5 other ideas but time wise only really enough for one. Put some 9/11 Truth in there also so thought had to share it to you guys, plus is a great excuse to finally say hi again after so long lol!

Trump VS CNN Queen Alien (Full Version)

Thanks guys!!!!

The American Dream - THIS IS BRILLIANT!!

Cartoon documentary borrowing a lot from shows like Family Guy but delivers a brilliant message, so well done!!

Invisible Empire Official Trailer

The official trailer for Invisible Empire, written and directed by Jason Bermas, and produced by Alex Jones.

Brilliant video: 9/11 Truth Happens

This is a truly amazing vid with superb editing, beautiful footage and a great message, everyone please help spread!

Holocaust Denial And The Truth Movement

Great vid by MrBritDestruct highlighting what's been said by the "WeAreChangeMelbourne" account on Youtube:

Holocaust Denial And The Truth Movement

Joe Scarborough apologizes to 9/11 truth activists in confrontation

Joe Scarborough apologizes to 9/11 truth activists in confrontation

While Joe Scarborough was confronted at a book signing, he apologized to 9/11 truth activists (We Are Change Chicago & Ohio) in response to his call for one to be tazed at a Clinton rally back in 2008. Scarborough also assured that the climate bill that passed through the house would not make it past the Senate. While being confronted about the mainstream black out on the Bilderberg meetings, both Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski denied any knowledge of the annual meetings that her father attends.

UPDATE:'s Anti-hatred Signing Statement

UPDATE: Janice from asked me to post this here as an update, people can still sign if they want to add their name to the list via a new email address they've just set up, here's her massage:

"To sign our statement rejecting this outrageous propaganda repeatedly pushed by Glenn Beck, please send an email to: ."

I hope people do sign because it feels good to stand up and this list of signatures can be used to prove 9/11 truth is a peace movement next time Beck or whoever slanders us all again.

Link:'s Anti-hatred Signing Statement

9 11 Lessons From Star Trek

Brilliant video by ThoughtCrime7 - ThoughtCrime7's channel:

From the Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove".

It seems that Gene Roddenberry knew something about false flag operations.