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Protesting The CFR

This video features previously unseen footage of Alex leading the 9/11 Truth Movement's protest of the CFR on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Outside Pratt House, the nesting den of the New World Order, Jones and fellow truth activists assailed the globalists with the reality of their criminal operations - ignoring the puppets and going right to the source of the headquarters of evil.


Mark Roberts: NEADS ran no war games on 9/11. No hijacking drills whatsoever were run on 9/11.

Kevin Nasypany of NEADS: "When they told me there was a hijack, my first reaction was Somebody started the exercise early," The day's exercise was designed to run a range of scenarios, including a "traditional" simulated hijack. "I actually said out loud, 'The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour,'" Nasypany recalled.

Mark Roberts: No, I said, no exercises before 9:00 AM...

I think Mark that's what's commonly referred to as…..

Senator Kennedy: "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam"

In a speech at the National Press Club, Senator Kennedy pre-empted President Bush's address to the nation tomorrow by outlining a bill he's introducing that requires congressional approval for any troop surge in Iraq. Kennedy drew striking parallels between Vietnam and the current conflict, going so far as to say that "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam."

Bill O'Reilly Gets Owned!

This girl owned O'Reilly hard;

This needs voting up!!!

I just posted 911: Press for Truth on opposition party leader to Tony B-Liar, David Cameron’s new blog site. It needs voting up and hopefully he'll comment on it, or at least have 911: Press for Truth in his face!

It took me about 1 minute to register, it's a very slick website and the guy's obviously trying to get down with the younger generation. It needs as many votes as it can get, currently the highest votes a blog has got is 70 and that's a blog on Cannabis legislation or something. Although most of the others have about 20 votes, if we can get 30 then this'll be right up there!!!

Without going into too much politics his party the "Conservatives" have been just as bad as B-Liars’ "Labour" in the past when they were in power. Although Cameron, despite the fact that he does come from a rather upper class background and knows a lot about professional PR, actually seems quite genuine and honest. Here he is in action for people who've never saw him before, and please help vote that blog up!

Help needed in a spread campaign!

Sup guys, I’ve been trying to spread “Guernica Iraq” as far as I can, particularly to Progressive and Anti-War sites. If anyone can help out that would brilliant and much appreciated!

(Hip-Hop) Diabolic: The Masterplan (Feat. AKIR)

I've been meaning to post this forever because it's been out for a while. Diabolic also did the tune "Truth", here's one of his latest called "The Masterplan";

Listen Here

"Bin laden was a scapegoat to send the boys to battle// Now they avoiding shrapnel for a bunch of Oil barrels// We nuttin more then cattle for the slaughter// Got a daughter// Can’t afforded to see her fall in this New World Order" - Diabolic: The Masterplan (Feat. AKIR)

(Video) - "BushTrek: The Voyages of Starship Enron's Prize"

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this is hilarious and basically a great LIHOP statement. Although I don't personally agree completely with some of points made like "Petroleum - the final reserves" (Peak Oil etc). From, made in 2002.

911Podcasts Exclusive (Video): Guernica Iraq

Guernica” was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit.

9/11 Truther Next British Prime Minister?

9/11 Truther Next British Prime Minister?
Meacher set to announce he's running in Labour leadership race; could anti-war rebel really stand a chance?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Michael Meacher MP, former environment minister and 9/11 truther who attracted press attention for publicly questioning the official story behind the terrorist attack in a September 2003 article, could be in contention for the Labour Party leadership race and thus replace Tony Blair as the next British Prime Minister.

"Michael Meacher is "well on the way" to announcing his decision to stand in the forthcoming Labour leadership race, according to one of his key supporters," reports the London Guardian.

With Tony Blair set to stand down before September 2007, the party leader will be the de facto Prime Minister, at least until the next general election in 2009, where many expect David Cameron, a favorite of the Globalists, to reclaim 10 Downing Street for the Tories.

BBC to Cover Building 7's Collapse!

BBC program "The Conspiracy Files" is going to cover the collapse of WTC7. This is interesting but I'm reserving my judgment, especially after last week’s episode. Although I might be wrong, and besides any footage they show of its collapse on mainstream TV should be positive, even if the whole program's a hit-piece.

From the editors blog;  

"A number of you looked forward to the other programmes in the series, which continues in the New Year, especially the programme about 9/11. To answer questions about what we are covering in the 9/11 programme, we are covering all the key issues, including World Trade Centre 7, which was not hit by an aeroplane but which collapsed. And yes we did contact Professor Steven Jones, but he did not want to be interviewed for the programme and instead we interviewed the co-chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Professor Jim Fetzer."

Don’t expect a thing from the sell-out BBC!

I just got through watching the “Conspiracy Files” on BBC 2 about the death of Princes Diana, and frankly it was headache inducing. I don’t know enough about her death and the issues surrounding it, so I don’t really know what the hell happened to her accident or otherwise. Although I would say after becoming aware of just how wrong things are with 9/11, an assassination like that wouldn’t be beyond possibility.

This program starts off with fast flashing abrasive imagery with lots of green and black colouring, and with close-ups of single eyes etc. It’s very nauseating I found, and I’m sure most people watching didn’t appreciate it either. This program seemed to have a very strong bias throughout; the narrator was a female voice who readout a narrative that was full of words like “conspiracists” and “conspiracy theorists” “conspiracy theories”. It labelled and smeared everyone who was sceptical by insinuating that their “claims” aren’t “credible”, for the whole duration of the program. And steered the tone firmly in the direction of favouring the official version of events. It used so many strawman arguments that I was even able to guess what was coming up. For example after a series of points debunking certain aspects brought up by “conspiracists”, the next point was “Diana’s ambulance past a number of closer hospitals, why was this conspiracists ask?”, the answer: “the hospital she was being sent to had vital specialist facilities”.

(Documentary) Dispatches: Spinning Terror

This is a bit of a limited hang out, but it's good as far as mainstream reporting goes.

(Documentary) Dispatches: Stealing Your Freedom

Political commentator Peter Hitchens takes a look at how the recent avalanche of security legislation has affected the civil liberties of ordinary people in Britain. He argues that the government's measures, designed to protect us from crime and terrorism, are in fact a menace to freedom and not a threat to criminals.

500 Loose Change DVD Handout

"On 11/10/06 we handed out 500 Loose Change DVDs during the veterans day parade. Hopefully we will wake some people up and grow the Truth Movement. Thanks goes out to the producers of Loose Change ( for making this possible. More information and DVDs available at TULSATRUTH.ORG"