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Fox ignoring CIA

Mike Baker, former CIA tries to smooth over the relevance of Able Danger on Fox while the producer flashes up highlights of Able danger and the presenter seems less than guided by Mr Baker.

shaffer on fox

The link below goes to a recent Fox news piece where the Fox journalist interviews Tony Shaffer and disses the pentagon for buying up Shaffer's book.


solution to the fed

9/11 in more depth

the fed in more depth

Words from a newbie !!

I'm new to blogging.

I would just like to describe why I think 9/11 Truth is so important.

I don't believe in

needless killing,
enciting to kill needlessly or
allowing to kill needlessly

- similar to the 3 laws of robotics in I Robot by Asimov.

I believe the book I Robot is drawing parallels to human behaviour.
Therefore as in the book I draw the logical conclusion from the three laws that we must revolt against tyranny to survive- that's my take.

The expanding empire which has benefitted from 9/11 whether that is an american empire or an empire including america; controlled by the western aristocratic owners of private central banking in some countries or those behind the IMF or whether some other entity or combination of entities, - this empire has benefitted from encouraging needless killing.
I don't mind ruthlessness in business, but I draw the line at:

needless killing (eg 9/11) or
enciting to kill needlessly (eg sending soldiers on revenge invasions for fake reasons) or
allowing needless killing (eg setting up civil unrest to divide and rule)

There seem to be many people who would benefit from the expansion of empire into the middle east.