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9-11 can’t wait
A former Grand Juror once said of the Oklahoma City bombings, that we MUST get to the bottom of that event because if not, it will happen again. His prophetic statement was realized a few years later on September 11th, 2001.
This past week, Judge Napolitano stated on the Alex Jones show, that ten years from now, 9-11 will relegate itself to the memory hole as a ‘novelty’ much the same way as the JFK phenomenon has, but I say to you that it will be too late. Everything we have, every freedom (we have left) will be gone and quite possibly the planet could be turned into a wasteland or even a cinder.
Every obscenity that has been visited upon the American people from wiretapping to war, from radiating to illegal searches, from poisoning of our air, water and food, to our current police state, all have its roots, it’s justification…….in 9-11.


Herman Broch, the great Austrian writer, was asked in 1945, “so you think all Germans were Fascists? Nazis? He said no. “So?” He said, “Listen, there are Nazi’s, and then there are those who let them come to power, who stood by and let it happen.” And that includes all Europeans without exception. There is then a crime of INDIFERENCE that is even more fundamental because it is the condition that permits the Nazi crime. The Nazi crime itself was committed by the Nazis and part of the population of Germany and also of Europe, but only a part, yet the crime of INDIFERENCE that first authorized the Nazis to take power, and later to wield it in the known way, that is a general crime committed by the Europeans, the leaders and also the population. The crime of INDIFFERENCE consists of closing one’s eyes when criminal behavior begins”


FLIGHT 93 2010 Thanksgiving weekend featured an ‘In Memoriam’ segment on Sunday NFL Football with Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Blier, Franco Harris and other ‘70s Pittsburgh Steelers players from one of the greatest football dynasty’s in NFL history. The celebration of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) honored the passengers and crew of flight 93 as heroes who brought the plane down in a Pennsylvania field before it could strike yet another target on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. As everyone eulogized and spoke of the heroics as a voice over, original footage played on the screen. It’s been shown over and over these past years from every conceivable angle, but it’s easy to have forgotten just how bizarre the scene was. Besides the great praise and touching music, and through the naturally occurring misty eyes everyone gets when viewing a tragedy like that, something was none the less wrong and it reared its ugly head yet again as a reminder of just what this government is requiring us to swallow. No bodies.


entry into this blog space was acquired by promising a story about flight 93, which is complete and ready to install.
Something came up however that needs to be passed on, especially now, in light of the accelerated collapse of this nations freedoms.

A 9-11 meet-up was scheduled for the Gainesville City Commission (worthless organization) where your humble narrator was allowed three minutes to speak. Exactly how it went will have to be a matter for others to decide but what was gained personally is truly worth passing on.

I felt high on something (the best of those recollections). An exhilaration not felt in many years. The feeling of relief and accomplishment. All that can be said is that more of that feeling will be necessary, and worthwhile.

Please....if you haven't experienced the euphoria of getting down and dirty, unburdening your soul with truth that so many still will not acknowledge....you know not what you are missing.

In the words of Jerry Lewis...."try it, you'll like it" AND it will be good for your country.

The TRUTH even in a minority of one, is still the Truth.- Ghandi