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Swine Flu Song

Brilliant vid by PutnamPig

Swine Flu Song

PutnamPig's channel:

Miss Piggy, Arnold Ziffle,
neither has a little sniffle
Porky Pig and Pooh's Piglet
No fever yet

Putnam, Gordy, Toot and Puddle
Not contagious safe to snuggle

Ask Petunia Babe, Noelle
All of them feel well

Wilbur, Hamm Hogzilla too
None of them caused the flu

Wash your hands, wear a mask
How'd this happen, people ask

How it started I don't know
Stay away from Mexico

Now it's in the USA
No one's safe this day and age

Pigs didn't start the swine flu
Blame the laboratory
For this awful Story
Pigs didn't start the swine flu
No we've been betrayed

Bird Flu in Chris Carter's 1998 'Millennium': "It was always about control, Frank."

This is an interesting clip from Chris Charter's Millennium, dealing with a man-made Bird Flu type super virus that the viewer later finds out was released by the Millennium Group, who want to fulfil an apocalyptic prophesy and bring about a New Dawn (i.e. New World Order).

"Pittsburgh shooter was fan of online conspiracy theories"!

Anyone else find this suspicious as hell? Ironically Alex Jones has been saying for ages that this exact type of incident would happen and be used to associate 9/11 truth etc with "McVeigh" type terrorists:

Pittsburgh shooter was fan of online conspiracy theories
"The Post-Gazette also mentions the conspiracy theory website PrisonPlanet, run by radio talk show host Alex Jones, as a source for some of Poplawski's more off-the-wall notions."

Suspect in officers' shooting was into conspiracy theories
"Believing most media were covering up important events, Mr. Poplawski turned to a far-right conspiracy Web site run by Alex Jones, a self-described documentarian with roots going back to the extremist militia movement of the early 1990s."

Brzezinski Speech @ Chatam House Nov 2008, post election

Brzezinski Speech @ Chatam House Nov 2008, post election


Q & A afterwards:

Full Transcript PDF: (link at bottom of page)

Is FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago?

Is FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago?

The Politics Of Bollocks By John Pilger

The Politics Of Bollocks

By John Pilger

February 06, 2009 "Information Clearinghouse" --- Growing up in an Antipodean society proud of its rich variety of expletives, I never heard the word bollocks. It was only on arrival in England that I understood its majesterial power. All classes used it. Judges grunted it; an editor of the Daily Mirror used it as noun, adjective and verb. Certainly, the resonance of a double vowel saw off its closest American contender. It had authority.

A high official with the Gilbertian title of Lord West of Spithead used it to great effect on 27 January. The former admiral, who is security adviser to Gordon Brown, was referring to Tony Blair's famous assertion that invading countries and killing innocent people did not increase the threat of terrorism at home.

New video: Something to tell the world!

An animated message from Rabbi Weiss, expressing what a real Jew feels towards the Arab and Muslim people of the world!

Watch the full speech here:

And another great one by Rabbi Weiss here:

High Quality download here (WMV):

"XIII: The Conspiracy" - TV Series gets into NWO, False Flag Terrorism!

Check out the two part TV miniseries "XIII: The Conspiracy", its got Val Kilmer in it and it's about a conspiracy of people high up in the US establishment carrying out False Flag Attacks and other things for a "New World Order". Amazing!

XIII: The Conspiracy is a Franco-Canadian 2008 TV mini-series based on the comic book series of the same title by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, revolving around an amnesiac protagonist who seeks to discover his concealed past. The series was directed by Duane Clark, stars Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff, was produced by Prodigy Pictures and Cipango Films. It was first shown on TV in France on October 6 and 13, 2008 on Canal+ and is scheduled to be broadcast in both Canada on Global Television and in the USA on NBC February 8th and 15th 2009.

UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

"Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism" Tzipi Livnis Father was a Terrorist" Astonishing claims in the House of Parliament. SIR Gerald Kaufman, the veteran Labour MP, yesterday compared the actions of Israeli troops in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his family to flee Poland.

During a Commons debate on the fighting in Gaza, he urged the government to impose an arms embargo on Israel.

Sir Gerald, who was brought up as an orthodox Jew and Zionist, said: "My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town a German soldier shot her dead in her bed.