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Loose Change Final Cut on AM 760 Denver

Jay Marvin Friday 2-22-08 Hour 2
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From the site:
Jay was joined in studio by Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas producers of the film Loose Change Final Cut. This is the third cut which was released by Louder Than Words Productions last November. They have showings coming up Sunday February 24th at the Gothic Theatre at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. On Monday the 25th at the Boulder Theater at 7pm and 10pm. On Tuesday the 26th you can catch it at the Oriental Theater at 7pm with a dj and an after party. You can get more info at www.loosechangecolorado.com

From me:
Jay was firm in his beliefs, but was mature and respectful during the discussion, unlike some other AM radio hosts.

We'll be on 106.7 FM tonight from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Mountain Time on Uncle Nasty's show, as well.

The Santa Claus Conspiracy; I'm sick of these nutcases.

For some reason, I keep hearing more and more people on both the Left and the Right with their conspiracy theories that, somehow, Santa Claus is not real.

First of all, if Santa Claus is not real, why has no one come forward and said something to expose it? If I possessed first-hand knowledge that Santa was a farce, I would be looking at a multi-million dollar book deal and possibly a Nobel Peace Prize. Why would I possibly sit on damning information that could lead to exposing the greatest cover-up ever?

I would like to now make a list of the people that would have to be involved in order for the Santa Claus conspiracy theory to be succesfullly covered up.

- Every parent who allows their child to believe in Santa Claus and wake up excited on Christmas Day expecting gifts from a fat man in a suit.
- Every postal employee who handles the thousands of letters that are annually sent to Santa Claus' residence by anxious children.
- Every security and administrative employee at the thousands of shopping malls that Santa appears in every year.
- Coca-Cola.
- Tim Allen.
- L. Frank Baum
- The list goes on ...

Steve Alten on Louder Than Words Radio, 8 PM Eastern, 1/20/2007

Tune into Louder Than Words radio on Monday night for our long-awaited interview with Steve Alten, the author of the highly praised novel, The Shell Game.

LTW airs on the GCN Network, Stream 4, from 8 PM to 9 PM Eastern. The call-in line is 1-866-582-9933.

Loose Change Final Cut on MTV Canada


This is actually a very positive piece. I guess they saw the shirt on MTV's Made, because within 24 hours this guy was asking for a copy of the movie and permission to use it in a piece.

Too bad the American coverage can't be more like this.

9/11 Truth on MTV's Made

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I was lucky enough to be at SMT Studios in NYC for this taping. We peppered the place with Loose Change bumper stickers, I had my white Investigate hoodie on, and Final Cut playing on the giant LCD in the mixing room, and although the camerawoman tried her hardest to keep things out of the frame, Brian ( the technician ) gets plenty of screen time with his shirt.

12/11/2007 - Loose Change and truthaction.org

December 11th, 2007 started like any other day. The local San Francisco 9/11 Truth chapter headed downtown to hand out fliers and spread the word, as usual.

I was present in the middle of a California tour for Loose Change Final Cut.

It wasn't until I noticed someone following us and taking pictures that the day got really interesting...

We have a run-in with a stalker, stalk him back, encounter the Mayor of San Francisco, and run into Warren Buffet.


Where was Warren Buffet on the morning of 9/11?

NetJets Plane Was Tracking Flight 93