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hoo boy.

For those of you that have not been keeping up with current events, the DOW tanked over 700 points today after Congress refused to authorize the $700B bail-out plan.

This article seems to sum the situation up nicely.

And on a final note, this snapshot from CNBC's website should give you a firm indication of the general public's mindset ...


The rumors have been circulating for weeks, and I refused to believe them, but apparently they're true.

Barry Jennings passed away on 8/19/2008, two days before NIST's WTC7 report was released to the public.

Michael Hess has gone on record with the BBC for a documentary claiming that no explosions took place inside WTC7.

I am officially freaked out.

KRS-One Discusses 9/11 Truth and Hip-Hop

I sit down and have a chat with hip-hop legend KRS-One on 9/12/2008 during SMT Studios' Now or Never 2008 benefit concert for dying September 11th first responders. KRS discusses the plight of the rescue workers, what happened on 9/11, and his attitude towards Hip-Hop and social consciousness.

The interview ends somewhat abruptly, as my tape ran out. When I turned around, there were about 4 or 5 other cameras behind me filming, so I'm sure you can find the rest of this somewhere online if you look.

22,000 Words.

Figured I'd post some of my personal pictures from the weekend. I didn't get a chance to take too many ... I spent too much time running around and making sure everything was running smoothly.

2008 Now or Never Tonight on True School Radio

Me, Donna from SMT Studios and Hakim from Channel Live are going on True School Radio tonight with Afrika Bambaata, Yoda, and Dr. Shaka Zula to promote the 9/12/2008 fundraiser for the first responders.

8:00 PM to 12:00 PM Eastern.

Official Website Here.

Fabled Enemies Trailer

Fabled Enemies is unlike any 9/11 documentary ever put together. Rather than focusing on the physical anomalies at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, this film follows the intelligence ties of Osama Bin Laden, the alleged hijackers, and those who were actually detained on 9/11.

The movie delves deeply into the roles of seperate Nations that were involved in supporting the 9/11 attacks. From Israel to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, and even the United States itself, no one is spared in this scathing expose that pulls no punches. Sit back and get ready to learn how members of the FBI had their investigations into Bin Laden obstructed and shut down, how the hijackers were trained at US bases, that military drills crippled our defense and facilitated the attacks, how the Shadow Government was actually activated that day, and much more.



We are writing you in the hopes of grabbing your attention regarding an important event that is coming up for the anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

The 9/11 Relief Fund was designed to go to victims’ family members, rescue workers who dug through the asbestos, and projects underway in hospitals for all Americans that were affected. However, like many things, this fund was squandered by Washington politicians. As a result, thousands of sick rescue workers are bed-ridden at home and in hospitals, and are passing away at an alarming rate.

We Are Change, a non-profit organization based in NYC, along with a coalition of the FealGood Foundation, (which aids sick 9/11 first responders) Louder Than Words (the creators of Loose Change) and SMT Studios in NYC would like to invite you to the most important benefit you may ever attend...

Confirmed Artists include Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Paris, Saigon, Chip Fu, Dub Rock All Stars, Loer Velocity, Channel Live, Messiah, Tiye Phoenix, Scanz and The Beatminerz.

Confirmed Speakers include Former Congresswoman and current Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, Daniel Sunjata, Michele Little, Bob Maclivine, Manny Badillo, John Feal, Kevin McPadden, John Schroeder, Louder Than Words and WeAreCHANGE.

The 2008 NOW or NEVER First Responders Relief Benefit at the Manhattan Center Stages, Grand Ballroom in NYC on September 12, 2008. Events are taking place from the 10th – 12th, and we would be honored to have you in attendance.

If you can't make it but would like to donate to support the cause, head to the Loose Change Store and make a donation to support first responders and this event.

For the official website click here or click here to download an informational pdf.

Thanks for your support. We hope to see you in New York City. Buy your tickets now before they sell out.


-The LC Team

Barry Jennings Uncut

I've been sitting on this interview for a while, but after viewing the latest BBC piece on WTC7, I feel the time has come to release it in its entirety.

After locating Barry in mid 2007, Jason and I visited him and he graciously granted us an interview during a lunch break. He had agreed to grant us an interview under the conditions that we, at no time, associate his interview with his place of employment.

Jason and I were so thrilled with the content of the interview that we decided to release a few bits and pieces of it on both our show and Alex's.

A few months later, as the film was nearing completion, I called Barry again to touch base and see how things were going. It took him a bit to remember who I was, but as soon as he did, he began complaining about phone calls to his place of employment and that he was in danger of losing his job. He requested to have his interview pulled from Loose Change, and I honored his request.

Fast forward to February, 2008, where I'm doing an interview with the BBC, and I'm informed by their crew that Barry told them the reason he asked for it to be pulled was because of the article on Prisonplanet claiming he was stepping over dead bodies, which he denies saying. I call Barry to attempt to rectify the situation, and he is adamant that he did not use the phrase "we were stepping over people"

Fast forward one more time to two days ago, when the BBC piece finally aired. I now feel an obligation to release his interview, in its entirety, into the public where it belongs for three reasons:

1) To see the difference between the interview he gave us, and the interview he gave the BBC.

2) To establish Barry's timeline in his own words.

3) To preserve his testimony, in his own words, for the historical record.

I have remained true to my word and kept his interview out of the film, however, I can no longer keep it from the public. They deserve to hear Barry's story, out of his own mouth.

As I say in the end of the video, I would appreciate it if Barry could enjoy his privacy and live his life in peace. My intention with releasing this is so his story can be told, not to cause him any further grief or suffering.

BBC - 9/11 - The Third Tower

(See also arie's blog on this. -rep.)


I'm trying to post the video player, but it won't work for some reason.

Happy Memorial Day

Nothing to see here, folks, just another casualty of the War that the media isn't talking about ...

Coming soon ...

Where to begin?

First and foremost, the BBC's new special on WTC7 is currently picture locked and set for a tentative release date of June 15th, from my understanding. I had a lengthy conversation today with the producer of the special, and I must say, this will, at the very least, be much more balanced and open-minded than Guy Smith's earlier piece on the movement itself.

Also, from what I gathered, the NIST report on WTC7 is due for release in July. But that might change as well.

I need to compress and upload the footage from Dr. Griffin's event here at SDSU a few weeks ago, I've just been incredibly swamped out here with so many different priorities and objectives.

LCFC V1.1 is almost done mixing and ready for release. The fine folks at SMT Studios have been slaving away in their spare time trying to get it done as ASAP.

Also, Jason and Korey have been hard at work on Fabled Enemies. Obviously I'm only involved from an omniscient standpoint, but from what I've seen earlier this morning, it's shaping up to be a decent production.

Catch you guys soon.

"WAR" is done, and some travel plans

HD Version ( 50 MB H264 Quicktime )

From the page:

Despite a hastily rearranged production schedule and numerous hurdles, we managed to clear every single one. Extras still came out despite the weather, the soldiers made it down to Jersey just in time to shoot their scenes, and small problems like missing Firewire cords were solved immediately.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this shoot.

Shot with a Panasonic HVX-200 in 1080i recorded directly to a FS-100. Endless thanks go to Matt who provided me with the equipment.

Yes, I've been distant.

I'm tired, folks.

Very tired.

This is the first blog post since November, and although I've been active behind the scenes, I suppose my public persona has stepped out of the light.

Here's a few reasons why.

I began my research in May, 2002. At that point I was working construction jobs to pay my bills and I was still living in my hometown of Oneonta, New York. I was just an 18 year old kid that spent his spare time scribbling in notebooks and creating what would become the first draft of Loose Change, the movie.

A point may come when I decide to share that script with the movement/community/whomever, but, the part of me that wants to release it is overshadowed by the part that realizes it probably should stay where it currently resides; eight spiral-bound notebooks somewhere in my personal belongings.

Alot of things happened to me between May, 2002 and April 13th, 2005 when the first edition of Loose Change, the documentary, was finally released.

Loose Change Final Cut on KBPI FM with Uncle Nasty

MP3 ( 44MB )

This show was a blast. Uncle Nasty was a great guy, real balanced, and made for a great moderator. He's a big Ron Paul fan.

Virtually every caller agreed with us, and the one that didn't, "Chris", was adamant that the WTC was constructed with a "vertical concrete core." Naturally, we challenged him on this, the conversation gets somewhat heated, and Chris is dropped when he calls me a "fucking parrot" because I was not a structural engineer, even though I never claimed to be.

Frank Caliendo even did an introduction for our segment.

Check it out.