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David Cameron answers second question on 911: Press for Truth

Says he hasn’t watched the whole thing, but is aware of the concern about 9/11, thinks "911: Press for Truth" while not mentioning "conspiracy" contains "one sided arguments" and it is his "strong belief" that a real investigation isn’t needed.

If anyone wants to keep the pressure on here's another blog that needs voting up;

MI5/6 funding terrorism?

Infowars Exclusive: 7/7 Bus Bomb Survivor Describes "Agents" At Scene In Immediate Aftermath

Infowars Exclusive: 7/7 Bus Bomb Survivor Describes "Agents" At Scene In Immediate Aftermath
Witness claims a group of secret service operatives and intelligence officers were already inside the cordon before the bus arrived in Tavistock square. | January 29, 2007
Steve Watson & Alex Jones

Daniel Obachike, the man who was on the lower deck of the number thirty bus that exploded in Tavistock Square in London on 7/7/05, has exclusively provided Infowars with a preview of a new section of his soon to be published narrative, The 4th Bomb .

George Galloway's speech to Parliament, January 2007

A powerful speech highlighting the appalling situation in Iraq, and the pathetic handling of it by the British government: Ill-equipped troops, brutal treatment of civilians, and support for death squads: Welcome to democracy, Bush & Blair style!

Last call to vote!

Looks like he'll be having to confront another question about 911: Press for Truth, please vote if you haven’t already though;

Will You Watch 9/11 Press For Truth?

Official Inquiries, 7-7, 9-11

Quick reminder to vote!

Please vote if you haven’t already, Cameron might be spineless but it's still good it to get these issues in his face;

Will You Watch 9/11 Press For Truth?

Official Inquiries, 7-7, 9-11

The Daily Show on Bush’s State of the Union speech

I thought this was hilarious, and check the end with Fox News’ “Stalin Numbers” hahahahaha….

Cameron on Bilderberg, this is sickening.

(This is my comment on his "blog" in responce, everyone drop some credible, powerful truth bombs - )

Blair was asked about his meetings at the outrageous and undemocratic "Bilderberg" for which he had attended, along with Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, before any of them took office. Here was the question and his response;

Norman Baker MP: To ask the Prime Minister pursuant to the answer of 12 October 2006, Official Report, column 862W, on the Bilderberg Group, if he will provide the information requested in respect of himself since 1997. [95308]

The Prime Minister: I have not attended any such meetings.


Now look at Cameron's response;

"I haven't attended any such meetings, so your other questions don't apply!"

Hilariously inaccurate Amazon Synopsis of AJ's “Terrorstorm”

Just got this mail from amazon telling me about Terrrorstom;

Terrorstorm - A History Of Government Sponsored Terrorism [2006]
Alex Jones

RRP: £9.99
Price: £7.49
You Save: £2.50 (25%)

Release Date: 29 January 2007

Noam Chomsky shills again.....

Noam Chomsky, "the great intellectual", has in a PBS interview once again embraced his supposed worst enemy's favourite war-justifying psychological weapon, that being the "Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory".

It stands in stark contrast to 9/11 widow Patty Casazza's earlier PBS interview, in which she mentions WTC 7, the continued need for an impartial investigation, as well as the Henry Kissinger meeting, the loss of civil rights and other things of real importance. Things of real importance which are dismissed as "non-issues" and "distractions" by "the great intellectual" Mr Chomsky.

To listen to Chomsky’s interview click here.

To listen to Patty Casazza's click here.

Blogs that need voting up on "WebCameron"!!

Let's keep the pressure on and get at least one of these hopefully in the top five for him to answer;

Official Inquiries, 7-7, 9-11 (Currently on 21 votes)

Will You Watch 9/11 Press For Truth? (Currently on 19 votes)

What is your opinion on the lies told by the US Goverment concerning the air quality at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11 (Currently on 16 votes)

Please help if possible and spread these out to other forums/message boards etc, to get other people who want to see these questions answered voting as well!!

Voting period: 22nd Jan - 28th Jan 07

Guardian mentions 9/11 Truth on "Webcameron"

"Young Dave Fotherington-Cameron's terminally exciting webcameron, we're pleased to say, is fast becoming essential viewing for all those seeking to understand what's really driving the Tory renaissance. A novel new feature, Ask David, allows visitors to post a question they'd like the dear boy to answer and vote for a fortnightly top five, to be graced with a response from His Daveship. So what, we wonder, has been most exercising the minds of the New Model Conservatives this month? Iraq? The NHS? Tax reform? Racism on Celebrity Big Brother? Actually, it's what Dave feels about "the blatant and troubling discrepancies with the official narrative describing the 9/11 attacks" and the "unequivocal fact that we have been lied to". Inexplicably, he hasn't answered it yet.",,1992724,00.html

Video: Ms V for Vendetta

I think this is a bit goofy, but it's quite good as well. Great effort by the lady who did it, check it out;

Alex Jones interview with Sunsara Taylor

Alex welcomes peace activist and member of the Advisory Board of The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime, Sunsara Taylor, to discuss her recent appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.

Listen here

Original O’Reilly interview here;

What are the Goals in the 9/11 Truth Community?

What are the Goals in the 9/11 Truth Community?

Steven E. Jones
December 22, 2006, revised January 9, 2007

Consider this statement made a few weeks ago by Dr. Frank Legge, Kevin Ryan, Victoria Ashley and other (previous) members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

"Further, on the Scholars' web site, positions are being promoted which are disputed by the scientists specializing in physical sciences from Scholars For 9/11 Truth. Attempts to correct this situation have failed. As of this date the web site continues to promote assertions which are unsupported by the evidence (ray-beams from space caused the demolitions, mini-nukes were used in the WTC towers, real commercial jets did not hit the WTC towers, etc.). We feel that the promotion of these ideas functions to distract from and discredit much of the other basic strong material challenging the official story of 9/11 which already exists - the stand down, the war games, the insider trading, the many strong points of evidence on the demolitions, etc.”

How do we determine if ray-beams from space or mini-nuclear bombs were responsible for bringing down the WTC Towers? How do we know whether jets actually hit the Towers?

While it is admittedly exciting to come up with fascinating new theories about 9/11, if we wish to bring the perpetrators of the horrific 9/11 crimes to justice, we have to exert discretion and discipline by ferreting out those ideas repudiated by the physical evidence. We should consider these ideas, yes, but we do not need to endlessly debate all such issues. We can move on and focus on the solid forensic evidence which lends a hope of attracting the involvement of a criminal prosecutor and of holding up in court or before Congress.