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Madrid bombings - trains destroyed 48 hours after the attack

Official document which states that the trains involved in the Madrid March 11 2004 bombings were destroyed 48 hours after the attack, because supposedly they had already taken all of the evidence that was necesary. Same modus operandi as the destruction of the remains of the towers before they could be properly analyzed

Download in high resolution here http://www.rafapal.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/trenes-11m3.jpg

11th of July in Valencia , Spain

On the 11th of July, Flotis gave an outdoor conference about the events of 911 in the main square, with photos. This is a video montage of the event, an inspiration to us all.


911 truth Madrid at no more blood for oil rally

Our 911 truth squad marched with the no more blood for oil group , but they didn't want us marching with them, so the police gave us our own escort

911 truth Madrid at Anti -war Rally

We made 911 truth signs with spanish on one side that said "la verdad ahora" and "911 truth now" on the other. We had extras so we gave them out to anyone who wanted them at the anti war rally on Saturday and they showed up everywhere within all the different groups. I doubt whether any tv station could get a clip of the rally without showing our signs!

911truth activists meeting in Amsterdam last weekend

911 activists from countries in europe met in Amsterdam :

The beautiful city of Amsterdam last weekend witnessed perhaps Europes first ever assemblage of 9/11 activists for a very special 2 day gathering.

Amongst the many dedicated and talented activists in attendance were Japanese MP Yukihisa Fujita and Italian MEP Giulieto Chiesa fresh from their meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels a few days prior. Other notable attendees included Icelandic researcher Elias Davidsson, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen Niels Harrit and international war law expert and founder of The Campaign to Make War History Mr Chris Coverdale.

As well as introductions and reports from each country represented; future strategies, tactics and methods were discussed and debated.

Giuletto Chiesa explains the control the USA has over the media and european parliment

Giulietto Chiesa explains why most of the journalists and parliamentary members did not attend the screening of "ZERO Investigation into 9/11", the new documentary on the attacks of September 11. www.zerofilm.info

New poster in spanish for 911 truth

New Poster has 911 truth now on one side in spanish, other side in engish:

At the European parliment Feb 26

At the European parliment last week, before the beginning of the movie and debate, you can see the various teams from 911 truth europe and an interview with Japanese parlimentary member

911 truth madrid in front of Democrats super tuesday party

We were outside the Democrats super tuesday voting event in Madrid, with signs, chants and information. Unfortunately the president of the democrats Matt Chandry in Madrid, doesnt agree that 911 was an inside job, so he had us banned from the party at the end of the night. He must have been surprised when the lead band player that came on at that time was wearing one of our t shirts!

in front of madrid stock exchange

The day after black tuesday we were in front of the stock exchange in madrid handing out information with a sign that read "The stock market crashes because the world knows that 911 was an inside job"

Cant access 911 truth org from spain

Hi guys, I am trying to get into 911truth.org several times. and I cant, at least from here in spain, can someone else try it and see if its working?

11th of November Madrid Spain

11 truth group in Madrid on the 11th of November


Entre las 12.30 y las 13 horas fuimos llegando los miembros de la Asociación por la Verdad Sobre el 11 de Septiembre y otros amigos que a título personal colaboraron en la convocatoria. Y empezamos a difundir la información entre la gente por varios medios:Diana llevó un pequeño cuadro-pancarta, con alusiones a los autoatentados por ambas caras; una, con la demolición controlada; la otra, con la denuncia de que el 11-S fue un "trabajo interno".

Giorgio estaba a todo, con sus múltiples causas y luchas, sin perder detalle de nada, y con su talante de siempre, tranquilo y conciliador.