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Breaking News: BBC Headquarteres Occupied in Scotland

Over 150 supporters of Scottish Stop the War Coalition and Palestinian groups have occupied the BBC headquarters in Glasgow.

They say they will not end their occupation until the BBC has reversed its decision not to broadcast an emergency aid appeal for Gaza. The protesters are demanding to meet with a senior representative of the BBC.

You can contact Keith Boyd, one of the protesters: 07912 348 366, who should be able to provide a picture of the occupation.

Spanish Pamphlet to give out with 911 information

Here is our spanish translation of the panflet that We are Change gives out. To print, download it here and cut on the lateral lines.

U.N. Rights Investigator Expelled by Israel

Published on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by The New York Times
UN Rights Investigator Expelled by Israel
by Isabel Kershner
JERUSALEM - Israeli authorities on Monday expelled Richard Falk, a United Nations investigator of human rights in the Palestinian territories, saying he was unwelcome because of what the government has regarded as his hostile position toward Israel.

Richard Falk speaking in Istanbul in 2005. His positions have angered Israeli officials. (Cem Turkel/A.F.P. — Getty Images)Mr. Falk, an American, arrived in Israel on Sunday. He was held at the airport and placed on the first available flight back to Geneva, his point of departure. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Mr. Falk had been informed in advance that his entry would be barred. Mr. Falk was not immediately available for comment.

Mr. Falk, a professor of international law at Princeton, has the title of United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteur for the Palestinian territories. He has long been criticized in Israel for what many Israelis say are unfair and unpalatable views.

UN Rights Official Endorses 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

UN Rights Official Endorses 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Richard Falk: 9/11 doubts "taint legitimacy of U.S. government"


Geneva, November 11, 2008 — UN Watch, an independent human rights monitoring organization based in Geneva, today called on UN chief Ban Ki-moon and human rights commissioner Navi Pillay to condemn a United Nations official for endorsing conspiracy theories regarding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

In a new article published this week in a Scottish student newspaper, entitled “9/11: More than meets the eye”, Richard Falk, the UN Human Rights Council investigator of “Israel’s violations of the principles and bases of international law”, expressed unqualified support for the 9/11 conspiracy movement, pointing to “doubts surrounding the true character of the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks.”

911 truth at anti war rally Madrid

Last week there was an anti war rally with about 500 people, our 911 truth group was present with megaphone and lots of signs


Spain- Tele 5 broadcast about Richard Gage's conference with english subtitles

Thanks to the conference by Richard Gage, AIA here in Madrid's Colegio Oficial de Arquitectura, on Nov 7, th, this is the first time that 911 truth has been shown on mainstream media here in Spain. The conference was packed and the Colegio, which is the oficial "Guild" for architects here in spain has requested several copies of the video conference. This is the recording of the news item shown at midday on the 8th of November which was seen nation wide, with english subtitles.

Who planned the Madrid bombings?

After years of police and prosecutors enquiries, after a trial lasting 4 months and a 700 pages sentence, we still do not know who planned, organized and carried out the Madrid terrorist attacks.

Who, when, how and why were the 11-M attacks planned?


(Spain) Richard Gage, AIA - on nationwide TV in Madrid

We had overflowing presence at our event, many people had to leave because there was no more room.
Tele 5 web site: http://www.telecinco.es/informativos/internacional/noticia/51928/Un+arquitecto+estadounidense+presenta+su+version+alternat...

you can see how crowded the event was here http://investigar11s.org/richardgage.html

Richard Gage will speak in Colegio Oficial De Arquitectos de Madrid - November 7, 2008

Richard Gage, de Arquitecto e Ingenieros por la verdad sobre el 11-S
Colegio oficial de Arquitectos en Madrid
viernes 7 de noviembre a las 19:00 h. FUNDACIÓN ARQUITECTURA COAM, C/ PIAMONTE Nº 23, MADRID.

Information post about 911 you can create in your city

In Madrid we created an information post about 911 that you can easily fold up and carry from place to place, the crowds form around it immediately.

911 truth appears on major tv station in spain at Spain for McCain event

This video shows the tv coverage on TeleMadrid first followed by our video

911 truth Madrid invades McCain act and get lots of press!

McCain (sounds like McDonalds doesnt it) had a rally here with about 20 people in Madrid, we (the 911truth group ) invaded and came out on tv, and press because our signs were so big they couldnt be avoided.
See us here on tv starting at minute 43 http://www.telemadrid.es/video/emision.pag?tipo=tn2
The rest of the links to articles in press (in spanish) are here:
Here is our video:


9/11 truth protest expects hundreds of people next Sunday in Brussels.

Hundreds of people will join the second edition of the United for Truth European protest asking an international independent investigation on the September 11th, 2001 attacks, Sunday September 7th, 2008, at the Schuman Rond Point in Brussels at 2 P.M. Dr. David Ray Griffin (Writer & Professor in Theology - USA), Mr. Giulietto Chiesa (Italian Euro-parliamentarian) and Mr. Pierre Galand (Former Belgian Senator) are now endorsing the protest. More information can be found on the website: http://www.unitedfortruth.org.

Furthermore, the platform is endorsed by various Non Governmental Organizations like The Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CATMD), CODIP, ReOpen911 and ATTAC Brussels.

Wearing our message

Video of us in spain and what we wear: