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A Quick Request

Hey everyone. I just got off the phone with Michele Little, who's given me an update on a developing medical issue with Janette MacKinlay. Although I'm not at liberty to disclose her exact condition yet, I offered to make a post asking for some positive thoughts to be sent her way. Needless to say, she needs them right now.

So, this is a request for anyone reading this to keep Janette in mind and hope for a speedy recovery, I'll post again with any information as it becomes available.

ABC News Comes to Valley Forge

Well, ABC decided to stop by Valley Forge and cover Betsy Metz's Treason in America conference for a piece within the next week on the Pentagon shooter.

We were the first up to be interviewed. You can see the entire conversation right here, uncut ...

To our friends and supporters ...

Another year has passed, and we find ourselves reflecting on the events of September 11th, 2001. Throughout this past year, large strides have been made in the Movement's efforts to bring both closure and much-needed answers surrounding that day to all of those that were affected. The year 2009 brings a new version of our film: Loose Change 9/11 - An American Coup, narrated by Daniel Sunjata. Sunjata’s participation in American Coup provides not just a new voice for the film, but also establishes him as a strong and unwavering spokesperson for the 9/11 Truth Movement, who has even gone so far as to defend his beliefs as the character Franco in the fifth season of FX’s Rescue Me.

Troy From West Virginia Arrested For Child Abuse.

Normally, I try to avoid Schadenfreude ... but considering this is a man that has spent years placing harassing, abusive and borderline psychopathic phone calls to not only 9/11 activists, but FAMILY MEMBERS, I see this article as something that has been long overdue ... let us also keep in mind that Screw Loose Change holds this man in high regard.

Witness says Putnam dad carried small son across field by one ankle

PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. -- A Putnam County man charged with abusing his sons at a public ballfield has been released on bond but has been ordered to have no contact with his children until the case is resolved.

Troy Palmer Sexton, 36, of Summit Ridge Road, Hurricane, is facing domestic battery charges after carrying his 6-year-old son across a field by one ankle and allowing the child's helmeted head to hit the ground "more than once," according to a criminal complaint filed in Putnam Magistrate Court.

Sexton was with his four children, including 6-year-old triplets, at the field behind Winfield Elementary on Aug. 6 when a witness saw him being rough with his children during football practice.

A witness told Mick she saw Sexton leave his seat, cross the field and lift one of his sons above his head and slam him to the ground.

Interview with Michele Little

My interview with Michele Little, the sister of fallen firefighter David Weiss from Rescue One.

She is an amazing woman and a great friend, and I'm honored to have her in my life. A lot has happened since we first met at the Los Angeles 9/11 Truth Convention in 2006.

Her organization, Unite in Peace, can be found here.

Flight 11 Picked Up South of WTC By NEADS Controllers at 8:47

I was going back through the NEADS tapes we released in 2007 and discovered something a little strange ...

DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

08:46:15: New York told me to hold on, you heard that, right?

08:46:36: Come on New York. (Dooley again) You know what, you know what, let's
get a tail number off of for American 11. (Roundtree) Call Boston, American 11 tail
number. (Dooley) Tell them we need the tail number of the aircraft, (male voice)
American one one. (Roundtree to New York) Yes it is, (right now he's primary only.)
Do you have Mode 3 or anything? Or a location? (Fm not showing anything, no.) Lat
Ion? (Hold on, I'll get a lat lon.) Good.


08:47:05: (Dooley?) We're going to get an updated lat Ion now. (to background
question) We called Boston his filed one [Mode 3] was 1443, but he's not working that,
he's primary only, we're getting an updated lat Ion position. (I'm showing 40 39 North.)
40 39 North. (74 03 West) 74 03 West.

08:47:35: End of HUNTRESS call to NY AMIS


If you input that Lat/Long into Google Maps ...

Tune on in.

Director Jason Williams and Producer Michael Gull on The Morning Blend.

New Day

Robert and Alison Logan were married less than a year when Alison
boarded American Airlines Flight 77 on the morning of September 11th,
2001. Later that morning, Robert watched in horror as televised news
reports told him that Alison's fight had been hijacked and crashed into
the Pentagon.

Eight years later, Robert has pulled his life back together and
relocated to the Midwest. Still haunted by the memory of Alison, he has
married Rachel, a clinical psychiatrist, and they share an idyllic life
with Rachel's daughter Carly.

The peaceful calm of Robert and Rachel's life is torn apart when a
research project Rachel is working on includes a brain damaged patient
at a secure hospital who bears a striking resemblance to Alison. Both
Robert and Rachel embark on their own personal investigations, for
separate reasons, to discover the truth about the woman in the

Their inquiries attract the attention of the ruthless Agent Ross, who
will stop at nothing to keep the identity of the woman in the hospital
a secret.

FDNY - Explosions

I've been building an online portfolio of all my work, and this was among the things to be uploaded. I figured I'd post it on here as well.

Watch in HD if possible.

A graphic that was omitted from Loose Change Final Cut, detailing selections from the 9/11 Firefighters' Oral Histories that mention sounds or conditions consistent with controlled demolition.

Rescue Me character believes 9/11 is an inside job - and so does the actor playing him.

From: http://blogs.kansascity.com/tvbarn/2009/01/rescue-me-chara.html

Boy, did I open a can of worms today at the press conference for "Rescue Me," the great Denis Leary comedy. It's back (soon) for a fifth season, and in watching the second episode I noticed the show drifting back to the 9/11 memories theme it explored at length in the first season. So I grabbed a microphone and pursued that questioning with the producers, and I asked a couple of the actors to chime in as well.

One person I asked was Daniel Sunjata, who plays Franco on "Rescue Me." I asked him because there is this fascinating, where-did-THIS-come-from scene in the second episode. A French journalist is interviewing firemen who were at Ground Zero on 9/11 for a new 10th-anniversary commemorative coffee table book. First, watch what Sunjata's character says. I would call this high-end conspiracy theory-mongering, the type that many people might say, "Hm. Well, I don't agree, but you raise some very interesting points there."

Do you think about the past much, Frank?

Click to enlarge.

Poster design by Chris Ritchey.

If you're in the Bay Area, stop by for a free screening of a digitally re-mastered and Surround Sound re-mixed version of LCFC.  Remo Conscious told me he'd be swinging by, too.

Hope to see you there.

Same Bat Time ...

Be sure to tune in to TMJ, channel 4 in the Milwaukee area, at 9am on Friday, January 23rd.

R. Michael Gull and Jason Williams will be guests on the show, discussing "New Day," an independent film being shot primarily in Milwaukee that involves around the 9/11 attacks and the government's potential involvement in them, a film in which yours truly will be making a cameo appearance.

If you aren't in the Milwaukee area, you can watch the show online at: http://www.themorningblend.com

Next year, we better have some flying cars.

Happy New Year to everybody from myself and from Louder Than Words. It's been a long, crazy ride since everything began on April 13th, 2005, but I'm glad to say that we've all made it this far and we're all still alive.

Here's to 2008. To the end of an era. To Barry Jennings. To everyone that continues to fight for the justice of both family members and first responders.

And here's to 2009. To a new administration and hopefully a new direction for our country, if half the promises being made are fulfilled. Regardless of the outcome, I'm glad we're all in this together.

2009 will be a busy year for me on multiple fronts. Besides the numerous side projects I have going on to keep myself both afloat and occupied, I have a test screening on January 30th up in Marin, California for a remastered version of LCFC. The fine folks at SMT Studios finally wrapped up their surround remix and scoring, and I have to say the finished product is incredible to say the least. I'll have a flyer for that show up shortly.

Sadly, no indigenous large-breasted women to be found ...

Well, I just got back from a trip to Beverly Hills to be interviewed for a National Geographic documentary that will be airing in 2009. The topics discussed by them were the usual; the WTC collapse, the Pentagon, Flight 93. After those were covered I brought up Sibel Edmonds, what happened to Barry Jennings, the wargames, and finally, the family members and the Bush Administration's stonewalling of the investigation in the first place.

I will say this ... the crew at Creative Differences were the coolest and most level-headed bunch I've been interviewed by so far. They took the time to actually listen to my answers, and the main producer was not interested in mining sound bites from me or forcing me into a corner. When I asked to discuss certain things, he gladly accepted. When I told him that Sibel Edmonds was the most gagged woman in history and that she's willing to share her classified information on a national platform such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or, say, National Geographic, their interest was peaked. And I was invited out for drinks later that night.

So ... we might be pleasantly surprised by the results. We might not be. Time will tell.

Mark Cuban SEC Charges Related to 9/11 Movie?

Thanks to Jon Gold for sending me this ...


A strange twist in the Mark Cuban story tonight, one which pushes it a little bit further into our wheelhouse. New York Times blogger Floyd Norris has published an email allegedly sent on May 05, 2007 to Cuban by Fort Worth SEC lawyer Jeffrey Norris (”no known relation to me”, notes the blogging Norris). In the email, Jeffrey Norris essentially tells on Cuban to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, who is CCed, regarding Cuban’s involvement with Loose Change, a 9/11 conspiracy theory film which appeared online in three different incarnations over three years, becoming an internet sensation.

Addressing Cox, Norris explains that Cuban “participated in distributing the vicious and absurd documentary” and declares that Cuban’s “support for this project is irresponsible and immoral.” Floyd Norris posits that the email may be evidence that Cuban is “the victim of a political hit job because he helped finance a movie that was scathingly critical of President Bush.”